Author Topic: Video of The Traditional Latin Mass Offered in Notre Dame, Paris, in July 2017!  (Read 176 times)

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Another beautiful fruit of Summorum Pontificum, gained for us through the Mercy of God and the efforts of Bishop Fellay, and the goodness of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI. Take a look at the comments below the video also, the tide is turning and this is the generation where with liberal bishops dying off the TLM will be restored in mainstream parishes and all Catholic churches. The right approach now can clearly be seen to be that of working for the Church in canonically regular orders to promote the TLM everywhere. The Traditional Mass brings the greatest graces to the world, and leads to the return of Faith in secularized and laicized societies.

Summorum Pontificum was released in July, Month of the Precious Blood, in 2007, and went into effect on Sept. 14th, the Feast of the Holy Cross. In just over 10 years, it has borne good fruits in so many different countries in the world, with the best surely still to come. There are now well over 5000 Priests who benefit from it, Rorate estimates, and therefore some 5-10 million Faithful at least who benefit from it also. Below, Michael Matt reminds us that the largest powerful Traditional Catholic revival movement is in France. He also notes the sign that the Cross and High Altar survived the fire and God's call to all in the Church to return to Tradition.
Do make Acts of Consecration to the Twin Hearts, Spiritual Offerings of the Precious Blood of Jesus in Union with the Holy Mass, like in St. Gertrude's Chaplet, along with Spiritual Communions at least every hour. The Saints say Spiritual Communions are a way to quickly advance to Union with God.

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Ask every single one of the clerics in this video if they accept Vatican II and the bastard sacraments. There’s a reason Archbishop Lefebvre stated that an agreement would be impossible, EVEN IF Rome granted unrestricted access to the 1962 books. 

Notre Dame was being profaned on a daily basis. If I, as a priest, believed that the New Mass was valid, then there’s no way I could really even set foot in Notre Dame, what with the likelihood of particles being dusted all over the sanctuary, except to rescue these hosts and bring them to a Catholic Church.
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