Author Topic: Deep State pounding the war drums - they want Nuclear War with Russia  (Read 296 times)

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That whole "Russian poisoning" charge is a huge steaming kettle of cow manure!

* The poison in question was invented by the SOVIETS 30+ years ago.
* Russia signed on to an "I won't produce or use chemical weapons treaty" in the late 90's, they destroyed all their stockpile, and international observers verified this.
* Any modern chemical facility could make the poison in question: The formula is now well known. So even if it were determined that the Soviet poison was used to kill the 2 individuals in question, it wouldn't point back to Russia as the culprit.
* Britain won't give Russia a sample of the poison that was used.

These Deep State, One World Government evil bastards are absolutely insane. How exactly do we (a nuclear power) go to war with Russia, a nuclear power, without the war going nuclear and pretty much destroying the world as we know it?

These neo-cons are certifiably insane. This isn't Iraq or Afghanistan. Ever heard of the saying, "Go pick on someone your own size"? Well, how about the USA try to pick on a country with AN AIR FORCE. Those countries both had no air force, so we walked all over them. But Russia? Come on! Their rockets have always been superior to ours, they have advanced electronic weapons now that can shut down our planes, ships, radar, etc. with the push of a button. The Russians are a very intelligent people.

(As an aside, did you know that the Jews have the highest IQ? Well, did you also know that virtually all Jews that were DNA tested were found to be from a certain region in Russia? None of the men and women we know today as "Jews" are genetically linked with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob or anyone in the Middle East! And no one can say the Jews aren't brilliant. Look at how they understand human nature and play us like a fiddle -- both for nefarious purposes, and just to make us laugh or cry (think: Hollywood). They understand deep strategies. Look at the complex financial instruments and schemes they come up with. Even the smartest non-Jews have to stretch their brains to understand the crap they do in the financial world.)

Sure, they have their awesome bunkers that would make any survivalist salivate. Good for them. They think they're going to be OK, while the rest of us die. But they're not going to WIN a nuclear war. Just watch "War Games" from the 1980's. What does the computer learn? "In a nuclear war, there is no winner".

As the Dubliners said about nuclear war,

When Armageddon gets underway
And the rockets come pouring down
All the bloody politicians who started it
Will scuttle off underground
And when they finally re-emerge
With no life to be found
They can administrate the rubble
And they can order each other around

All of our so-called defensive systems would do NOTHING against modern Russian rockets. We can't take down anything with our current systems, unless we know the time of launch, where it was launched from, the type of missile, etc. In other words: unless we are playing around in a "test" scenario. In a real war, we wouldn't keep anything out. We'd be toast.
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Re: Deep State pounding the war drums - they want Nuclear War with Russia
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2018, 09:03:12 AM »
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    Re: Deep State pounding the war drums - they want Nuclear War with Russia
    « Reply #2 on: March 16, 2018, 10:22:00 AM »
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  • The elites are using Albert Pike's plan for WWIII (they also followed his plans for WWI and WWII).  If I remember it correctly, it is this:  WW3 will bring about the synthesis of the christian vs atheist fight, and it will destroy both mind-sets (of course, it's not possible to destroy christianity, but they think so) and leave the 'middle' which is a humanistic religion.  Nuclear war is a mind game which will never happen; it's only a threat and an excuse for certain political manuevers.  If anything, the bunkers would be for defense against chemical weapons during war, or as an escape against the coming planet x destruction.

    As with all the jooos, their plans always revolve around money - the main dish; everything else is just an appetizer.  The world monetary system is being setup and will be "unveiled" to the world after a long period of a global financial depression, which is certain to happen because every major country in the world has a central bank, with a fiat currency, and is highly in debt.  All these central banks, from asia to europe to the US are all interconnected.  Once one goes, they all go.  Credit will dry up, prices will skyrocket, chaos will ensue.  Then they can "take control" of the situation and declare martial law everywhere.  This is how I think the masons rise to power.  As many prophecies say, satan will have his world power, but it will be short-lived.

    After a long period of financial distress, their plan is for the anti-christ to come onto the stage, and he will bring riches and order to the tired, scared and poor masses.  He will be looked upon as a savior to the poor of the world.  He will preach a gospel of love and will clean up all the problems which have been plaguing the world for decades.  "Order out of chaos" as the masons say.  Of course, we know, their plan will not work...

    I see Russia as a major problem to their above plan.  Right now, Russia doesn't have a central bank, they have kicked out many jooos from the country, and they are having a resurgence in religious ferver (though still not catholic).  I think Putin is anti-establishment and he has prevented many attempts at war so far, which obama, europe and nato have tried to start for the last 4 years - in ukraine, in syria multiple times and now over all this b.s. stuff - poisonings, hackings, etc.

    Do I think we'll have a WW3 event?  Yes, many prophecies predict so.  Will it contain nuclear bombs?  Yes, but not like Hiroshima but more like ICBs.  Will it be worldwide?  Most prophecies talk about an extremely horrible, but short war, which takes place in Germany mostly.  But it will devastate Germany and the rest of the world will suffer from the economic fallout.  (It will probably trigger the planned economic collapse).

    Take it for what it's worth; just my attempt to piece together the story of our near future from many different prophecies.  Of course we know that prophecies are not set in stone and God's mercy can change the future.  So let's make this the best Lent we can, to obtain God's mercy and a lessening of these evil plans!  #MakeLentGreatAgain

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    Re: Deep State pounding the war drums - they want Nuclear War with Russia
    « Reply #3 on: March 17, 2018, 01:11:32 PM »
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