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Author Topic: Catholic Pro-life Prayer Warriors  (Read 158 times)

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Catholic Pro-life Prayer Warriors
« on: April 27, 2018, 09:57:36 PM »
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  • Our Lady of Guadalupe is the symbol of the pro-life movement in America. In 1531 in Mexico, St. Juan Diego was asked by the ever Virgin Mary to take roses to a bishop in his cloak. When his cloak was opened, the miraculous image was on his cloak. It was a hieroglyph to the Aztec people, who converted by the millions. The jasmine flower indicates divinity, and the black sash indicates pregnancy. Standing in front of the sun (god) and on top of the moon (god) indicates supreme victory and superiority. In her pregnancy with God's Son, Jesus, she defeats the Aztec moon god (demon) that humans were sacrificed to. The image also has miraculous properties, including remaining at 98.6 Degrees Fahrenheit. The image continues to be a sign to us.

    Euthanasia, the murdering of the weak, and abortion are great sins which cries to heaven for vengeance. We need the help of the Mother of God to cast out the demons of euthanasia, human sacrifice, and murder and to restore us to loving union with our God.


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