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  1. John Dewey’s Theories and How to Avoid Them in Your Homeschool
  2. Calif bill lets people kill family members through assisted suicide
  3. Ken Hovind
  4. Debate on Geocentrism (Sungenis vs. Palm)
  5. This is what your Typical "Refugee" Looks Like
  6. Someone ready to fight for Germany...America take note.
  7. Temperatures have been FALLING for 10,000 years
  8. Such Irony
  9. Hate Group Score Card: 7/22-29, 2018
  10. St Titus Brandsma
  11. Warning: BPA in store receipts is an dangerous endocrine disrupter
  12. Lift The Veil/ Isaac Kappy
  13. 2012 revisited - what has changed - Gov. Dick Lamm's speech
  14. New Order of Barbarians
  15. A Different Story Really Happened in Oklahoma City in 1995
  16. Courage, Jews, Pacific Islanders, Japanese, Chinese Loyalties in Hawai'i
  17. Israel: The Ultimate Racist Colony
  18. Pederast Dr. John Money; how he originated "gender fluidity"
  19. Does Romans 13 still apply in the case of a usurper?
  20. David Daleiden Financial Appeal from Thomas More Society
  21. Stones fall from the Wall of Fort Antonia (aka Wailing Wall)
  22. The Shoah and Vatican II -- the Connection
  23. Atheists Bully Cafe to Stop Church Discount
  24. 100th Anniversary of Russian Royal Family's Murder
  25. German "propaganda", 1932
  26. Netflex host gives salute to abortion
  27. Unplug Sunday
  28. The American Matrix. Will We Ever Break Free? byr Paul Craig Roberts
  29. Israel Official Talks Master Race
  30. wise words ... WISE WORDS !!!
  31. The Destructive Media by Dr. William Luther Pierce
  32. Lies and The History Channel by Dr. Willian Luther Pierce
  33. Crocodile kills Ethiopian pastor during lake baptism
  34. Poland's No Shopping on Sunday's
  35. How Women Abuse Domestic Violence Laws to Abuse & Enslave Men
  36. Superman, VW & Lazar Kaganovich by Dr. William Luther Pierce
  37. Why do feds have a billing code for beheading, decapitation (by guillotine)
  38. NSA's Hidden Spy Hubs In 8 US Cities
  39. MOVED: Dr. Robert Sungenis Debuts New Book: Flat Earth, Flat Wrong
  40. 48 conservative groups demand media, tech companies disavow SPLC
  41. How Jews Rule
  42. On Toxic White Masculinity
  43. National Geographic Pushes Pseudoscience
  44. 1959 document shows moon landings impossible
  45. Some women, all they do is complain
  46. Solzhenitsyn's Damning History of the Jews in Russia - a Review
  47. Dr. William Pierce: the white middle class
  48. Sodomy brainwashing with USA Tax Dollars
  49. Men, the system is against you
  50. The Naturalist's Folly Is Their Own Ace In the Hole