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  1. Real battle is between Bill Gates vaccine bs. Hydroxychloroquine
  2. Bergoglio the communist pushes NWO agenda
  3. Italy’s Communist Recipe for Disaster
  4. I wonder how many.....
  5. Why are the media opinion makers embracing a pernament police state
  6. Virginia Governor Signs Extreme Abortion Bill on Good Friday
  7. MN Senator leaked Memo CDC telling Doctors to Falsify Death Certificates
  8. It's Time For Resurrection
  9. Viewer asked CNN if Stage 4 TDS is a co-morbidity for Coronavirus!
  10. Death is not the ultimate evil - part of life
  11. Exclusive Investigative Report - Wuhan Coronavirus
  12. Best Alternative News Sites
  13. More truth about the Coronavirus
  14. More People Died Of Suicide Last Week Than COVID-19
  15. Pandemic Normalizing 'Social Euthanasia'
  16. Who is to blame? A letter of warning from Italy to the world
  17. Good News? Citizen Reporters Go & Do what the media won't
  18. Leftists Exploit COVID-19 To Dviide Us; Advance Racial Hatred
  19. More fear porn?
  20. ACH Paul English And Mallificus Sentius - What Is Really Going On?
  22. Investigating the CCP Coronavirus Coverup
  23. Soros-Funded Globalists Using covid-19 to push 'Technocratic Solutions'
  24. COVID timeline so far - for those Libs with short memories
  25. Defiant Pastors Vow to Host Palm Sunday Services During Pandemic
  26. Christians who eat meat on Friday are hypocrites
  27. Bill Gates already announcing Mark of the Beast “Digital Certificate” of “vaccin
  28. My Take On Covid-19 "Conspiracy Theories by Paul Craig Roberts
  29. NWO and the bogeyman virus
  30. Here's the next Covid19 catastrophic symptom
  31. Mayor DeBlasio of NYC threatens to stop church services or be shut down forever
  32. Coronavirus Debate and the Oligarch vs. Oligarch Struggle
  33. Using Panic to Sneak in the Green New Deal
  34. CBS Caught Using Footage from an Italian Hospital if it is in New York City
  35. Ron Paul: Does the Church Belong to Caesar?
  36. Who was Bill Gates, Covid19 masterplan
  37. HURRAH ! It's CANCELLED !!!
  38. Rabbi: Corona virus is only for the goyim
  40. Discrimination against old and infirm, due to ChiCom virus
  41. Re: HeroicCitizens fact check the lying MSM about Corona
  42. We Are Living Through a Mass Panic-It is not Justified by the Facts
  43. New Black Death? Hardly...
  44. Fiddling the Figures- The Magic Trick
  45. Is COVID 19 for real?
  46. Scorched Earth-Socialists Going All Out For Broke
  47. Well the Holocaust has been proven fake - read on
  48. Police State alert!
  49. 10 day blackout?
  50. Turn the Economy back on