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  1. Bill Maher is anti-Catholic bigot
  2. US Gov't to make Wind power illegal?
  3. FACT: Volkswagen developed a 309 MPG car
  4. Rothschild was a KGB spy
  5. President Sarkozy Discusses Sheva Mitzvos
  6. HPV vaccination has deadly side effects!
  7. Photograph some french fries, be arrested as Terrorist?
  8. How Can We Expect Matthew 24 to Be Realized?
  9. Robocop-like private employees to issue fines for dog pooping
  10. Airport X-rays cause health problems
  11. 1984 in Britain update
  12. Common logos evidence of Freemasons/Illuminati conspiracy
  13. 18 minute video: 911 Justice
  14. Mark of the Beast here we come
  15. DEA is a drug cartel!
  16. Not-so-cool facts about Israel
  17. Propaganda to destroy the Middle Class
  18. "Seven is exploding"
  19. Facing the Muslim Threat
  20. Illegals being tortured, left to die in wilderness
  21. Tell Congress NO!
  22. Holocaust exploitation
  23. Our identity being attacked by NWO
  24. Latin Mass slights the Jews?
  25. Police accuse peaceful activists of terrorism
  26. Fighting the Corporate Theft of Our Water
  27. Truth about Da Vinci code
  28. Common sense and the Virginia shootings
  29. Stop 2 stealth laws!
  30. IMPORTANT: Please send this to everyone you know
  31. Wiccan symbols now allowed on Veterans' headstones
  32. Truth coming about about VTech shootings
  33. Virginia Tech, Feds told police to stand down
  34. FDA to regulate Rosaries as "medical devices"
  35. Virginia Tech, 9th shooter to use psychiatric drugs
  36. Hollywood Kinda Guy
  37. Gunman was brainwashed
  38. LIVE coverage of Virginia Tech shooting, Alex Jones show
  39. CIA:Virginia Tech was recruiting place
  40. Congressman: If we stay in Iraq, we need the Draft
  41. EU superstate
  42. Video:police tape exposes fascism
  43. Vatican delegate to shun Holocaust remembrance service
  44. The apostasy of the City of Rome...
  45. Catholic Morals Outlawed in England
  46. Training clerks to look for terrorists
  47. FDA to regulate vegetables juices as DRUGS
  49. London is 1984 come to life -- get used to it