View full version: Fighting Errors in the Modern World
  1. N.O. Priest condemns suicide at funeral
  2. Girl Pours Bleach On Men To Stop Man-Spreading
  3. Albert Einstein - Plagiarist of the Century
  4. Rapist Pedophile Women
  5. It's the End of the World as We Know It
  6. Starving Patients to Death = VSED
  7. Migrant children used for organ harvest
  8. Another Woman Destroys Child & Marriage
  9. Leftists dream about xenophobic fantasy Africa
  10. Environmentalists at war with the earth.
  11. Comments on Fr Robinson's new book The Realistic Guide to Religion and Science
  12. Women Weakening The U.S. Military
  13. Global Dimming will Exterminate Humanity
  14. Any interest out there for a confrence by Kolbe Center for Creation
  15. Phone Scams
  16. Undercover Footage The Jews Don't Want You To See
  17. The Morgenthau Plan (The Jewish plan to rid the world of Germans)
  18. Oy Vey! Organized Jewry Reacts to CNN Survey
  19. Relentless Totalitarianism Towards What End? Depopulation & Global Rule
  20. That's not right! (The sky)
  21. Democrats have gone Mad
  22. Austin allows Planned Parenthood to rent city facility for $1/year
  23. European court rebukes Russia for banning LGBT rallies
  24. Cigar Shaped UFO in Texas.
  25. Vaccine Designed to Modify Behavior (leaked Pentagon video)
  26. Protestant killed by savage tribe on island outside India
  27. Virginia -- Robius Middle School Bans "Jesus" From Christmas Concert
  28. Liberal company upset about Trump and Climate Change
  29. Corporate sponsors of Planned Parenthood
  30. E. Michael Jones interviewed on The Public Space
  31. Muslim Who Raped Teenage Girl Acquitted
  32. School Cancels Christmas This Year
  33. JIDF observes/monitors CathInfo
  34. How Women Weaken Nations (and why men let them)
  35. Black Friday Chaos
  36. Why They Want To Replace White People
  37. Why the Moon Landings were a hoax
  38. Red Pilled on Judaism
  39. Good background on MKUltra: quotes from Dr. Colin Ross
  40. Jew Star on invader caravan headed towards U.S.
  41. Uncle Jay explains the killing of Bin Laden
  42. Fr. Paul Robinson v. Robert Sungenis
  43. Charlie Brown & Peanuts Now Considered Racist
  44. Did Fulton Sheen ever disparage Second Vatican council?
  45. Just how bad it is today - worse then ever before
  46. Senator Joe McCarthy and the Jews
  48. Response to the SSPX’s 2011 Press Release on Geocentrism and .....
  49. Example of raw evil from pro-Aborts
  50. Trump HHS official found dead of "multiple blunt force injuries" ruled suicide