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  1. Father Pfeiffer slaming Flat Earth, our response
  2. Geoengineering is for real.
  3. Catholic intro video to Flat Earth
  4. STDs
  5. Some "Fathers" of Flat Earth
  6. Families withdraw 5 year olds from school teaching trangenderism
  7. Do You Believe the Sea Level is Level?
  8. The Physical Location of Heaven
  9. An ANTI-Flat Earth Protestant
  10. Why 9/11?
  11. Proof earth is NOT a ball from the ISS
  12. Is the Sun 93,000,000 mi away? Nope.
  13. Exorcist author sues Georgetown.....
  14. Anyone else wonder if this Texas, Florida and Mexico are unnatural disasters?
  15. Who Commits Murder in America
  16. Three Nights of Rioting by Antifa, and Black Lives Matter in St.Louis
  17. Flat Earth, is it a necessary belief?
  18. 50 Plus Reasons The Earth Is Not Flat
  19. Randy Engel -- Michael Voris defends and promotes Opus Dei
  20. FE in the Modern World
  21. Earth is NOT a celestial body
  22. Flat Earth threads defame traditional Catholics on these forums
  23. What to you see as the coming "great deception"
  24. Cultural Marxism
  25. For Flat Earthers
  26. I Move CI Be Renamed:
  27. Are There Any People on who do not Believe That the Earth is Flat,
  28. The Fruits of the Flat Earth Position
  29. Google Earth Proves Earth is not a Globe
  30. Trial to decide if DHS ignored new tool to stop bioterrorism
  32. How do Flat Earthers explain an Eclipse
  33. Stanley Kubrick faked the Apollo moon landings
  34. The condemned Scorzelli modernist papal crucifix
  35. Former CIA Kevin Shipp...Satanic Pedophilia Exposed
  36. "Sacrifice to Moloch" in Hillary Email - WikiLeaks
  37. Why is the mass media supporting Antifa
  38. Spread of Christianity
  39. Gender Bender: Feminist Ideology goes off the Deep End
  40. Neil De Grasse Tyson NASA Spokesman a Religious Leader?
  41. Wake up America and be warned. It could happen here
  42. Bishop Williamson conference on Modernism
  43. E. Michael Jones: Pope Francis in context
  44. Multiple news anchors saying same thing...
  45. US Ambassador to Vatican Is CINO.
  46. USA should boycott UN
  47. Can the Leftist's violence, vandalism, and terrorism be stopped?
  48. Let's Talk About White Genocide In S. Africa
  49. Mary died? Where did that story come from?
  50. Muslims Tell Europe: One Day All of this will be Ours
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