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  1. Astrology From the Catholic Church’s Perspective
  2. 5 things to know about the anti-family Equality Act that could pass this week
  3. Amazing! The name of GOD in our DNA cells
  4. Toward a New Elite
  5. Breathing condition exception for the muzzle
  6. Sign of the times, sad but true
  7. The Transhumanist Agenda
  8. Awesome Dave Cullen essays - just 30 min MUST WATCH
  9. If Evolution, then why ZERO evidence of mankind evolving?
  11. New film: Pro Life, Pro Black Lives, Pro America
  13. Yellow "Stickers" for Mask Exempt Shoppers!
  14. Fr. Hesse Heresies of Vat II
  15. God Has Male and Female Attributes?
  16. No Common Ground With Abortion
  17. Planned Parenthood Aborted 345,672 Babies in 2019, Received $616 M from Gov't
  18. CRAZY Oregon Promotes Teacher Program to ‘Dismantle Racism in Mathematics’
  19. How to fight against the mask BS
  20. Florida grocery store owner does not require masks
  21. FB taking censorship to next level!
  22. Officer Sicknick murdered by MAGA? (not)
  23. Journalist Andy Ngo Says Antifa Brainwashes Members to Murder and Desire-Martyrs
  24. The USCCB’s Ill-Considered Anti-Racism
  25. Joe Bıdɛn Puts U.S. Back- UN Human Rights Council- Calls Abortions a Human Right
  26. Common pattern of the Elites
  27. Example of lack of common sense
  28. Shrinkflation: Smaller Size - Same Price
  29. Major problem with CÖVÌD hysteria
  30. RUSSIAN ORTHODOX BISHOP: Eternal ναccιnє Is Repentance
  31. The Digital Police State Is Being Institutionalized Throughout the World
  32. Opus Dei Watch
  33. In America Truth Is the Hardest Thing to Find
  34. New App Helps Children Change Sex
  35. That Mask is giving you Lung Cancer
  36. LENT 2021
  37. "The Anti-Mary Exposed" --- too hot to handle?
  38. Giant Human Skeleton Found -- Archaeology World
  39. Idiocy just cranked up a notch
  40. Portuguese parliament approves law to legalise euthanasia
  41. The Siege of Jerusalem (70 AD)
  42. Is Silver the new Gamestop?
  43. Thanks to Roman Catholic 1953
  44. Jim Condit, Jr. Nation in Crisis – 2021: The Subverting of the United States
  45. How to defeat A.I. - Holy Water and St. Benedict medals
  46. Masks - disturbing when people buy permanent ones
  47. Excellent vid from Dollar Vigilante
  48. Vomit warning- Secretary of Health
  49. If CÖVÌD vax instantly sterilized you, when would we know?
  50. United Airlines CEO mandates vaccine for all employees