View full version: Fighting Errors in the Modern World
  1. Churchill murdered German civilians in cold blood
  2. The Illustrated Protocols of Zion
  3. Beware the cops, even if you are not criminal
  4. Fr. David Hewko Conference on Judeo-Freemasonry
  5. CMRI is constructing a church in the Philippines
  6. The New Blacklist (If you stand against sodomy, you are blacklisted)
  7. Police acting like Gestapo - no knock raids
  8. What the Jews say about other races - direct quotes
  9. Black Mass at Harvard set for May 12, 2014
  10. ADL Study finds 1 in 4 Adults Anti-Semitic
  11. Police thugs destroy eyes of helpless woman
  12. The Root of Human Trafficking
  13. Charged with Blasphemy
  14. Canonical Suit
  15. New Film: Treblinka Archaeology Hoax
  16. The principal Enemies of THE PRINCIPLE (movie)
  17. Beatniks
  18. Condit Trafficant Radio Campaign
  19. Wall Street Corruption
  20. Man with Down syndrome beaten by police
  21. Dad handcuffed for protesting graphic-sex book
  22. Hospital Bombing
  23. Bill gates admits to chem trails
  24. White Privilege my butt
  25. Feds confiscate mans ranch in Nevada
  26. Quotes from the Jews own mouths
  27. JPII never excommunicated anyone!
  28. The Treblinka Archaeology Hoax
  29. The truth about the Jew Einstein
  30. John Paul II canonization sponsored by banks, oil giant
  31. Traditional Catholic woman takes on Islam
  32. Should same sex marriage be against the law?
  33. Common Core is clearly from Hell
  34. Anyone know the Radecki brothers (priests) ?
  35. Ohio: The Next Battleground against marriage
  36. Electronic Tattoo
  37. The Police State
  38. Help Free Justina Pelletier from State Custody
  39. Where did sexual education in classrooms come from?
  40. Global Warming Hoax
  41. Michael Hoffmans Open Letter to the Editor of Christian News
  42. Catholics in Vietnam
  43. The Jews plan to own the world
  44. Jews behind taking prayer and Bible study out of public schools
  45. So which list is Obama using
  46. A real pastoral priest
  47. Ted Nugent
  48. Revisionist Hero on State of Repression Holocaustianity
  49. NY Woman dies to protect her baby
  50. Guns and Ammo - from state to state