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  1. Liberal mental illness - blatant virtue signaling
  2. Atrocious Die-Off Documented in Kennedy’s Book
  3. People resisting the jab thread
  4. catechizing Prots
  5. Dragons and dinosaurs
  6. John Daly's Romeward. com site
  7. US State Dept Flag has Star of "David" (Remphan)
  8. Our Holy Flag
  9. Contagion as programming and propaganda
  10. "We should go to version 4.4"
  11. Poorly
  12. not-enough-energy-to-keep-8-billion-people-warm-on-a-cooling-planet
  13. Vaxx segregation
  14. Sistine Chapel Rented out by wealthy elite for $7,200 per person
  15. 2016 WEF Article featuring "Great Reset" Rhetoric
  16. "Carbon- Capture" Pipelines and Farmland confiscation
  17. Austria Makes COVID Vaccine Mandatory, Vows “Penalties” For Those Who Resist
  18. Here it Comes: Plannedemic 2.0!
  19. South African Physician Dr. Shankara Chetty Talks About "The Bigger Plan"
  20. One of the BEST explanations of the Covid situation
  21. Is the jab the Mark of the Beast?
  22. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals issues emergency halt to Biden Vaccine mandate
  23. Trad father of 10 looses job as deputy over jab
  24. Viganò: True freedom is the ability to act within the limits of the Good
  25. Christine Anderson
  26. FSSP has their wings clipped in Rome.
  28. Man Attacked & Removed By Congregation At NO Church In Canada....
  29. Sodomite Supporter Mocks God and Dies After 2nd Clot Shot
  30. Mandatory clot shot for air travel soon.
  31. Catholic teaching on weddings
  32. Was Martin Luther a Rosicrucian?
  33. Ohio Bill Will Ban All Abortions
  34. How has the Church historically viewed the United States?
  35. Having a bit of a crisis of faith
  36. Trump: Israel Owned Congress & Rightfully So
  37. 12,000 Air Force Personnel Refuse Jab Compliance
  38. 26 Fire Depts. in NYC Closed by Mandate
  39. "But you must admit..." --- error and evil seeking approval
  40. FDA Green-lights Pfizer Plan To Kill & Maim Millions of American Children
  41. Nickelodeon & Sodomites Target Children
  42. Fag Choir Sings "We'll Convert Your Children"
  43. A lesson from Vladimir Putin that should be coming from a Catholic Pope
  44. Leo XIII: The First Liberal Pope Who Went Beyond His Authority
  45. “We Don’t Have Time” Using Cancel Culture to Enforce Climate Hysteria
  46. Rob Skiba died?
  47. I will not comply
  48. Enoch Powell on The Dick Cavett Show
  49. Our Lady a "birthing person"?
  50. Utopia 2020 spells out COVID plan before our eyes!