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  1. Shootings at two American military bases in a week....what is going on?
  2. Over 20 Epstein Victims Exposes the Reality of his Worldwide Pedophilic Ring
  3. George Soros, Megalomaniac
  4. Islamophobia for profit
  5. From Catholic Church pulpit, Rep. Omar read Muslim prayer
  6. Horrors Coming to your Kid's Schools
  7. The return of the nephilim
  8. Call In, show your support to help stop this abomination !
  9. What Modern Girls Do to Attract Men might Achieve Opposite Effects
  10. What did the American Indians want... after being catechized ?
  11. True meaning of the word "fascist"
  12. Turn society to Jesus
  13. A Bishop and a priest
  14. E. Michael Jones interviewed on Infowars by Alex Jones
  15. E Michael Jones Discussing Anti-Semitism with Dr. Michael Brown
  16. Southern Poverty Law Center targeting your chapel for violence
  17. The Nagasaki conspiracy
  18. Sabattean Frankism as the root cause of infiltration.
  19. The Real Thanksgiving
  20. Greta: Your Climate Worship is just Rebranded Paganism
  21. Reality & Myth regarding Thanksgiving
  22. had a discussion with a FOCUS missionary...need advice
  23. How America Went Gay
  24. RBG back in hospital
  25. Jew Coup: the impeachment of President Trump
  26. SPLC: Latin Rite Catholics are "Largest Anti-Semitic Hate Group"
  27. The consequences of evolution on Genesis and Catholic theology
  28. Going Soft on Crime is Dangerous
  29. Racism Now Being Taught In The New School Curriculum
  30. Why don't people have children, more children, if evolution is true?
  31. Is Jews' worship idolatrous?
  32. ADULTS: the prurience of those tricky "Jews"
  33. EpsteinGate
  34. The Occupation of the American Mind
  35. The Kingship of Chrisrt, sorry, its now the Kingship of the United Nations
  36. Father uses infant son as human shield during drug trade
  37. Satanism "exactly the philosophy" of Israel
  38. Jury Renders Verdict Against Pro-Life Activists in Planned Parenthood Baby Parts
  39. Teaching Satanism in Knox, Tennessee?
  40. Columbus Day 2019
  41. Jew Judge disarming goyim
  42. A Holocaust of Biblical Proportions
  43. World Wars Germany and Hitler?
  44. Pius XII and WW2 - Pius the liberal and Roncalli the conservative
  45. genocidal Jew (redundant) is dead
  46. found this at WRSA
  47. Italy & gays: a Constitutional High Court victory! At last!
  48. Above Majestic & The Cosmic Secret
  49. Gov't schools to teach children about sodomy and condoms
  50. Episcopalian Priestess leads Natl Abortion Fed.