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  1. The Truth.
  2. Priest Forced to Resign for Anti Semitism
  3. doctor patient murder before Irish Court
  4. 923 Executive orders in 40 months
  5. Quote of the Century
  6. Gaudium et Spes from Teilhard de Chardin
  7. Americans to receive a microchip by March 23, 2013?
  8. Earth is 4.5 Billion Years Old. Young Earth Creationism Provably Wrong?
  9. Hitlers Advisor-Devised Debt Free Banking Monetary System
  10. Israel hit by huge cyber-attack
  11. Financial analyst Joachim Martillo
  12. This is What Israel calls Collateral Damage
  14. Quotes from the Jews where they speak TRUTH
  15. Media pushing miscegenation - race mixing
  16. Media and Ireland
  17. Faggots could see huge tax windfalls
  18. Do our freedom lovers love this quote?
  19. Man tasered for trying to save house from fire
  20. Germanys subjects itself to Jewish thought control
  21. Republicans send more White Men to the Hill
  23. Thoughts about Belfast
  24. Jewish support for abortion
  25. A Quarter Century Ago: The Leuchter Report
  26. Abortuary to open in Belfast
  27. A question regarding terrorism...
  28. "Elites" of "Great" Britain implicated fears of "witchhunt"
  29. Electoral Maps: Results Indicate Deepening Racial Divide Among Voters
  30. Children are born believers in God, academic claims
  31. Rabbi Moshe Parry on Andrew Adler
  32. Twenty years ago
  33. Brother Nathanael "Detained" By State Troopers...
  34. Convernece Fr. Xavier Beauvais, SSPX- on VII
  35. Revelation 9:11 When Apollo Looks around for Mortals to Rape and Kill
  36. Hispanic leaders drooling for demise of white people
  37. West Bank rabbi: Jews can kill Gentiles who threaten Israel
  38. Synagogue Rising
  39. Dr.Mahathir VS Jews .....
  40. Great quote from Madame de Maintenon
  41. Police getting corrupt
  42. White Privilege PSA
  43. USA and Monarchy
  44. Quotes from extremist Jews
  45. Muslims or Mohammedans?
  46. Waterloo Bridge (1940)
  47. Chinese Bishop detained
  48. Jews and Muslims....
  49. Foreign Correspondent (1940)
  50. The Irish Slave Trade