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Guilty until proven Innocent
« on: January 27, 2014, 07:06:08 AM »
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    Starting in 2015 I will no longer be going to games.  I am very glad to be saving the money.  I will now be able to take my family out to nice restaurants a few times a year.  I look forward to seeing all the wins on TV from now on.  And saving gas and the hassle and crowds and noise and high prices for everything.  I do not like being radiated before I go to a baseball game and I do not like the guilty until proven innocent concept.  Whoever crashed into the World Trade center has won and the Americans have lost.  If you want to know what it is like to live in a socialist country you are now getting some idea, if you have not noticed already.  I hope more people have the sense to stop going to games and paying ridiculous prices for food, beverages and alcohol and parking.  Next they will be feeling up our grandparents and little girls before letting them in.  Perverts seek out jobs with the TSA and with schools and day care centers.  Later much baseball stadiums and good riddance!


    People will keep forking out the bucks saying "frisk me, frisk me, radiate me radiate me and my children, I love it".  Penance for the false idol of the trillion dollar industry.  Baseball Heaven will burn like Hell.  

    I would really like to see what would result if no one showed up for games in 2015.  Those radiation machines would be gone so fast you could hear a pin drop.  (Sorry, could not think of a good way to end that sentence.)
    "I receive Thee, redeeming Prince of my soul. Out of love for Thee have I studied, watched through many nights, and exerted myself: Thee did I preach and teach. I have never said aught against Thee. Nor do I persist stubbornly in my views. If I have ever expressed myself erroneously on this Sacrament, I submit to the judgement of the Holy Roman Church, in obedience of which I now part from this world." Saint Thomas Aquinas the greatest Doctor of the Church


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