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Author Topic: Death Blows to Vatican Council II  (Read 1465 times)

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Death Blows to Vatican Council II
« on: September 10, 2006, 03:27:14 PM »
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        How is it possible for V-2 (the Second Vatican Council) to

    be allowed any credence or given obedience by the bishops

    throughout the world?  It is past understanding how prelates of

    the Catholic Church could accept acts and teachings proposed by

    V-2 that are completely counter to all that Christ entrusted to

    His Church.

        It has happened because the clergymen of today have lost

    touch with the Apostolic knowledge, the Apostolic zeal, and the

    Apostolic vigilance.  Love for the Apostolic Tradition, love for

    the Word of God have been lost.  The result?  Today we have

    priests who no longer hold love for the teachings of the Catholic

    Church nor zeal for Her truths.  They lack respect for Her

    Judgments, now trodden underfoot.

        Having lost the Apostolic knowledge of the Word of God, the

    hierarchy join with the enemies of the Apostolic Church in

    suppressing Her Primacy and Sovereignty.  Devoid of the Apostolic

    knowledge, they no longer accept the Catholic Apostolic Religion

    as Divine and the only religion God gave to mankind.  They no

    longer believe that the Catholic Religion has rights others do

    not.  Nor do the clergy know any more that man is bound in

    conscience to accept and believe this one Divine Religion - and

    no other.

        There is a price to be paid by those who deny the Apostolic

    Church Her Primacy and Sovereignty.  To those who dare dispute or

    attack the Word of God or the divinely-instituted interpreter and

    teacher of this Word, there is a punishment inflicted.

        This booklet, dealing principally with the V-2 Council that

    was illegally brought into being to loose the Church from Her

    Primacy and Sovereignty, and to war against the decrees and

    judgments of Christ and His Church, spells out the punishment

    meted to those who tamper with the Word of God and the

    safeguarding Judgments of His Church.

        That men of the cloth could be calloused and insensitive to

    the terrifying punishments imposed by Christ's Church is

    incomprehensible.  One can only suppose it is but another

    consequence of their lack of the Apostolic knowledge.

                               DEATH BLOWS TO V-2

        It seldom fails.  Whenever new subscribers to Veritas,

    especially priests, read about Execrabilis for the first time,

    they are overjoyed to know of its existence, delightfully

    surprised to discover that the Church has such a formidable

    weapon for striking death blows against Her enemies.  More often

    than not, a priest will hasten to the nearest library to see for


    Please pray for the repose of her soul.

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    Death Blows to Vatican Council II
    « Reply #1 on: September 10, 2006, 03:33:57 PM »
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        Why was the Church moved to issue this far-reaching Papal

    Bulla back in 1460?  By the special assistance of the Holy Ghost,

    permitting the supernatural gift of prudence to play a decisive

    part, Pope Pius II exercised this means of condemning the error

    of "conciliarism" so rampant in his day.

        After the death of Pope Boniface VIII in 1303 the enemies of

    Christ, inside and outside His Church, tried to escape from the

    Church's teachings, handed down through the Apostolic Pontiffs,

    by seeking appeals from papal pronouncements and policies to

    that of a general Council of the whole Church, bypassing the Pope

    if necessary, or victimizing him as they attempted with Martin V

    in 1414.  This contemptuous, arrogant attitude came to be known

    as the "Conciliarist usurpation of the papal power by a Council."

        Clearly, "conciliarism" is an imminent danger for the

    Church, the papacy and divine doctrine in any age.  Relying upon

    the error of "conciliarism," kings and clergy became defiant to

    the Holy See, threatening to appeal to future Councils and to

    future Popes in the hopes of changing Church doctrine or policy  

    In furtherance of this practice, special groups sought to place

    men of their own anti-Catholic thinking on the Throne of Peter.

        Then, in 1458, Pius II came to the Throne, himself

    indoctrinated with the "Conciliarist" attitude.  However, once

    seated on the Papal Throne, he realized the evil of appealing to

    a future Council whether for the expressed or secret purpose of

    overturning Church Tradition and the Deposit of Faith.  So

    serious had matters worsened that by 1460 Pius II felt impelled

    to issue his now-famous Bulla, Execrabilis, on February 15th of

    that year, outlawing this harmful maneuver and binding it with

    two of the severest punishments the Church may inflict.

        In Execrabilis he laid down definite Church Law to protect

    the Church, the Faith and the sheepfold from illegal Councils,

    not only in his time but in all time to come.

        This papal pronouncement, this Church teaching, has the

    grace of infallibility since it relates specifically to Faith and

    Morals; Moreover, it can never be revoked or rendered inoperative

    or null  and void.  Pope Pius II, in obedience to his solemn and

    paramount duty to protect the Faith and Morals of the Faithful,

    equipped the Apostolic Church with this potent weapon to combat

    illegal councils, to deal death blows to them.

        In justice, we Apostolic Catholics of today must use this

    weapon against the illegal 2nd Vatican Council, an evil council

    called to escape Christ's divine doctrine, His Church's teachings

    and practices; a satanic council called to "liberate" mankind

    from the past judgments of the Holy See, the binding judgments of

    the Keys of Peter.  We must use Execrabilis to beat to death the

    abominable, detestable, execrable V-2 Council that dared to

    reopen the infallible judgments of Christ's Church, in violation

    of divine precepts and laws prohibiting this anti-Catholic act.

        Rarely do you find an infallible pronouncement so brief yet

    so all-embracing and all-binding as is Execrabilis.  So concise

    is Execrabilis that one is apt to miss the import of its sweeping

    message, overlook its significance, on first reading.

        So disastrous is the effect of Execrabilis upon the V-2

    Council that the very knowledge of its existence by awakening

    Catholics who oppose V-2 sent stirring volcanic shakes and

    shivers through Paul 6, mastermind and implementor-in-chief of

    this anti-supernatural V-2 Council.  So terrified of Execrabilis

    was Paul 6, as are his lackeys today, they busied themselves

    fashioning arguments against the definite and final judgment of

    Execrabilis in a vain effort to escape its quashing effects on

    their perfidious V-2 Council.  One can say Execrabilis is the

    ecclesial broom that sweeps the Church clean of the sinful works

    of an illegal Council.  As an unruly dog is frightened and put to

    rout by a broom or mop wielded in the hands of the conscientious

    mother of a household, so too the refractory whelps of V-2 are

    terrified by Execrabilis in the hands of Holy Mother Church.
    Please pray for the repose of her soul.

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    Death Blows to Vatican Council II
    « Reply #2 on: September 10, 2006, 03:36:03 PM »
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        Here is the text of Execrabilis forbidding all appeals to a

    future Council:

        "1.  An execrable, and in former ages unheard-of-abuse, has

    sprung up in our time, namely that some people, imbued with the

    spirit of rebellion, presume to appeal to a future Council, from

    the Roman Pontiff, the Vicar of Jesus Christ, to whom it was said

    in the person of blessed Peter:  "Feed my sheep" and "Whatsoever

    thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound also in Heaven"; they do

    not do so because they are anxious to obtain sounder judgment,

    but in order to escape the consequences of their sins, and anyone

    who is not ignorant of the laws can realize how contrary this is

    to the sacred canons and how detrimental to the Christian

    community.  Because - passing over other things which are most

    manifestly opposed to this corruption - who would not find it

    ridiculous when appeals are made to what does not exist and the

    time of whose future existence nobody knows?  The poor are

    oppressed in many ways by the stronger, crimes remain unpunished,

    freedom is  conceded to delinquents, and all the ecclesiastical

    discipline and hierarchal order is confounded.

        2.  Wishing therefore to thrust away from Christ's Church

    this pestilent venom, to take care of the salvation of all those

    who have been committed to us, and to hold off from the sheepfold

    of our Saviour all cause of scandal, we condemn appeals of this

    kind by the counsel of all prelates and juris-consults of Divine

    and human law adhering to the Curia and on the ground of our sure

    knowledge; we denounce them as erroneous and detestable, quash

    and entirely annul them in the event that any such appeals,

    extant at present, may be discovered, and we declare and

    determine that they are - like something void and pestilent - of

    no significance.  Consequently, we enjoin that nobody dares under

    whatever pretext to make such an appeal from any of our

    ordinances, sentences or commands and from those of our

    successors, or to adhere to such appeals, made by others, or to

    use them in any manner.

        3.  If any one, of whatever status, rank, order or condition

    he may be, even if adorned with imperial, royal or Papal dignity,

    shall contravene this after the space of two months from the day

    of the publication of this Bull by the Apostolic Chancery, he

    shall ipso facto incur sentence of anathema, from which he can

    not be absolved except by the Roman Pontiff and at the point of

    death.  A University or a corporation shall be subjected to an

    ecclesiastical interdict; nonetheless, corporations and

    Universities, like the aforesaid and any other persons, shall

    incur those penalties and censures which offenders who have

    committed the crimen laesae maiestatis and promoters of heretical

    depravity are known to incur.  Furthermore, scriveners and

    witnesses who shall witness acts of this kind and, in general,

    all those who shall knowingly furnish counsel, help or favour to

    such appealers, shall be punished with the same penalty.

        Therefore, it is not allowed to any man to infringe or to

    oppose by audacious perversion this charter of our will, by which

    we have condemned, reproved, quashed, annulled, decreed, declared

    and ordered the aforesaid.  If any one, however, shall so

    attempt, let him know that he shall incur the indignation of

    Almighty God and of Saint Peter and Paul, His Apostles.

        Given at Mantua, in the year 1460 of the Lord's Incarnation,

    on the fifteenth day before the Kalends of February, in the

    second year of our Pontificate."

                          "TO OBTAIN SOUNDER JUDGMENT"

        To give an example of how easily one might miss the

    significance of Execrabilis, take the phrase " ... they are

    anxious to obtain sounder judgment."  Here we see that the

    purpose of appealing to an illegal council is to escape the past

    judgment of the Holy See.  But Execrabilis cuts the villains off

    at the pass, saying a council may not be used to reopen

    Judgments.  Execrabilis tells us that once the Church has made a

    Judgment, it may not be questioned by councils or future popes.

    Once the Church has spoken, She has spoken finally and forever.

        There can be no sounder judgment than an infallible

    pronouncement on Faith and Morals, which infallible Judgment no

    Council may break and the V-2 Council, due to its illegality, was

    powerless to make.  The Church never corrects Herself, for She

    never makes errors in Faith or Morals.  With Christ as Her Head

    and the Holy Ghost as Her Guide there can be no need to perfect

    or reopen Her Judgments.

        Yet, it was and is the purpose of V-2 (a non-dogmatic

    council) to reopen and question the past Judgments of the One

    Holy Catholic Apostolic Church.  Therefore, the calling of the

    V-2 Council to reopen the Judgments of the Church makes V-2 an

    illegal council quashed and made null and void by Church Law.

    The Church has thrust Her Sword of Infallible Truth into the evil

    heart of the V-2 Council, giving it the death blow 500 hundred

    years before V-2 raised its serpentine head.


        The conciliarist heresy (the idea of using a council to

    reopen infallible judgments), courageously faced and legislated

    against in the 15th century by Pope Pius II, re-emerged in later

    ages, notably in the 19th century at Council Vatican I, and

    reappeared again in the 20th century following the death of

    Pope Pius XII.

    Please pray for the repose of her soul.

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    Death Blows to Vatican Council II
    « Reply #3 on: September 10, 2006, 03:47:50 PM »
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        Some four-hundred years after Execrabilis, the First Vatican

    Council (1869-70), a holy dogmatic Council, deemed it expedient

    to amplify and reaffirm the law laid down in Execrabilis.

        Back in 1869, in their efforts to destroy the Kingdom of God

    on earth, the Catholic Church, Her enemies fastened upon the

    finality of Church pronouncements, seeking to disprove belief in

    their infallibility and permanence.

        History tells us that Vatican I was called to define Papal

    Infallibility but few books today tell us why the question of

    infallibility had become so burning and vital an issue.

        Plainly, there were two factions at work: one for

    infallibility; the other wanted to see past Church Judgments

    reopened and changed or obliterated.  Even as today, the one side

    was made up of loyal Apostolic Catholics; the other side

    comprised the Marranos and their followers, many of whom were

    confused and duped - as were many of the bishops at Vatican II -

    duped into believing the Church's judgments could be obliterated

    or modified.

        The issue seized upon by the Marranos at V-1 would be the

    same wedge they used at V-2: a new and different Church stand on

    the Jews.  They wanted a different attitude and thinking from

    Catholics on the Jews than what the Church has always held and

    taught.  They wanted an acceptance of rabbinic talmudic Judaism

    as a religion in its own right, higher and even better than


        In 1869-70 the Jews wanted to be exonerated of deicide and

    wanted the lifting of the Curse of God which their wickedness

    brought upon their race.  Once this door was open to them, there

    would be no bar to the Synagogue of Satan bringing into the

    Church all of its bags of false gnostic doctrines, as was later

    to happen at the V-2 Council (1962-65).

        In 1869-70 the Marrano-enemy sought to achieve his goal by

    trickery - inducing the prelates at the V-1 Council to approve

    declarations directly opposed to what the Church has previously

    declared.  In short, to contradict Herself.  This would amount to

    reopening the whole sum of Her past infallible judgments which

    are irreformable.  What the Marranos had in mind, of course, was

    the destruction of the whole Deposit-of-Faith, the stripping of

    the Catholic Church, Her demise.

        Marrano Maneuver: - For getting their way at the V-1

    Council, the Marranos had devised a clever maneuver.  Perhaps

    you've heard the story of the lady who was stopped on the street

    corner by a salesman and offered the opportunity to buy a mink

    coat cheap.  He shows her a real mink coat, she pays her money

    and receives a box.  Upon arriving home and opening the box she

    finds not a soft, luxurious mink coat but one of prickly opossum.

        Such was the old bait and switcheroo game the Marranos tried

    at V-1.  First the Jews approached the Council Fathers with a

    proposal that they sign a "summons to conversion of the

    Israelites," which is an intention without fault.  It should

    happen!  But later, the Jews added assertions, the same old

    heretical lies they always propose, which stand in open

    contradiction to the doctrine laid down in this respect by the

    Holy Catholic Church (Pinay, Plot Against the Church, pp. 18-19),

        The Franco-Prussian War and Papal Infallibility happened to

    be declared the same week.  In spite of the horrors and gathering

    darkness of war, Pius IX had only one concern, the welfare of the

    Universal Church.  He did not terminate V-1 until a re-

    declaration of Papal Infallibility on faith and morals was

    settled once and for all time.  This infallible pronouncement

    means that past Church judgments are irreformable, never to be

    reopened ever.  Thus, none may alter the permanent traditional

    infallible doctrines of the Church in any age.

        And God knows Pius IX had a difficult time in getting the

    full support of the majority of bishops to commit themselves to

    the Church's traditional and constant doctrine of infallibility.

    It wasn't that the prelates were against infallibility but they

    showed signs of uncertainty as to when and how this doctrine

    applied.  They did not understand the importance in 1869-70 of

    urgency for re-declaring this dogma that had already been

    recognized at the Councils of Lyons and Florence.  Foes in their

    midst tried their utmost to persuade the bishops that a

    re-declaration in modern times was unnecessary, which is like

    saying that those who said their morning prayers as children have

    no need to repeat them in later life.

        Pius IX wanted a dogmatic Council to reaffirm Papal

    Infallibility for one very vital reason.  He wanted to make clear

    that past Church judgments, being infallible as they are, are

    therefore permanent, binding for all ages and thus are never to

    be reopened or reformed so as to give them new expressions.

        The Church's judgments are irreformable and constant because

    they are the living echoes of the infallible teachers of the

    Faith down through the centuries.  And Pius IX wanted a

    modern-day dogmatic Council to spell this out.

        Unfortunately, many prelates were unable to see why the

    Church, in spite of Her judgments, couldn't give a little here

    and there, as the prelates seemed willing to do in their personal

    judgments.  It would make life more pleasant for them if the

    Church were not so unyielding.  That this would jeopardize the

    Faith, leading to its inevitable demolition, was of no great,

    concern to bishops favoring the policy of compromise, although

    they didn't see this as a compromise.

        American Example: - Concerning such policy it must be noted

    that in whatever country the influence of Jewry and its

    Freemasonry is strong, those bishops are weak on the protective

    needs of Holy Church in the constancy and permanency of Her


        Take America for example.  American prelates, in

    disobedience to Popes, have kept priests from reading and

    teaching from their pulpits the papal encyclicals because their

    contents might offend Jews and Protestant Masons.  These

    encyclicals would have early alerted the Catholic populace to

    the dangerous enemy in our land and also made known the duty to

    overcome them; but for the sake of false peace, American bishops

    held their tongues, the people remained in their ignorance, all

    the while sopping up the enemy's anti-Christian mentality and

    ideas through osmosis.  Knowingly or unknowingly, the actions and

    speech of American bishops have all too often mirrored the

    sophistries of the Synagogue and the Grand Lodges.  What the

    people see and hear their bishops do and speak, they will


        For America, the land ruled by the Jew and Freemason, the

    Bishop of Baltimore ran the show from the sidelines at V-I.  He

    urged the bishop of Cincinnati to gather signatures to be

    presented to the Pope begging that infallibility not be

    re-declared.  However, the bishop of Baltimore didn't want to be

    caught with his signature on the petition so he declined to sign,

    using his position as a member of the Committee of the Faith as

    his excuse.  There were 27 who did sign it, almost all of them

    Americans (Life and Work of Pope Leo XIII, by Rev. J. J.

    McGovern, D. D,, 1903, "Archbishop Purcell on Infallibility").

        But by no means were American bishops alone in their

    opposition.  Other Jew-Masonic strongholds gave evidence of

    influence as indicated by the 140 German, Hungarian, French and

    Italian bishops who addressed a similar petition to the Holy

    Father, who naturally refused to adopt the prejudicial plea.  The

    final vote re-declaring papal infallibility with the constancy

    and irreformability of Church judgments and the re-outlawing of

    appeals to an ecumenical Council over the head of the Popes was

    pronounced upon by 975 prelates.

        Jew Plans Frustrated: - The outbreak of the Franco-Prussian

    War that caused the hasty closing of the V-I Council was a

    fortuitous event, frustrating the plans of the Jews at the very

    time they were about to have their "postulate" question on the

    Jews come before a general discussion by the duped Council

    Fathers who had fallen for the switcheroo game.  Despite what V-1

    was in the process of declaring concerning infallibility and the

    non-opening of past judgments, the perfidious Jews were in the

    heat of pulling off their coup anyway.  Thanks to the war the

    Jews didn't get the floor - at V-1, that is.

    Please pray for the repose of her soul.

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    Death Blows to Vatican Council II
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  • Once I stated that I am a simple person and can't follow the language of Bulls and Encyclicals, and Lumengentleman told me I should refrain from judging then.  According to this chapter, such a statement comes from the enemies of Christ. So is Lumengentleman...?


        To combat the conciliarist evil of reopening past judgments,

    Vatican Council I, in its First Dogmatic Constitution, issued on

    July 18, 1870, declares:

        "And since, by the divine right of Apostolic primacy, one

    Roman pontiff is placed over the universal Church, We further

    teach and declare that he is the supreme judge of the faithful,

    and that in all causes the decision of which belongs to the

    Church recourse may be had to his tribunal, but that none may

    reopen the judgments of the Apostolic See, than whose authority

    there is no greater, nor can any lawfully review its judgment.

    Wherefore they err from the path of truth who assert that it is

    lawful to appeal from the judgments of the Roman pontiff to an

    ecumenical council, as to an authority higher than that of the

    Roman pontiff" [Chap. III] (Dogmatic Canons and Decrees, pp.


        In the words used by Pope Nicholas I, and in the Synod of

    Quedlinburg (1085), "It is allowed to none to review its

    judgments, and to sit in judgment upon what it has judged"

    (Quoted in footnote to the cited V-1 document; ibid., pp.


        It was, then, wrong for John 23 to call [appeal] to the V-2

    Council to reform the past judgments of the Church in order to

    give them "newer expressions" and differing meanings.

        There is absolutely no appeal from an infallible judgment.  

    And so the First Vatican Council also dealt the death blow to

    V-2.  V-I, like Execrabilis, made certain that V-2 would die


        There is nothing ambiguous about either Execrabilis or the

    reaffirmation of this great Bulla by the First Vatican Council, a

    little more than 100 years ago,


        Contrary to what the enemies of Christ say, Catholics don't

    need to be canon lawyers to catch the plain sense and meaning of

    what Execrabilis and Vatican Council I say about councils called

    to escape the Church's judgments.  However, the Marrano enemy is

    presently using this spurious argument in the hopes the priests

    and laity will feel defeated and lose confidence in using the

    Church's weapons, as if these mighty instruments are useless or

    do not say what they emphatically declare.  The Marrano enemy

    inside the Church desires to use their own lawyers, their false

    theologians or theosophists, all schooled in misinterpreting,

    misapplying and subverting the Church's eternally-binding Laws.

    The Marrano enemy has set himself up as the only one qualified to

    tell us what the Church has laid down.  The Marranos pretend past

    Church Laws are antiquated and inapplicable to today's

    conditions.  Let us be alert to the age-old tricks of the

    Marranos, be aware of the switcheroo treachery they are up to.

    Please pray for the repose of her soul.

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    Death Blows to Vatican Council II
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       Execrabilis has four important features:  1. the binding

    nature of the Church's judgments; 2. the wide coverage of persons

    on whom the sentence falls; 3. the requirements for lifting the

    sentence; 4. the effect of Church Laws on councils wrongly called

    and used.

       A.  The term "judgment" as used in Execrabilis, and as

    amplified and re-affirmed by Council V-1, sweepingly embraces

    dogma, doctrine, teaching and worship.  Execrabilis covers not

    only the judgments of the Church then existing at the time of

    Pope Pius II but also locks in the judgments of succeeding popes

    against attacks by an illegal council or an unlawfully acting

    pontiff.  Thus every judgment of the Church touching faith and

    morals is embraced.  Condemned are all the suppressions,

    innovations, changes and false doctrines introduced by the 2nd

    Vatican Council, including its attempt to change the thinking and

    attitude of Catholics on faith and morals.  This Law is a defense

    against any who attempt to change the Church's judgments against

    rabbinic Jewry, Freemasonry, Communism, Naturalism, Humanism,

    anti-Supernaturalism, et cetera.

       B.  The next thing to note is the wide coverage of persons

    upon whom the sentence of Execrabilis falls.  Everyone - a Pope

    included - who violates the law laid down in Execrabilis is

    deemed guilty.  Thus all who plot and call an illegal council ...

    sit on commissions and draft anti-Catholic schemas ... take part

    in its proceedings against the Church ... or implement or promote

    such a judgment-breaking council - all violate the intent and

    spirit of Execrabilis and are automatically thrust out of the

    Church with the sentence of anathema which means damnation.

       Therefore, John 23 who called the 2nd Vatican Council to

    question and evade the Church's judgments, and Paul 6 who

    dedicated himself to furthering the illegal Council and who

    completed its work, issued all its documents and implemented the

    Council, were put out of the Church with the indignation of God

    upon their souls.

       Similarly excommunicated with the wrath of God are the

    priests who worked on the various preparatory commissions and

    prepared hostile schemas, and also the prelates, consultors,

    advisors who participated in the V-2 Council's anti-Catholic

    activities in any way, inasmuch as their efforts constituted

    adherence to and the extending of favor and assistance to the

    enemies of Christ, for it is they who appealed for the V-2

    Council.  Likewise banished from the Church are all diocesan

    bishops who saddle the Saviour's sheepfold with V-2.  Teachers,

    heads and faculty of seminaries, colleges, universities who

    promote the work of the V-2 Council incur the sentence of

    Execrabilis since they spread the false doctrines of the enemies

    of the Cross in opposition to the judgments of Christ's Church.

       So extensive is the coverage of the guilty that even

    scriveners and witnesses and, in general, all those who knowingly

    furnish counsel, help, or favor those who appealed for the V-2

    Council (Jews and Masons) are punished with the same drastic

    penalty.  The guilty include all who wilfully accept the

    heretical V-2 Council and its bad fruits: all priests who, in

    violation of their oath to defend the Church against heresy,

    embrace the new and strange teachings of V-2, knowing they are

    opposed to the judgments of the Apostolic Catholic Church, who

    submit to the unlawful suppressing of the Sacrifice of the Mass

    and tolerate the anti-Catholic "New Ordo," who turn aside the

    Trent Catechism to teach V-2/CCD false doctrine, or in any way

    aid in the entrenching of the execrable and illegal V-2 Council -

    all are excommunicated from the Apostolic Church with the

    indignation of God upon their heads.

       C.  The third notable aspect of Execrabilis is its reserving

    to the Supreme Pontiff alone the power to lift the sentence of

    excommunication attaching to the guilty for this particular sin.

       This reserving of absolution naturally presupposes a

    legitimate Pontiff able to lift the dreadful sentence.  But,

    since 1958, no legitimate representative of Christ sits upon the

    earthly seat of Judgment.  Usurpers, men who suppress the Primacy

    and Sovereignty of Christ's Church, men who refuse the triple

    Crowned Tiara and all it signifies, lack the power of the keys.

    Such imposters are unable to either excommunicate or lift the

    sentence of excommunication.  These imposters, in spite of their

    "elections," have by their heresies thrust themselves out of the

    Church and therefore cannot lift the excommunication, because one

    who is put outside the Church cannot lawfully exercise any of the

    Papal Power (see Fr. Saenz, "The Vacant See," Veritas, Dec.

    1975).  Those who are outside the Church are not inside the


       Since the Chair of Peter is vacant at this time, those who

    have fallen under the sentence of Execrabilis are in BIG trouble

    because, as the Council of Trent tells us, "Priests have no power

    of absolution in reserved cases except at the point of death."

    Trent also tells us: " ... that the absolution which a priest

    pronounces upon one over whom he has not either an ordinary or a

    delegated jurisdiction ought to be of no weight whatever"

    (Doctrine on the Sacrament of Penance, Chap. VII, "On the

    Reservation of Cases," Sess. XIV.  Can be found in Dogmatic

    Canons and Decrees; New York: The Devin-Adair Co., 1912, pp.


       For a priest to absolve a reserved sin at point of death, it

    is essential there be an acknowledgement of guilt.  It is

    essential that the sinner abjure V-2; he must repent

    participating in the illegal V-2 Council or the promoting,

    supporting or implementing of it, as well as acts favoring those

    who caused the illegal V-2 Council to be called.  Without

    repentance there can be no absolving the reserved sin which

    remains unconfessed.  In such sinful, unrepentant and unabsolved

    state the sinner goes to meet his Maker.

       The world has witnessed V-2 popes go to their death

    unrepentant and unabsolved of their V-2 crimes against God and

    His Church, as defined in Execrabilis and by the First Vatican

    Council.  It is reported that on his death bed John 23 "in firm

    tones discussed the Council and expressed his wishes as to its

    future in very definite terms" (Hatch, A Man Named John; Image

    Books, a division of Doubleday & Co., Inc., 1963, page 226).

       In John's deathroom stood many prelates of the Church, two

    of them his confessors.  None of them bothered to help John 23

    reconcile himself with and make his peace with the Creator

    because they themselves would not admit the wrongness of the

    judgment-breaking illegal V-2 Council, would not admit that it is

    a mortal sin to alter, supplant and suppress the infallible

    judgments of the Church, or sinful to call a council to achieve

    these condemned goals, or that the Church does indeed inflict

    penalties, stretching into eternity, upon those who break Her

    Laws.  What is bound on earth is bound also in Heaven under the

    Power of the Keys.

       Paul 6, the immediate successor of John 23, also stood by

    the illegal V-2 Council even in the time of death.  Anticipating

    his own death as early as 1963 at age 66, in the year of his

    election, Paul 6 wrote his last will and testament and added to

    it in 1972 and again in 1973.  Seeming to be very much aware that

    he was not a true Representative of Christ, he requested that

    he neither have a funeral like true Pontiffs nor have a similar


       In his typical caustic sniping at genuine Catholic practices

    and holy tradition he stated: "As regards my funeral: let it be

    simple and animated by religious piety.  I do not wish to have

    the catafalque, as is the custom for the funeral of Popes;

    instead let things be carried out in a humble and becoming

    manner." As to his tomb - he wanted none.  "No monument for me."

    V-2 was to be his monument, the epitome of impiety.

       In his last will and testament, Paul 6 wrote of his main

    wish - the implementation of the heretical V-2 Council.  " ...

    Let its prescriptions be put into effect."  As to ecumenism he

    stated: "the approach to the separated Brethren must go on ..."

    He added with his usual Modernist deceit, "but without deflecting

    from true Catholic doctrine."  The false ideas held by Paul 6

    regarding "true Catholic doctrine" were far from the divine

    truths given to the Catholic Church in the Two Founts of

    Supernatural Revelation.

       In his final testament Paul 6 turned aside from the Church's

    warnings against the world, the flesh and the devil.  All true

    Pontiffs have pictured the world as the city of Satan very much

    opposed to the City of God.  They counsel the faithful to serve

    God, not the world.  But Paul 6 said "one must study the world,

    love it and serve it" (taken from "The Testament of Paul VI,"

    L'OR [L'Osservatore Romano], August 24, 1978, pages 1, 2).

       Sensing his days were numbered - as indicated by his

    frequent reference to dying - Paul 6 was in a hurry to get on

    with entrenching the V-2 Council more deeply.  The last months of

    the life of Paul 6 saw an intensified program by him in

    implementing V-2 which included his malicious dedication

    to making the Vatican the special and cordial meeting place and

    haven for Jews, Masons, Communists, all avowed enemies of

    the One True Faith and One True Church.

       Paul 6 called for closer and closer ties between Catholics

    and Jewry.  Newspaper photographs and headlines repeatedly

    recorded his flaunting Papal decrees and Church Laws against

    fraternizing and actively supporting the enemies of the Cross

    and Christian Order.  In private audiences he told Jews and

    Moslems, rejecters of Christ, that they worship the same God as

    Catholics.  When he wasn't entertaining the enemy at the Vatican

    he sent representatives to address the Godless UNO to stress

    "peace," meaning the Church would not oppose Her enemy,

    continually reassuring this pledge which he had made publicly

    before the UNO in October 1965.

       This "man of sin," Paul 6, invaded the heart and soul of the

    Catholic family in urging a more liberal interpretation of the

    marriage laws, so as to destruct more and more Catholic


       His General Audiences were constant calls to "follow the

    [V-2] Council."

       This is but a brief list of the many monstrous crimes of

    Paul 6 against Christ's Church and the Faith during his last

    days.  Right up to the day of his death Paul 6 had busied himself

    laboring for the further advancement of the illegal V-2 Council.

       Without regret or remorse Paul 6 departed this life leaving

    worldwide spiritual chaos in his wake: millions of souls

    languishing for the divine Mass and Sacraments that Paul 6

    suppressed and supplanted with his own form of V-2 worship and

    liturgy to man and the lord of this world.  So great is the

    devastation by V-2 that the See of Peter and the episcopal Sees

    everywhere have been emptied.  The Brides of Christ are

    bewildered, confused, scattered and gone, cut down like grain

    before the scythe.  The priests of Christ turn away from Him,

    unwilling to understand what has happened at the hands of the

    "man of perdition."

       Such was this ephod-wearing man, Paul 6, bearer of "the

    Broken Cross," whose career and last testament opposed the

    Eternal Testament of Christ.  Arrogant and hardened to the very

    end, unheedful of the judgment of God's Wrath, imposed by

    Execrabilis and other eternally-binding judgments of His Church,

    Paul 6 came face to face with the Eternal Judge.  With millions

    of souls and the Angels and Saints witnessing against him, Paul 6

    dared to meet God, He Who says "Vengeance is Mine, and I will

    repay " (Rom. 12: 19).  What a dreadful state to be in, standing

    before the Judgment Throne of Heaven.

       Next came J-P 1, occupier of the papal chair for only 33

    days, who willfully preferred to trod the deflecting footsteps of

    his two immediate predecessors John 23 and Paul 6 - even to the

    taking of their names.

       In pledging his fullest support to the illegal V-2 Council,

    J-P 1 refused the Tiara and designated himself "the first

    Minister" of the conciliar sect counter-church founded by John 23

    and Paul 6, the two main puppets of the synagogue who had been

    unlawfully given the Chair of Peter to carry out the plot against

    Christ's Church.  J-P 1 did not desire to be a true Pontiff; not

    wanting to be known or accepted as the Supreme Pontiff of

    Christ's Church, as indeed he was not, and was well aware of this

    accusing fact

       Two of his most scandalous testaments were his collection of

    letters and his statements regarding his lack of belief.        

       In an ill-conceived "letter" to Christ, J-P 1 dared to

    presume to counsel Christ, the Author of Charity, the Word of

    God, as to what to say and what to promise.  On his disbelief, he

    publicly stated he no longer accepted the Divine Religion,

    entrusted to the Catholic Church to safeguard and to teach, as

    the "only true religion" with rights that others have not and

    that he no longer believed that only truth has rights.  "In the

    end," he said, "I convinced myself that we had been wrong" (see

    Veritas, Aug.-Sept. 1978, pages 14, 19).

       The record is clear.  None of these three V-2  "popes,"

    unholy holders of the Papal Chair, regretted the anti-Christian

    acts against the Church and Faith brought about by V-2.  And so

    the binding judgment of Execrabilis fell full force upon all

    three.  Such was their status when the Angel of Death whisked

    their souls away to the Courts of Heaven.

       V-2 cardinals, bishops, priests, religious and laity are

    also dying unrepentant and unabsolved of their guilt in the

    infamous V-2 Council.  Unpardoned because of their hardened

    refusal to acknowledge V-2 is wrong; unshrived because of their

    refusal to admit the evil consequences V-2's satanic actions have

    brought upon the earth.

       Because of V-2 the whole world is in BIG trouble.  To be

    implicated in any way with a council like V-2 is something not to

    be dismissed lightly,

       And what about the latest pretend "pope," Tiaraless John

    Paul 2, who revels in calling Paul 6 his "father" and "mentor"?

    Karol Wojtyla, coming to Rome from behind the iron-curtain

    country of Poland, has told us over and over that he is committed

    to carrying out all the wishes of Paul 6 regarding the V-2

    Council.  In other words Charlie will carry out the will and

    testament of the anti-Christian Paul 6 rather than execute the

    Will and Testament of Jesus Christ, Whose Blood has sealed

    forever the Covenant of the Sanctuary in the Sacrifice of the

    Cross which every priest has been commanded to offer "in Memory

    of ME."  So the divine Covenant of the Sanctuary, forsaken by

    Paul 6, will continue to be forsaken, and replaced and supplanted

    by the satanic covenant of Paul 6 and his New Order under the

    "ministry" of J-P 2.  "In memory of Paul 6" - in place of "In

    Memory of ME" - is to be the guiding light of J-P 2.

       Is there any sign of regret in the speech and actions of J-P

    2?  Certainly not.  Having begun his V-2 "ministry" sans Crown

    and Coronation, Charlie has picked up the "Broken Cross"

    bequeathed to him by Paul 6, carrying this Communist "peace

    symbol" as a brazen sign, a code the enemies of the Cross

    understand only too well, but which deceives the gullible who

    mistakenly think JP-2 is paying Christ respect.

       Because of his participation in the anti-Christian actions

    during the V-2 Council, and also because of his publicly

    professed total commitment to the implementation of the illegal

    V-2 Council, the terrible sentence of Execrabilis lays on the

    head of J-P 2.

       D.  The fourth essential feature of Execrabilis is its

    DEMOLISHING EFFECT on V-2 and any council called to escape the

    Church's judgments.

       Execrabilis pronounces, declares and decrees all such

    councils - no matter in what age they are called - to be


       In effect, under its sweeping decree of nullity, V-2 and all

    its documents and its actions are  emptied of all standing,      

    are stripped of all legitimacy, and rendered wholly null and

    void!  V-2 is as if it never had been called, so far as binding

    the Church or commanding obedience of any person.

       Consequently, the V-2 Council, called at the request of the

    enemies of Christ, is wiped away and no Catholic is bound by it

    in any way.  Wilful adherence or obedience to the condemned and

    quashed V-2 Council subjects a person to ipso facto

    excommunication and the wrath of God.  In this way the Apostolic

    Church safeguards and maintains respect for Her valid Councils.

    Please pray for the repose of her soul.

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    Death Blows to Vatican Council II
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       Some 90 years elapsed from the time of the First Vatican

    Council (1869-70) to the time of the 2nd Vatican Council

    (1963-65).  To Jewry time means nothing when it comes

    to getting its way.

       It explains why World Jewry can patiently wait from one

    century to another, endure from one Council to another, biding

    the opportunity to gain its goal.  After all, Organized Jewry has

    waited 2,000 years to get what it wanted from the V-2 Council.

    This huge success of Jewry in gaining control over the Church

    was, to speak practically, the simple matter of getting one

    council to do what Jewry was unable to achieve at an earlier


       So it was, that what these enemies of Christ and His Church

    had failed to obtain from Vatican I, the passing of time coupled

    with their cunning and treachery would gain for Jewry at the 2nd

    Vatican Council whose switcheroo game was to offer ways for

    departing from and evading the Church's judgments.

       The V-2 Council was early characterized the "Jewish Council"

    because of the many outrageous demands made to and granted by

    this illegal Council manipulated by International Jewry.  Its

    destructive demands have produced a thorough revamping and

    restructuring of the Catholic Faith and Church, as is evident in

    parishes worldwide, the direct result of reopening the totality

    of the Church's irreformable judgments.  As a consequence,

    everything - doctrine, teaching, worship, thinking and attitude -

    is corrupted by the enemies of Christ via the 2nd Vatican


       Marrano Gimmick: - The Marranos used "updating the Church"

    as their deceptive gimmick to influence the council bishops to

    depart from the Church's judgments.  This stick device is still

    used for winning and holding Catholics to V-2.  This slogan is a

    crafty appeal to the vanity of Catholics young and old who wish

    not to be tagged as "out-of-step" or "not-with-the times" -

    making them prime subjects for mind and attitude changing.  This

    trick of Jewry is vastly successful, as shown by the bulk of

    Catholics who, knowing it is not the faith of the ages that V-2

    brings them, still adhere to V-2 nevertheless.

       Some have the brass and ignorance to rationalize the radical

    changes of the counter-church: "This is the way I always thought

    the Church should be.  The old way was too limiting, too

    legalistic.  Now all that is changed, done away with.  They were

    only man-made laws, open to change or to be discontinued.  Once

    they served a purpose.  Now we know better and have done away

    with them."  This statement was made in 1970 by a convert,

    daughter of a 33rd degree Mason displeased by her conversion, and

    whose husband has recently been "ordained" a lay deacon of V-2.

       The trouble here is the failing to distinguish between

    administrative or disciplinary rules and the Laws and Judgments

    of the Church.  True, the popes are human beings but because they

    act as the Vicars of Christ, the Laws and Judgments of the Church

    become the Laws and Judgments of God by their infallible nature

    and the binding Power of the Keys entrusted to His Church, and

    therefore not subject to change or discontinuance As earlier

    shown, no one may lawfully judge or change the Church's constant  

    and infallible Decrees and Judgments.

       How it is possible to "update the Church" by returning to

    rejected practices out of the past - for instance, reviving the

    lay diaconate that proved unnecessary and very dangerous to the

    celibate priesthood and therefore justly outlawed - and by

    wholesale scuttling of necessary infallible and permanent

    judgments, has remained unexplained.  The confounding of

    distinctions is the vehicle used for "updating" by which

    Catholics are lead to return to rejected ancient practices while

    discarding the wholesome and permanent ones, and are induced

    to accept the substitution of everything false in place of God's

    truths.  In "updating" disorder rules as a king.

       There's the "updating" marriage encounter fiasco and the

    teenage "retreats" where individuals are disgraced, spiritually

    slapped, put out of orientation and harmony and shoved into

    disorder.  Yet, these victims, while in the throes of their

    "physical touching" high, like it.  So, then, "updating"

    incorporates S. T. (Sensitivity Training), Jewish Sama Kritica.

       In August 1976 at the Congress in Philadelphia, 17,000

    hand-holding married couples of the growing, lustful Marriage

    Encounter Movement attended a "nervous ordo" described by a

    reporter as a "love-in."  At their week-long workshops, Rev.

    Chuck Gallagher, S. J., its prime mover, told the members to

    stress "non-verbal communication."  Matrimonial spirituality is

    described as the mates looking deep into each other's eyes.  

    They were told that "touching is crucial ... do not hold hands

    sexlessly"!  Eight bishops including V-2 Cardinal Wright

    came to the convention to urge them on in their public display of

    disrespect for chastity and dignity of person.  And this is

    Marrano "updating" of Christ's Church.

       As time goes by, it becomes more evident that the

    "restructuring" goal of V-2 is to communize the Church and Her

    members.  Never were its adherents more blunt concerning their

    intentions than they were at the Congress where the counter.

    church presented the plans of its counter-culture.

       Throngs representing an incredibly diverse collection of

    groups came to the 1976 Philadelphia Congress.  The majority

    came to share their personal experiences since V-2 and to seek

    reassurance that the V-2 "updating" and "renewal" are right.

    Naturally, they couldn't find this reassurance in Pennsylvania or

    elsewhere, but there was an attention-diverter in the form of fun

    and games to be shared.  Touching!

       The minority were radicals, there to challenge the Christian

    Order and to sell to the members of the V-2 counter-church the

    counter-culture of V-2 in opposition to Christian culture.  

    These radicals demand personal and structural change in Catholics

    and institutions; they want a "stepping back" from our consumer

    lifestyle and a "stepping forward" toward political action.  What

    can all this mean but a revolutionary call to Jew-inspired

    Communism and anarchy.

       Look at the outrageous Cursillio movement now blossomed into

    the more frantic charismatic craze under the impetus of

    "updating."  In July 1976, at Stubenville, Ohio, 1,000 priests,

    aged 40-60, attended a charismatic meeting where they joined in

    singing, prayer-shouting, hand-waving, hugging and "healing."

    They were urged to "declericize" the ministry and make the laity

    the ministers, get ready for the collapse of the social order,

    the Church Institution [parishes and schools were mentioned].

    And this, too, spells out the Marrano "updating" of the Church.

       Those misdirected clergy kept shouting and laughing it up

    while being told not to presume that God's will for "renewal" was

    only for Catholics alone but to go over and help the Protestants

    to do likewise for they like Catholic pastors"!  Priests were

    told that God is "suspending rules of growth and holiness in the

    rapid spread of charismatic renewal"... and that Paul 6 and Arch-

    bishop Bernardin, at the time president of the U. S. Bishops,

    went "beyond human wisdom" to endorse charismatic renewal.

    Indeed they did; and also outside of Divine Wisdom.  Their

    endorsement of "charismatic renewal" had the prompting of Satan;

    for the "charismatic movement" is an attempt to repossess and

    reclaim the unique and extraordinary powers specially placed by

    the Holy Ghost in the Apostles.  The "movement" is neither

    Apostolic Catholic nor new; non-Catholics have for centuries

    attempted to speak in tongues and to heal as the Apostles had the

    extraordinary power to do in their time.  The founding and unholy

    activities of this devilish charismatic movement, spreading

    worldwide under V-2, with its brazen claim to capture and possess

    the specially-privileged powers of the Apostles constitutes a sin

    against the Holy Ghost.

       And all this, dear Catholic friends, is V-2's updating of

    the Church.  "Updating" and "renewal" is the method for bringing

    anti-Catholic and atheistic influences into Christ's Church.

    Please pray for the repose of her soul.

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    Death Blows to Vatican Council II
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       For listening to the bigotry and lies of the rabbinic

    gnostic Jews via the detestable and execrable V-2 Council, the

    V-2ers are in a state of rebellion against God.  They have

    contracted the same spiritual malady of the Jews: blindness,

    hardness of heart, and the Wrath of God.

       Is this not reason enough for all V-2ers to pause and

    consider whether their continued adherence to the illegal and

    execrable V-2 Council is worth the loss of their soul?  Let the

    hierarchy, priests, religious, sisters and laity, who unwisely

    think that in partaking of V-2's sins they are "updating" and

    "renewing" the Church in the modern mentality, take clear note of

    the spiritual jeopardy into which they have been plunged by the

    execrable V-2 Council.  Let them obey the heavenly injunction to

    come out from the V-2 counter-church, the harlot, lest they too

    be partakers of her sins and receive her plagues (Apoc. 18: 4ff).

       A WAY OUT - To be at peace with God, one must renounce V-2

    completely, "come out from her" all the way, and never go back.

    If you cannot find a non-V-2 priest to confess your past guilt,

    then do as the Church instructs those who have no available

    priest:  Make a Perfect Act of Contrition.  "O my God!  l am

    heartily sorry for having offended Thee, and I detest all

    my sins, because I dread the loss of Heaven and the pains of

    hell, but most of all because they offend Thee, my God, Who art

    all-good and deserving of all my love.  I firmly resolve, with

    the help of Thy grace, to confess my sins, to do penance, and to

    amend my life.  Amen."

       Before God, renounce V-2 and all its works and pomps.

    Firmly resolve never again to participate in any of its

    activities.  Then we must place ourselves into the Merciful Hands

    of God and await the day when we can receive the absolution of a

    genuinely faithful Apostolic Catholic priest.  Many of us will

    have to die without a priest, as did Paul McCabe back in 1971

    (see Veritas, August 1971), and as others have done.  We must

    trust in God ... keep His Commandments ... hold fast to the Faith

    ... respect the Laws and Judgments of the Apostolic Church.  Be

    not duped or confounded by the V-2 counter-church.

    Please pray for the repose of her soul.

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    Death Blows to Vatican Council II
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       Apart from Execrabilis and Vatican Council I, how can we be

    sure that a council favoring Jewry at the expense of the Church

    and Faith has the DISAPPROVAL and CONDEMNATION of the Church, We

    are guided to certitude by Canon 58 of the Fourth Toledo Council

    held in Spain at the height of the Jewish influence in that

    nation (see Veritas, July-October 1975, pp. 33-34).  This great

    Canon declares:

       "There is concern over those members who - in showing

    support and favor to the Jews against the faith of Christ

    through accepting presents from Jews or aiding their perfidy and

    according them protection, knowing such persons belong to the

    body of Antichrist since they work against the Faith.

        Accordingly, every bishop, priest, religious or layman who

    in the future give support to Jews against the Christian Faith,

    be it through briberies or favors, shall be regarded as profane

    and blaspheming God, and shall be excluded from the Communion of

    the Catholic Church and shall be regarded as not belonging to the

    Kingdom of God; for it is no more than right, that those who

    reveal themselves as protectors of the enemies of the Lord, be

    separated from the [Mystical] Body of Christ."

       This Canon, striking a death blow to V-2, is but one of a

    series of Laws against the Jews and for the protection of the

    Church enacted by the many Toledo Councils.  This sweeping Canon

    is important and useful against the V-2 Council for two reasons.

       First, the Canons of the Toledo Council were declared to be

    ETERNALLY BINDING and constant.  Meaning that this Canon against

    Jewry can never be changed or repealed or declared inoperative or

    as having no application to our times.  Secondly, present at the

    Toledo Councils was a Legate of the Supreme Pontiff to offer

    advice and give acquiescence to the laws adopted.  Thus the

    Canons of the Toledo Council against Jewry and against those in

    the Church giving aid, comfort and protection to Jewry in its

    warring against the Church and Faith are the eternally-binding

    Judgments of the Holy See.  These Judgments are especially

    applicable to today's subversive campaign by Jewry with its

    preposterous assertion that Holy Scripture and the Catholic Faith

    are "anti-semitic" and "offensive to Jews" and so must be changed

    to conform to the anti-Christian mentality of the synagogue.

       Accordingly, the moment John 23 called the V-2 Council as a

    favor to Jewry and in support of its war against Christ and His

    Church, at that very instant was John 23 automatically separated

    from the Kingdom of God, on earth and in Heaven, as adjudged

    by Canon 58 of the 4th Toledo Council.  So, too, did Paul 6

    separate himself from the Kingdom of God and the Catholic Church

    in his continuing and implementing the illegal and execrable V-2

    Council called to give support to Jewry against the Christian

    Faith.  You could not pray for anything to be more clear, more

    certain.  Canon 58 of the 4th Toledo Council is the clincher,

    dissolving all doubts.

    Please pray for the repose of her soul.

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    Death Blows to Vatican Council II
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       What constitutes actions favoring and supporting Jewry

    against the Christian Faith?  We will list a few obvious ones.

       Participating in Seder meals is an act favoring Jewry

    against the Christian Faith ... taking part in synagogue

    "interfaith services" favors and supports Jewry ... permitting

    Jews to purge Catholic books or to rewrite books on Catholic

    doctrine is to favor and support those belonging to the body of

    Antichrist ... allowing Jews to lecture or teach in Catholic

    schools, seminaries, colleges, universities is to lend support

    and favor to Jewry against the Catholic Church and Faith ...

    inviting and permitting Jews to speak from Catholic pulpits is to

    favor and support Jewry's war against Christ ... to give ear to

    the erroneous teachings of the talmudic gnostic Jews in their

    pretense that their interpretation of Holy Scripture is better

    than the Catholic teaching is to help strengthen Jewry's false

    religion and to favor and support Jewry against the Catholic

    Faith and Christ's Church ... to remove sacred images and to

    replace these with Jewish inspired iconoclastic art in churches

    is to cater to Jewry and insult Christ ... to give support to the

    false charge of "anti-semitism" is to favor and support Jewry's  

    animosity toward Christ ... to promote Catholic/Jewish relations,

    dialogue, "closer ties" is to promote and favor Jewry ... to

    protect and aid an unbelieving, talmudic-gnostic Masonic Jew

    sitting in the Chair of Peter (Paul 6) is to favor and

    support Jewry's war against Christ Jesus, God the Son, Who became

    Man for our sake ... to follow and support holders of the Holy

    Chair who pledge to continue and to implement the illegal V-2

    Council is to aid and support Jewry's war against the divine

    Church and Faith.

       The list could go on and on.  It is impossible for anyone to

    participate in the works of the Jewish V-2 Council and not aid

    Jewry's war against Christ and His Church.  Punishment for

    supporting and favoring the enemies of the Faith is separation

    from the Kingdom of God both on earth and in Heaven, as Canon 58 adjudges.

    Please pray for the repose of her soul.

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    Death Blows to Vatican Council II
    « Reply #10 on: September 10, 2006, 04:28:52 PM »
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       Caught under the heavy fire from the Church's mighty arsenal

    of weapons, Her many Canons and Judgments, the V-2ers were for a

    time displaying a frenzied haste to apply counter-force, in the

    form of criticisms and sarcasms from Paul 6 and others, directed

    against those who oppose the illegal V-2 and the bogus popes.

       Both John 23 and Paul 6 leaned heavily on "obedience" to

    themselves and their V-2 Council while clearly engaging in

    defiant disobedience to Almighty God by acting contrary to the

    Two Founts of Supernatural Revelation and against the infallible

    judgments of the divine Church Christ founded.  Paul 6 went so

    far as to label (in 1973) as "broken stems" those who pointed

    out his heresies, as if those who are obedient to God are the

    excommunicated.  All cleverly deceitful and completely erroneous

    but the dirty tactic of the bogus popes and their lackeys

    nevertheless.  The actual "broken stems" are the bogus popes and

    their followers who have cut themselves off from orthodoxy and

    Apostolic tradition.  Those faithful Catholics who oppose the

    bogus popes and their evil V-2 Council can be found on the

    ramparts fighting the religious blackguards and traitors.

       The late Father Saenz was one of these rampart fighters.  In

    his work The Vacant See he pointed out that holders of the Holy

    Chair, who behave like John 23 and Paul 6, are deposed by God


       Some of you may recall back in 1975 when the late Hugh

    McGovern was publishing the Voice he called attention to the

    Bulla of Pope Paul IV, issued in February of 1559, which made

    evident that Paul 6 could not be a legitimate Pontiff.

       A brochure entitled "Had Paul IV Foreseen Paul VI?", and

    containing the text of the Bulla, began making the rounds in the

    States, Canada, England, Australia and parts of Europe.  It

    caused great concern within V-2 circles.  They were hard pressed

    in making a reply against it.  Not that they didn't try.

    Please pray for the repose of her soul.

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    Death Blows to Vatican Council II
    « Reply #11 on: September 10, 2006, 04:34:06 PM »
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       There was a certain Abbe des Graviers, writing in Courier de

    Rome (No. 156, pp 9-12), who took issue with Catholics applying

    the Bulla of Paul IV to Paul 6.  His first whine was that

    ordinary Catholics have no knowledge of Canon Law, and he

    whimpered that it cannot be concluded that Cardinal Montini (Paul

    6) was invalidly elected to the Roman See, and he was aghast to

    discover that sensible Catholics are saying the Apostolic See has

    been vacant since 1958 at the death of Pope Pius XII.

       Abbe des Graviers thought that since there is a question

    whether the Bulla was ever applied, it is doubtful that it can be

    applied now.  This is a silly argument.  Sensing this, he came up

    with what he feels is a stronger objection, saying: "In any case,

    this is of little import for since 1918 we have had the Code of

    Canon Law and Pope Benedict XV's constitution Providentissma

    Mater Ecclesia.  Graviers says this has become the Law of the

    Church and it is it that defines what it is to be a heretic, and,

    as he says, "it is indispensable to know what is the definition

    of a heretic."

       Then Abbe Graviers said: "Neither Fr. Giovanni Battista

    Montini, nor Mgr. Montini, nor Cardinal Montini was ever

    canonically reprimanded," despite his many heretical statements

    contrary to the Catholic Faith.  Therefore, said Abbe Graviers,

    the man could not be a formal heretic and pointed to the "Credo

    of Paul 6."  It may surprise the Abbe to learn this credo is full

    of heresy (see Veritas, Dec. 1972).

       Abbe said it would be impossible for Paul 6 to teach heresy

    Ex Cathedra, overlooking that Paul 6 had never issued anything Ex

    Cathedra.  The Abbe was obviously using these evasive and puny

    arguments to get around Pope Paul IV's Bulla that automatically

    judges a person to be a heretic without a formal judgment, if the

    guilty primate had fallen from the Faith before elevation to a

    Church office.

       Abbe Graviers said "there's little left of this Bulla,

    retained only in Canon 2.264, 2.228, 2.232, 2,242, 2.265."  He

    imbibed heresy himself: "Thus the conclusion is quite simple:    

    it is not possible to have recourse to the Constitution of Paul

    IV as a weapon against Paul 6 (Montini).  To do so would be

    neither honest nor canonically sound."  He ignores that the

    Apostolic Church has already judged that it is fair, honest,

    proper, yea, a duty to apply to the fullest all past Church

    Judgments along with their severest penalties against those who

    dare to speak lies against Christ's Spotless Bride and attempt to

    kill Her.

       There is a response to Abbe Graviers arguments.

       Providently, Church judgments, such as the Bulla of Pope

    Paul IV, become operative without need of official action.  The

    Bulla of Paul IV is conditional not on reprimand but on public

    heresy.  The Bulla, itself, constitutes the essential canonical

    reprimand.  Accordingly, one who, before his election to the

    Papal Chair, was a hardened, public heretic, as in the case of

    Paul 6, cannot be the legitimate successor of Peter.  If he

    should sit in the Holy Chair, he does so as an usurper.

    Please pray for the repose of her soul.

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    Death Blows to Vatican Council II
    « Reply #12 on: September 10, 2006, 04:40:57 PM »
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       As for the Codex, we are well aware that the enemies of the

    Church have been attempting to boil down all Church Laws and

    Judgments to a collection of Canons that become weaker and more

    ambiguous with each tampering.  Paul 6 had set up a Commission to

    revamp the Canons of the Apostolic Church.  This destructive work

    has continued under the direction of the succeeding bogus popes.

    The watering-down process, however, began back in the days of

    Pope Pius X, who asked for a Codex, placing Cardinal Gasparri in

    charge, who unfortunately accepted help from Marranos like

    Cardinal Rampollo.  To the Marranos, who are forever looking for

    some escape from the true teaching of the Church existing from

    Apostolic times in relation to the Jews, the calling for a Codex

    was an exhilarating event, a break-through, a great opportunity

    to wipe out any Church Law that restricts and hampers the work of

    the "synagogue of Satan."

       As long as the Church's Laws were readily available,

    out-in-the-open and used, they posed a serious threat to the

    enemies of the Cross, who faced deposing, excommunication and the

    other penalties laid down in the Holy Church Canons.  Hence, it

    was the chief concern of the enemy-within to remove this

    troublesome hindrance.  But how was it possible to abolish with

    one blow the centuries old Church Laws and Judgments, Papal

    Bullas and the teachings of Christ, His Apostles and the early

    Church Fathers?  How were these to be removed or rendered

    unavailable so that the secret Jewish clergy could serve their

    Jewish masters without fear of being deposed and excommunicated,

    and how were they to be able to also falsify the doctrine of the

    Church in relation to the Jews, so as to promote their Jewish

    goal of the defeat of Christianity and the gaining of a victory

    over its old foe?

       In the course of centuries the Jews and their Fifth Column

    in the clergy have repeatedly made attempts to suppress the

    Church's protective laws against Jewry and to achieve that the

    Papal Bullas and Her safeguarding legislation regarding Jewry

    should not fall under the category of unchangeable, ever-binding,

    infallible status.  They have for this purpose, according to the

    given possibilities, taken the most diverse paths.  The Codex

    was more than they could have hoped for.  During the turbulent

    period of the first world war (1914-18), when so much attention

    was focused on the struggle, the work of the Codex, lacking

    strict supervision, offered wide opportunity to the enemy-within.

    As a result, the voluminous body of Laws and Judgments were

    suppressed or excluded which represented the most effective

    defense of Holy Church against the secret Jewish infiltration and

    its destructive activities in the bosom of this divine


       Obviously this sneaky action by the Marranos proves that the

    Church's legislation regarding the Jews had held them in check

    and was one of the chief hindrances to bringing Catholicism as

    well as the society born of Christian Order under Jewish rule.

    It was Cardinal Gasparri who held the line by inserting into the

    Codex the rule that in actuality none of the Church's past

    legislation had been altered and remains in effect.

       But in actual practice the Church's protective laws against

    the synagogue of Satan as well as its many laws against heresy

    had been carefully left out of the Codex.  This painful and exact

    omission had to be undertaken by a person very interested in

    the affair; a person who stood in the service of an organization

    which wanted the Church's Laws on the Jews and on heresy

    studiously edited and purged.  (Plot Against the Church, pp. 430-

    433.)  Today under V-2 this Jewish editing and purging has been

    extended to Catholic books.

       In the book Plot Against the Church, whose writers are said

    to have had the blessing of the late Cardinal Ottaviani, it is

    mentioned tb at the laws regarding Jewry are a part of the

    "doctrine of the Church and source of the truth as revealed by

    God" (p. 434), that comes to us through the two founts of

    Supernatural Revelation.  Plot adds: the enemy-within garb their

    attack against the Apostolic Tradition with flattering, seemingly

    righteous arguments, which do not allow the poison of their

    maneuvers to be discerned.  "Among other things, they say, the

    Church must adapt itself to the new times and fight with progress

    for Christian unity."  However, true Christian unity is not

    their ambition: they seek to "destroy the best defense of Holy

    Church which has preserved Her through the centuries from

    the cunning of its most infamous and stiff-necked foe" (ibid).

       Exclusion Trick Won't Work - Whether a Codex Commission

    adopts a policy of disuse or exclusion regarding constant Laws

    and Judgments, either or both would be tantamount to the sinful

    reopening of the judgments of former Pontiffs and Dogmatic

    Councils.  A Codex resorting to disuse, exclusion (wholly or

    partially) or concealment to evade laws and judgments against the

    Jews, heresy or the Bulla of Pope Paul IV, for instance, would be

    an incomplete Codex but it could by no means serve as the basis

    for rendering inoperative the constant, permanent, automatically

    operating laws and judgments omitted or concealed by the

    enemy-within or duped members of the Codex Commission.  Those

    Laws and Judgments remain constant and in force, even when

    ignored or allowed to slip into disuse.  Disuse or ignoring

    cannot wipe them away, anymore than neglect of the Ten

    Commandments could make God's Laws inoperative or inapplicable.

       So a Codex which conceals or excludes the full context of

    ever-binding laws and judgments, or allows them to fall into

    disuse, cannot destroy the legal force and effect of those laws

    and judgments.  This is AXIOMATIC to the exercising of the

    BINDING-POWER placed by Christ in His Apostolic Church.  The

    device of disuse or exclusion cannot unbind what has been bound

    on earth and in Heaven.  Therefore, it is impossible for any

    Codex to render inoperative the infallible, in perpetuity,

    eternally-binding Laws and Judgments of the Church.  To fashion

    arguments opposing this axiom is futile.  God will not be


       For anyone to say that Canon 58, the Bulla of Paul IV,

    Execrabilis, Vatican I and all the other judgments of the Church

    bearing on the illegality of V-2, and on the impossibility of a

    public heretic legitimately holding Peter's Chair, cannot be used

    against V-2 or the fraudulent holders of the Holy Office, is

    neither acceptable nor truthful.  Nor is it a valid argument to

    say that Church Militant cannot use all the timeless weapons

    of the Church against Her enemies in any age, or to say these

    weapons do not apply to the present hellish situation: to say so

    is to lean on satanic falsehood in face of divine truths.

       Let there be no mistake:  Those of Church Militant ARE using

    the Church's arsenal of Laws, Judgments, Bullas, and Divine

    Doctrines NOW against V-2, the bogus popes, those who crafted V-2

    and its documents, and each and all evils that have come from

    these.  It is up to Church Militant to let the world know that

    such weapons exist.  We need to make widely known the existence  

    and death-blow effect of Execrabilis and the affirming

    declaration of Vatican I Council, as well as Canon 58 (4th

    Toledo Council), the Bulla of Pope Paul IV, and the authorities

    cited by Fr. Saenz.  Broadcast them, pass this booklet around.

    The overthrow of the enemy and his evil council is up to God, of

    course; but also up to His Church Militant to take action so that

    the Judgments of the Church can be realized, using the weapons

    providently provided.

    Please pray for the repose of her soul.

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    Death Blows to Vatican Council II
    « Reply #13 on: September 10, 2006, 04:44:12 PM »
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       To criticize and to put down those who rightly assert the

    V-2 Council is illegal and must not be obeyed is dishonest.

    Those who foolishly and recklessly follow V-2 while refusing to

    listen to those who tell them it is an evil, anti-Catholic

    council indulge in hypocrisy.  To pretend one is Catholic while

    at the same time obeying a council brought into being by those

    who hated Catholicism is worse than playing the fool, because of

    what is under attack by V-2: the divine religion.

       Although concealing it from Catholics, the enemy-within

    knows very well the Apostolic Tradition, the Scriptural and the

    Canonical basis upon which the assertions of Church Militant are

    firmly founded.  In turn these are the central points of the

    enemy's attack.

       We Apostolic Catholics stand upon the Two Founts of

    Supernatural Revelation, the two founts fought against by the 5th

    Column within so bitterly during the V-2 Council years (see

    Veritas series on Divine Revelation begun in May 1978 and

    continuing during 1979-80).

       We Catholics stand upon the Rock of Peter and the Binding

    Power of the Keys.  We stand upon the INFALLIBLE and IRREFORMABLE

    Laws and judgments of Christ and His Church.

       We stand upon the Apostolic vigilance against the enemy of

    the Cross.  We stand with the Apostles who had much trouble

    from the hardheaded, spiritually-blinded Jews, some of whom kept

    sneaking into the Church by way of pretend-conversions with

    the ulterior motive of tearing down the Church at the beginning

    and also attempting to buy the healing powers from the Apostles.

    The divine Catholic Religion has always been "offensive" or

    "anti-semitic" to the Jews, not because it is but because they

    pretend it is with their rejection of Christ, so as to seek to be

    "liberated" from the obligation of conversion and acceptance

    of the society built upon Christian Order.

       We stand upon the Church's doctrine against the perfidious

    Jews; doctrine that goes back to Christ Himself Who made this

    Divine Judgment against the hardened, unbelieving Jews: "You are

    of your father the devil and the desires of your father you will

    do.  He was a murderer from the beginning and he stood not in the

    truth, because truth is not in him.  When he speaketh a lie, he

    speaketh of his own for he is a liar, and the father thereof.

       "But if I say the truth, you believe Me not." (John 8:


       We Catholics who bring just charges against the V-2 Council

    and the meddling "synagogue of Satan" (Apoc. 2: 9) and who make

    the accurate assertion of illegality against the robber V-2

    Council and who oppose the damnable interference by World Jewry

    into the affairs of the divine Church, do not do so on our own or

    of our own.  No.

       It is the Apostolic Church Herself, through the binding

    Power of the Keys, who prejudges the V-2 Council to be execrable,

    illegal, non-binding, and who prejudged that those who brought it

    about or pledge their loyalty to it have the Wrath of God upon

    themselves.  The Church passes Her sentence with "bell, book and


       A bell tolls ... a book is closed ... a candle is

    extinguished.  The bell tolls for the spiritual death of a soul

    ... the closing of the book signifies the striking of a name

    from the Book of Life ... the extinguishing of the candle

    signifies the spiritual darkness into which a doomed soul is

    thrust.  Bell, book, candle ....

    Please pray for the repose of her soul.

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    Death Blows to Vatican Council II
    « Reply #14 on: September 10, 2006, 04:46:22 PM »
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       God is against the V-2 Council.  It is God Himself, through

    His Church, Who is against the judgment-breaking, execrable V-2

    Council and its vile counter-religion with its biblical harlot

    church.  Common sense tells you God is on the side of His One and

    only Church, the divine Church He Himself founded, the One Holy

    Catholic Apostolic Church standing in vigorous opposition to

    the V-2 harlot masquerading as His Church and deceitfully

    speaking in Her Name.  This V-2 harlot with whom the bishops of

    the earth commit fornication, defiling themselves with false

    ecumenism and diabolically collaborating with the enemy of the

    Cross.  This V-2 harlot who has made the inhabitants of the earth

    drunk with the wine of her whoredom (Apoc. 17: 2).

       Christ Himself deals the death blow to sinful, illegal V-2.

    His Apostolic Church condemns and quashes the V-2 Council

    because it makes Catholics the enemies of Christ and His Church

    ... makes those who promote or support the evil works of the

    illegal council all traitors to their Christian heritage.  We

    would have no religion, no Catholic Church, no Christian

    Civilization were all Catholics to ignore the Laws and

    Judgments of the Church and bow to unlawfully acting bogus popes

    and their illegal and detestable V-2 council.

       No sincere Catholic would want to be associated with the

    traitorous acts of either V-2 or the bogus popes.  It is

    ridiculous to obey that which the Church says IS NOT,

    to honor that which Christ's Church has given the DEATH BLOW.

       (Note: The text of Execrabilis can be found in Anne

    Freemantle's The Papal Encyclicals; New York: The New American

    Library, 1956, pp. 74-76.  Library of Congress Cat. No.


    Please pray for the repose of her soul.


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