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A view of what's happening
« on: September 08, 2009, 10:40:35 AM »
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  • Here's one man's appraisal of what's going on today:

    You have a government run amok in the USA where money is printed at will or created from nothingness--pixel money. Money that derives its value from the full faith and credit of the federal government in a time where the corrupt government has neither. Bear in mind that the federal government is no longer "us". It is now fully decoupled from the citizenry who through ignorance and laziness allowed it to be taken over by politicians and their puppet masters; the banks, financial institutions and the priviliged--big business, labor unions and ideologues.

    You have savings being depleted by an anxious, broke and jobless population that was formerly depended upon to be the engine of growth. There is a trend by the middle and lower classes to spend less, and what few products we still manufacture at home are not being sold for a lack of available credit. So layoffs continue and jobs are scarce. The few lucky enough to have jobs will see their wealth spent on just filling the gas tank to get to work.

    In the meantime the United States government is run by political ideologues. They have no idea of how business runs and no understanding that small business in America is at the brink of ruin, thanks to Obamaspending and a congress that only listens to the people who grease their palms. Thanks to their silent coup, they have the dough to keep the puppet strings taught while the rest of the nation is effectively hung out to dry with those very same strings clinched like a noose around their necks. They're squeezing the life out small businesses, using them like a tax ATM. So jobs dry up and the very people who can turn the economy around, small business owners, are effectively hamstringed in their quest to grow, innovate and create jobs.

    Instead we have job creation within the government itself as a leading growth sector in the economy. So, with the increase in government and government jobs, we have an "employer" who's main product is regulation, increased laws and a chainmail fist that squeezes dollars from the state's and her citizen/subjects who don't have the money to fuel the engine of incipient tyranny. That same government will eventually imprison the growing poor simply because they are "guilty" of the crime of destitution, the inability to afford the taxes and tribute needed to employ ever more government workers. The result will be a new class, the slave labor class, imprisoned by an out of control government, slaved to work for the financial/bankster class as their new masters and forced to pay their debts in a company store/prison from which there is no escape, until they finally gain their freedom by death of revolt.

    There are also outside forces at work. You have the Chinese being encouraged to buy gold as China strives to get out of dollars before the buck's value plummets. Eventually the worthless dollar will be rightfully usurped by a new global currency, effectively stealing from those few who have jobs, thanks to a government handed over to the barons of finance.

    This paints a lousy picture of the future. You may feel lucky having a pile of gold and silver, but that can be easily taken from you by a government that owns your a$$. Each little freedom you give up will eventually be used against you. Kiss your guns and gold goodby and those who have stockpiled food against this calamity had better guard and hide it carefully. They will be branded by TPTB as hoarders who are the reason the masses are starving.

    Of course, we'll need more scapegoats for the D.C. pigs to rail against. Many will cheer the tightening of borders, ostensibly to keep "foreigners" out so we can have "jobs for Americans." The real reason becomes clear and those border walls will become your prison walls.

    So, I expect to see a deflation-inflation tug of war due to financial, market and commodity manipulation; and an increasingly confused population wondering if there are any safe havens left. So gold, the traditional safe haven, goes up.

    Those who don't have gold and silver-the vast majority of Americans will be left with worthless dollars, and spare change made from pot metal. That's when the population decides they have nothing left to lose and it's time to tear it all down and begin again. I pray the Constitution survives as a guideline. In the meantime, invest in bulldozers. A lot of new graves will need digging.
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