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Coronavirus truth video - Dr. Buttar
« on: April 20, 2020, 09:17:50 AM »
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  • A couple reviews of this Doctor and his video --

    One thing is for certain: any time a government or mega-corporation reaches out their hand to pat me on the head, treating me like a little child who needs to be sheltered from those "mean bad guys who want to deceive you with misinformation" I instantly get suspicious and lose any trust I would have had in them. Google, Youtube, the MSM, and anyone else pushing censorship of their opponents is *forcing* us to "trust them". When they use gestapo tactics, including propaganda, to get me to trust them, I'm going to do the exact opposite. The truth doesn't need jackboot thugs or the full power of a large government in order to "prevail". As an adult, I'll be the judge of what rings true and what is likely false. I can research, compare, trust those who are trustworthy, apply the rules of logic and common sense, and eventually get to the truth regarding just about anything.
    As for my opinion of this doctor: he shouldn't be censored on social media. People should be able to discuss any theories that pop into their heads, however "outside the box" or dare I say "crazy" they sound.

    Ok, I finally found the time to review the entire video. First thing, he is not the very distinguished scientist that it appeared to be from the introduction to him by the interviewer. He has a problematic reputation if you do some investigation. His style of presenting his case is not helpful to his credibility as he gets angrier and more emotional as he goes on. However, he is still worth listening to but it is a chore to endure his ranting throughout the video.
    A lot of what he says does have a good amount of validity, but there are also questionable claims. Given how much I have been following this issue I was able to sort out most fact from possible fiction better than the large majority of people would be capable of doing. That is, if one is aware of much of the arguments and data surrounding the entire Wuhan virus issue, he does make useful points and his obvious distress about what is going on is warranted despite not being a good way to communicate important information. He does see that a lot of crazy and dangerous things are going on related to the virus that do not make sense and which are very threatening to our social and economic viability.
    The biggest criticism of him is that he claims 5G is a factor in Wuhan virus illness. When you listen to him he is simply saying that 5G is far more powerful than any previous mobile transmission protocols and therefore such constant transmission of intense microwaves that will travel much farther than current cell phone microwave transmissions could have the devastating affect of weakening the immune systems of people with already weak immune systems and they would therefore be more susceptible to serious Wuhan virus infection. There can be significant credibility to his argument since it is known that there are quite a few people who have shown that they endure unexplainable, serious chronic illness while being close to electromagnetic radiations of various types which include cell phones and cell phone towers. When they move to a location that has no nearby cell phone towers and other electromagnetic emitters they eventually dramatic improvements in their health.
    As you know and Dr. Rashid knows, there is still serious talk of continuing lockdowns for months and even for a year or more until we find a vaccine, while at the same time there is no certainty at all that a safe and effective vaccine is even possible because of the complexity of the virus. So, again, all his yelling and intensity is not as out of order as it might seem.
     Logically, shutdowns can't continue much longer before they cause catastrophic economic and social damage. There has never been anything like this other than the Spanish flu of 1918 and yet this virus (so far) is not even slightly as dangerous as that flu. Very recent anti-viral testing of New York State citizens has shown that the death rate from infection from the virus is only .5%, 4 time more than the common flu (not bad flu seasons) and 30 times less than what everyone had been estimating. So, what the heck is really going on? See the Tucker Carlson segment in this video at 17:59

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