View full version: Fighting Errors in the Modern World
  1. Microsoft to patent Big Brother software
  2. Highway traffic being spied on
  3. Biometric database being prepared
  4. Is Bush a Jew? What gives?
  5. No, Bush might not be a Jew, but is controlled by them!
  6. REAL ID update
  7. Must-See video on Vaccines
  8. Censoring the Internet?
  9. Attacking churches, both true and false
  10. Paralyzed woman gets thrown in jail
  11. Old man gets broken bones while counseling against abortion
  12. Beware colleges!
  13. Why do they fear armed veterans?
  14. Ron Paul is right
  15. In search of Thought Criminals
  16. Fr. Charles Coughlin Radio Broadcast WW2 - April 16, 1939
  17. Brain Death is an anti-Catholic, inhuman FRAUD
  18. 'Voice of God' weapon
  19. Taser, Taser Taser...
  20. CIA destroyed tapes of torture sessions
  21. 1984 is HERE -- Big Brother I love you (not!)
  22. The truth about cancer and Aspartame
  23. Texas to do background checks during evacuations
  24. Proof Positive - Congress is owned by Oil Companies
  25. Vaccines required for pre-schoolers
  26. Legalized loan-sharking
  27. Israeli Defence Forces -- in their own words!
  28. Beaming ads directly into your skull
  29. Pay fine for eating McDonald's too slowly
  30. Now the Pentagon wants to build a Death Star
  31. Fine parents for having more than 2
  32. Environmentalism and Fascism
  33. Israel is the culprit
  34. The NIE upsets Israel
  35. NYPD Intelligence division -- We Want to Scare People
  36. Alberta admits NAFTA superhighway
  37. Marines want Death Ray
  38. Catholics to be banned from 2008 Olympics in China?
  39. Geo-engineer the climate?
  40. They plan to starve us to death!
  41. Tasers: the next generation
  42. Monsanto is poisoning us
  43. New World Order now here?
  44. Domestic Spying, Inc.
  45. The Feds STOLE people's silver!
  46. Save the planet...Tavistock to the extreme
  47. Who really rules America?
  48. Common Purpose secret society
  49. Jail for not vaccinating your kids?
  50. Fake acting to mislead people about 9/11