View full version: Fighting Errors in the Modern World
  1. Democrats prepare for violent Revolution
  2. Cartoon John Lennon loves Satan
  3. Biotmetric Data Mining At Ball Games
  4. Obama Signs Bill Federalizing Media and Bans Free Speech
  5. The Dark Spectra of Political Correctness
  6. Hate Crime Hoaxes Exposed
  7. "Israel" Settlements Condemned by U.N.
  8. Iraq Archbishop: We Pray that President Trump will help us......
  10. If Hollywood is full of Jews, then why do they...
  11. When The Antichrist Comes
  12. National Geographic Promotion Child "Transsexualism"
  13. "I do Yoga only for the exercise."
  14. Claim to fame?
  15. Russian Orthodoxy resurgent in Russia
  17. Trump Sec. of State pick presents a problem
  18. Annual March for Life becoming more atheist
  19. Kosher thought crime
  20. Russia and the Moral Depravity of the Obama Administration
  21. Leaked: Democrat-Led Coup Has Taken Over Fox News
  22. The Jewish hand behind Internet
  23. Apocalypse 13: 16-18
  25. The Cultural "Enrichment" of Germany
  26. I went to the moon!
  27. Zionism versus Judaism
  28. "Scientism Exposed" a documentary film
  29. NASA and Freemasonry
  30. Jewish Genome Myth BUSTED
  31. Prove me that this is a hoax
  32. ENDGAME: Blueprint For Global Extermination
  33. Hellstorm: Jewish Genocide of the Caucasian Race
  34. Time magazine puts devil horns on President Trump
  35. Migrant Rape Wave Hits Sweden
  36. FDR Provoked The Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor
  37. Happening Now! EU Announces Censorship of US Sites
  38. Pizza Gate Is A Diversion From the Greater Crimes in Podesta Wikileaks
  39. Occult Expert Breaks Down Clinton Satanism
  40. PIZZAGATE:The Mysterious Death Of A Human Trafficking Investigator
  41. Liberal CNN boo-hooing about Birth Control being defunded
  42. Gardasil
  43. French Town ordered to remove the of Statue of Mary
  44. Adobe Creates Voice "PhotoShop"
  45. Rothschild calls for abolition of 2nd Amendment due to Ohio slashing
  46. Paul Craig Roberts: Media uses same dirty tactic as Israel
  47. The Holohoax
  48. Mel
  49. White Pride vs Black Pride in a nutshell
  50. The Ireland of Edward Cahill