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  1. Porn industry is run by Jews
  2. Canada defends gays -- again
  3. Proof: Bush believes himself "above the law"
  4. Spying on Americans, by Americans
  5. AOL News Networking website bans PrisonPlanet
  6. How true is this?
  7. Who owns the Federal Reserve?
  8. Canadian army to help during unrest in the USA?
  9. Denmark is advance guard for New World Order
  10. Martin Luther King wanted SEPARATE STATE for blacks!
  11. Spy drone coming soon
  12. George Bush is world's leading terrorist!
  13. Canadian university now gets communications spied on by USA
  14. Total Information Awareness
  15. On the same day gold falls $25, they put this propaganda out!
  16. Today is March 19
  17. High Court considers right to bear arms
  18. Israel - Purim - and the Iraq war (soon to be Iran war)
  19. Gun Grab
  20. Farming, raising livestock to be made illegal?
  21. U.S. drops China from human-rights-violators list
  22. Feds spying on your finances
  23. Sage And Obama
  24. Judaics To Be Expelled?
  25. Eliot Spitzer case - working for Israel
  26. Filthy Israel's Treachery
  27. Wall Street Journal admits major spying on population
  28. A Jewish "seminary" was not blown up
  29. Tony Blair to lecture on Faith and Globalization
  30. Commies, Terrorists, Asteroids, Aliens
  31. Soviet republic of California
  32. Israel using Thermobaric weapons
  33. Teflon is Toxic
  34. Feminism in public schools
  35. More propaganda on MSNBC
  36. Subtle, subtle -- BUT STILL PROPAGANDA
  37. Google reveals plan for health database
  38. Why to avoid vaccines
  39. Government concedes Vaccine-Autism link
  40. It's obvious -- US Govt involved in drug trade
  41. Holocaust and lies
  42. How to promote the Most Holy Rosary as a weapon against heresy
  43. Pentagon black ops -- new book released
  44. Canada, US agree to share troops
  45. Top 3 targets for next 9/11
  46. Rumors that Putin's successor will be Jewish
  47. National Union Of Students
  48. What are They planning?
  49. US to pay billions to Holocaust survivors?
  50. High population areas to be sprayed with dangerous pesticide