Author Topic: Catholic Truth Silenced as Sodomy condoned  (Read 178 times)

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Catholic Truth Silenced as Sodomy condoned
« on: July 12, 2019, 08:24:50 AM »
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  • Traditional Priest Suppressed: Pro-Gay Priests Protected

    The Church is where she is today because — in the Conciliar Popes — Peter chose to submit the Church’s teaching to the judgment of Modern Man, rather to the judgment of Christ the King!
    An amazing sermon was delivered at The Church of St. Bede the Venerable. Last November, Father Vaughn Treco drew a line in the sand and called out the effects of Vatican II for what they were. The sermon can be heard on The Remnant’s YouTube channel, or read it here. Because Fr. Treco gave this sermon, he was punished by Bishop Stephen Lopes. And now? He can no longer hear confessions, and he can no longer give homilies. If he is acting as a supply priest, the homily must be given by a deacon, and if there is no deacon, he is to use Reading 2 from the daily office as his homily. His faculties from the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis were pulled.
    This is what happens to a priest who criticizes a non-binding council.
    Furthermore, Archbishop Bernard Hebda removed Fr. Treco as chaplain from the University of Minnesota Medical Center. And, so now, why did that happen? Because he dared to celebrate a Novus Ordo Mass ad orientem. When confronted one day by an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion as to why he celebrated Mass like that, he explained to her they were there to worship God, not people. Everyone is to be oriented in one direction during a Mass—towards God. The result? A good, old-fashioned backstabbing.
    Fr. Treco is not trusted by his superiors. He is not trusted to publicly talk, and from the banned confession faculties, we can clearly see that they don’t trust what he’ll say behind closed doors. Fr. Treco threatens the New Order. Meanwhile, the infamous Fr. James Martin is allowed to snidely and glibly push his sodomy agenda. As a result, Martin gets endorsements from cardinals and bishops, he is honored with a Vatican position in the Office of Communications, and he is invited to lectures across the land. Because, after all, only Traditionalist Catholics go to Hell in the post-Vatican II Church.
    Adding insult to injury, only ten minutes away at the infamous St. Joan of Arc parish, Fr. Jim DeBruycker just this month allowed two sodomite men to talk to the congregation about the baptism of their “son.” This, in spite of the fact that according to St. Thomas Aquinas, effeminacy is a vice, and according to Catholic Church teaching, sodomy is a sin. Yet there appears to have been no suppression whatsoever of Fr. DeBruycker.
    Apparently some sort of demon has gutted the insides of the Catholic Church, and now wears it around as a “meat suit.”
    There are many tactical lessons that can be drawn from this episode. Most notably: if you plan to publicly speak out against the idol of our age, the Second Vatican Council, then expect immediate suppression. But also, you can’t trust having simple conversation with a Baby Boomer “she-chaplain” either. Leftist Catholics behave like spurned women, and they have no problem with ruining your entire life if you don’t treat them like a queen.
    I can sympathize with the priest in this story. What happened with Fr. Treco is sort of what’s been happening in Tulsa. And in fairness, this unmeasured response to Fr. Treco might not be coming entirely from Bishop Lopes and Archbishop Hebda. There may be some kind of a presbyteral council conspiring behind closed doors to destroy any new green shoots of Tradition in the community—which is just one more reason to oppose the democratization of the Catholic hierarchy, as it would only lead to a monstrous, unaccountable oligarchy.
    If you are a priest, and you decide to be a public martyr, then do it boldly. Strike and strike true, as Fr. Treco has. Make no bones about what you believe, speak plainly, and DEFINITELY make no apologies. The world is in need of sacrifice now, most assuredly. So if you are a priest who considers spitting in the face of Moloch, just be ready for what’s coming, and know that we laity adore, honor, and cheer for such priests. Good priests are heroes, and the only reason the people did not stand to applaud Fr. Treco at the end of his November 25th homily was because they honored the Mass. Rumors have it that everyone at The Church of St. Bede the Venerable is behind Fr. Treco. And certainly, I can attest, there are those of us abroad who now also know of his heroism.

    The fathers have eaten sour grapes, and the teeth of the children are set on edge.

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    Re: Catholic Truth Silenced as Sodomy condoned
    « Reply #1 on: July 12, 2019, 10:19:18 AM »
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  • Cardinal Burke Weighs in on Gay Pride and Inviolability of the Confessional


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