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  1. Traditional Catholicism is attacked by Communists in Philly & Vatican
  2. Contagion movie - Full propaganda analysis with commentary
  3. Contagion as programming and propaganda
  4. Dragons and dinosaurs
  5. Pope Francis Condemns Abortion
  6. People resisting the jab thread
  7. NO Mother Miriam gets it
  8. Why would they kill off Sheeple?
  9. Austrlian Leader Riccardo Bosi effectively calling for a revolution
  10. Facebook’s Fake Whistle-blower And How To Spot A Real One
  11. Shortages are by government design
  12. Having a bit of a crisis of faith
  13. Brazilian President Won’t Allow COVID19 Passport
  14. Dr Rake at UCLA sacrifices his career to stand up to Jєω-imposed "vac" mandates
  15. Vigano Warnings Pt.2: Vax Programs Are False Solutions That Have Been Planned
  16. Heating your home without electricity
  17. Vigano Warns of Jesuit, Marxist, Freemasonry Plan for New World Order
  18. The Most Censored Topic on Youtube?
  19. Pennsylvania House Democrat Introduces Forced Sterilization
  20. COVIDLAND: The Lockdown
  21. Prots and Mary
  22. Cells from Hundreds of Aborted Fetuses Could Have Been Used to Develop COVID vax
  23. Human Animal Hybrid?
  24. Canadian Town: No Jab = No Marriage
  25. Alberta Dr. Fired for Saving Lives w/Ivermectin
  26. What think you Nadir? Kinetic War?
  27. AG Merrick Garland Instructs FBI to Mobilize Against Parents Who Oppose CRT
  28. Trillion dollar platinum coin to circumvent debt ceiling debate
  29. Covid-19 and the Art of Brainwashing – Part I
  30. Some of these religious leaders gotta be getting rich
  31. Learning from Unvaxed Haiti
  32. NY Hospitals will not release NICU babies to unvaxxed parents
  33. Food shortages
  34. The noose tightens
  35. The Beginning of Accountability?
  36. Canadian nurse whistleblowers say many people are dying after getting vaccines
  37. Food Shortage (and other shortages) currently being engineered
  38. CÖVÌD ναccιnєs, the Common Good, and Moral Liceity: A Response to Mattei
  39. Ad agency promotes the vaccine….
  40. Follow the money. Watch before it gets deleted
  41. Notre Dame fire: False Flag evidence & suppositions
  42. Commies infiltrates Catholic Church
  43. Catholic owned browsers?
  44. Brazil Pres. Lectures U.N./Biden on COVID19
  45. TX Gov Bans Abort Drugs @ 7 Weeks
  46. Project Veritas exposes COVID vax fraud
  47. Funeral director exposes COVID fraud
  48. How to do the Religious Exemption right: go straight to the primary argument
  49. ‘Fr.’ Zuhlsdorf opines that lying isn’t always wrong
  50. Deceleration of Emrgency Power for Saskatchewan