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Hollywood Kinda Guy
« on: April 19, 2007, 09:05:08 PM »
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  • Sicko Coed Killer'
    Hollywood Kinda Guy
    By Douglas Herman
    Exclusive to
    The saga of Korean loner Cho Seung-Hui continues. Cho, who shot and killed 33 fellow students reportedly left a note in his dorm room where he railed against "rich kids", "debauchery" and "deceitful charlatans.'
    Rich kids' Debauchery' Deceitful charlatans'
    If only embittered Cho had been gently guided in another direction. One farther west, the capitol of debauched rich kids who grow up to become sadistic, deceitful but much respected charlatans.

    Earlier Cho Seung-Hui penned an angry, ten page script for a creative writing class. The script was so angry and terrifying, said his writing professor, Lucinda Roy, that she reported Cho to university officials.
    If only that English professor, who said her warnings about Cho Seung-Hui should have been taken more seriously, had sent his writings (and the writer) out to a Hollywood film agent. Cho might have found himself a very rich and famous 'creative genius,' probably overnight. A loner no more. A fellow scribbler of hate-filled, misogynist and tortured movie stories, destined to fill the screens (and video rental outlets) and titillate millions of students just like the ones he killed.

    Cho might have gone on to become the next Bret Ellis Easton. Who, you say' Easton was a pop literary phenom of the Eighties who wrote a forgettable, nihilistic novel entitled 'Less Than Zero,' LTZ is filled with characters who are 'young, generally vacuous people, who are aware of their depravity but choose to enjoy it,' according to one Wikipedia reviewer.
    Easton followed up this tinsel tome with a novel spilling over with graphic violence and torture. Not surprisingly, Hollywood lapped up his work, rewarding Easton by making movies of both books. Publisher's Weekly noted that Ellis, 'brilliantly conveys this crowd's delirium as well as the lack of fulfillment they cannot remedy.'

    And that graphic torture novel' 'American Psycho has achieved considerable cult status and is considered by many to be Ellis' magnum opus, according to one reviewer.'
    Note to future Chos: polish your prose, embellish those torture scenes and head to Hollywood.
    With a little more effort and imagination, coed killer Cho night have become the next literary phenom, the next Hollywood Wunderkind. Indeed, Cho could have become the next Quentin Tarantino or Robert Rodriguez, become another of the many, modern, much esteemed Hollywood filmmakers specializing in bloody screen killings. Cho could have been on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, like Tarantino and Rodriquez, had he reserved his bloody fantasies for the big screen. Cho could have made a pile of money, by killing kids, and received a huge following by those same sort of kids he killed! He never would have had to stalk another woman in his life. They would have come to him, no matter how demented or sadistic his screen visions.

    If only Cho hadn't gunned his victims down. Except, that is, on the big screen, where sick young people give you HUGE sums of money for torturing and killing young people like themselves. If only Cho, hadn't written that angry rant for a classroom assignment, but had sold it instead to some equally sick film producers.
    If only Cho had followed in the same, hate-filled footsteps of fellow losers like the creators of cult films, Saw and Hostel. Cho could have relieved his revenge, torture and stalking fantasies and made a pile of money in the process!

    If only Cho, the angry young writer, had become another one of those film reviewers on RottenTomatos. Most of the young reviewers there love graphic scenes of torture and mutilation. Wrote reviewer Staci Wilson, of Saw: 'The horror is no-holds barred. If you like really gruesome, gory thrillers with a touch of macabre mystery and suspense, then by all means: See Saw.'
    Equally nauseous, Paul Salfen said of Hostel: 'Eli Roth has made the sickest movie ever to be called enjoyable'.The thing about this film is that it was done with such sadistic glee that it's almost enjoyable despite the extremely graphic nature of the film. Some of the scenes are pretty hard to watch, but I suppose that means it's pretty effective.'
    Pretty effective, Paul'

    How about this long-running horror film we are stuck in called The War With Iraq' How about the sadness and head-shaking of one domestic massacre of 33 people on prime time TV, while ignoring the massacres of THREE times that many people EVERY DAY FOR FOUR YEARS' Why not write about that, Paul and Staci' Better yet, get your buddy Eli Roth to make a horror movie about that.
    Movie reviewers, those same nihilistic movie reviewers who, at this very moment are lamenting the slaying of 33 students, love the screen killings. They lap up that torture. Even now, believe me, more than one person in Hollywood is thinking of 'Massacre At Virginia Tech---The Movie.' They may even be on the phone to his parents--to buy the film rights.

    Sadly, Cho failed to think outside the box and into the box office. Even sadder (and sicker), Cho Seung Hui's ten page treatment, about a troubled kid and his abusive step father, with a chainsaw-wielding mom, is just the sort of stuff Hollywood loves. Fortunately, FORTUNATELY, the hundred parents of the fifty students who were shot would sue anyone unwise enough to purchase the film rights.
    But believe me; we'll see a movie about the massacre in six months or a year. Bet on it.

    Ironically, what appeared in those ten pages that Cho wrote, '"like something out of a nightmare---really twisted, macabre violence,' according to former classmate, Ian McFarlane, would not be inventive enough for the schlockmeisters of Hollywood. The descriptions of torture and torment would be too mundane, trust me, by the twisted standards of Hollywood. Cho would have had to embellish them. Add some sicker twists for those millions of sick minds who fund the screen perversions but act horror-stricken whenever things become a little too real.

    Novelist and scriptwriter, Douglas Herman wrote the suspense novel, The Guns of Dallas, where the only violence is long overdue.

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    Hollywood Kinda Guy
    « Reply #1 on: April 19, 2007, 10:07:35 PM »
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  • Maybe sarcasm is the only way to deal with such people.  I don't know.  More needs to be made of the prozac angle to warn people off from it.  Not ironic that the schools have been pushing all this garbage and now it comes back on them.  And people who keep sending their kids to these schools are playing russian roullette with them.
    Please pray for the repose of her soul.


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