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  1. God bless Antonio Socci!
  2. Opus Dei: 100 fraud from beginning to end
  3. April 19: Temple Of Baal In New York Is Going Up Same Day The Blood
  4. Stations of the Cross
  5. Hillary admits the unborn are persons!
  6. Subvert the Evil
  7. Bill Gates: Vaccines could lower world population
  8. US leaders capitulate to Zionist lobby group AIPAC
  9. We Control Islam and Well Use It to Destroy the West.
  10. Feminism - A Jewish War on Femininity
  11. Starbucks sez - traditional marriage supporters, get lost!
  12. Deniers of the Resurrection: Kasper, Mller, Ratzinger
  13. PANDEMIC - 5 part web-series for Universty course
  14. Jewish Symbolism v2.0
  15. Disney, Marvel to boycott Georgia if Religious Freedom bill passes
  16. Steve Sailers "Pro-Semitism"
  17. Jewish Symbolism in Company Logos
  18. Weeping For A Corpse Called Europe
  19. Deception in the Modern World
  20. Ted Cruz is a Freemason
  21. Jezus-noKeD-ing is not a Jew
  22. Shemitah
  23. Exploding the MYTH of the ATOMIC BOMB
  24. Why The Jewish Elite Hates Donald Trump
  25. Is the Irish Republican Army a terrorist group?
  26. What You Dont See About The Anti-Christ
  27. Fighting Hate amd Anger in this Modern World
  28. Fr. Jenkins sspv answers question about dinosaurs (video)
  29. Catholics who help migrants should not attempt to proselytize them
  30. Abortion doctor converts to pro-life after daughter killed
  31. Charlie Hebdo still attacks all religions equally (and thats stupid)
  32. Evil Gentiles
  33. Jews Worship Satan
  34. Earth Is A Globe
  35. Professor says Jews Are Behind 911
  36. How the media twists the news
  37. Muslim Woman Parades Decapitated Head of 4 year old Through Moscow
  38. Islam the fastest declining religion in the world?
  39. Motherload on the Illuminati
  40. Is the Pope Pro Life?
  41. Russia might jail public atheist
  42. Do you want to fight errors in the modern world?
  43. Randy Engle on her book "The Marranos"
  44. How?
  45. E Michael Jones lectures
  46. A Lesson on Libel, for OHCA
  47. a fascinating occurence
  49. See, they want to do away with Cash
  50. Jew Professor on white men says white men are a cancer