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  1. Patent code out of hand
  2. answering attacks on The noble Blood
  3. Vulnerabilities exploited by manipulators
  5. Sr Lucia of Fatima was Replaced?
  6. Do we have a criminal government?
  7. How do believers in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion explain this?
  8. I honestly need to see a refutation
  9. Denver Airport...
  10. GMOs and how to avoid them
  11. United Skanks of America
  12. David Landry a.k.a. CM
  13. Video a friend sent me (quite encoouraging)
  14. The Crucifixion of Mel Gibson
  15. Glenn Beck-this book is divinely inspired
  17. America Via Erica
  18. Santa Claus-Pope should resign
  19. A list of well-known people who are freemasons
  20. Giving condoms to 1st graders?
  21. Cant have a pro-life T-shirt?
  22. Mean?Racist? Bumper Sticker
  23. ABL "no longer can see"??
  24. Are U a Terrorist?
  25. Mandatory service for all US adults 18-42
  26. Wikileaks is suspect
  27. Raw food raid in Los Angeles
  28. Corexit will kill you
  29. Obama civilian army signed into law
  30. U.S. War crimes - Massive epidemic of cancer in Iraq
  31. American citizens as guinea pigs
  32. Huge tax hikes coming in January 2011!
  33. Never leave home without a camera
  34. 9-11 video
  35. Assembly line medicine
  36. Millions dying from American seeds
  37. Assassination of Lincoln
  38. State Nullification
  39. BWHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!
  40. Obama borrowing a page from Hitler
  41. Buying the USA with money borrowed from its citizens!
  42. use of kafir women as objects
  43. Schools and the Family
  44. Amarte asi and catholic hell
  45. Anarchists openly brag they will commit Tea Party violence
  46. If you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything
  47. From my email * take it for what it is worth
  48. Why didn't Jesus
  50. should society reward good actions or only God?