View full version: Fighting Errors in the Modern World
  2. Looking back at the Star Wars movies...
  3. Education these days...
  4. Grumpy Old Oyster Persecuted
  5. Brad Pitt, Liberal but Pro-Gun
  6. The Greed of Business
  7. Congressional report explores history of military on U.S. soil
  8. Jews
  9. Did World War II have to happen?
  10. Freemasonry - Marriage wrecking ball
  11. Wizard of Oz...communist?
  12. An appeal for a rally
  13. The Dalai Lama wouldnt hurt a fly
  14. Mike Adams-Your World is a Fake
  15. Hit Made in France?
  16. The Globalist Game Plan
  17. Freemasonic Logos
  18. More than 2,200 hospitals face penalties under ObamaCare rules
  19. Genetics of the Citizens of Turkey
  20. Report: France opens murder probe in Arafat death
  21. Government buys tons of Hollow-point Ammo
  22. Yes, Americans are Getting Poorer
  23. Was America on the right side in the Cold War?
  24. Satanic music...
  25. The GOP is in panic...
  26. League meet in Knock
  27. People wonder what is wrong with education these days...
  28. The Folly of the Conservative Movement...
  29. They want to eliminate 90 percent of the population
  30. Ecuador Tells USAUK to go Jump
  31. Tribute to Dr. Raphael Waters
  32. 100 Best Novels...
  33. Does homosexuality promote a feminized man?
  34. Some Sobering Articles
  35. What do liberals and neoconservatives call their opponents...
  36. George W. Bushs Finest "Conservative" Moments...
  37. Woman named Minster of Dunfermline Abbey
  38. Paying for Past Sins
  39. Freemasonic faces
  41. Feminisms Marxist Roots
  42. Hegalian Dialectics
  43. Answering male feminists!
  44. Messages of Quito
  45. The Great Culling has begun: Will your genetic lineage survive?
  46. Surrounded by Psychopaths
  47. Court Upholds Domestic Drone Use in Arrest of American Citizen
  48. Amazon CEO donates 2.5 Mil for same-sex marriage
  49. Conservatism in Chapter 11
  50. Jon Lovtiz threatened