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Author Topic: Time - Man of the Year - Pope Francis  (Read 505 times)

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Time - Man of the Year - Pope Francis
« on: December 14, 2013, 02:44:50 PM »
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  • Time’s Man of the Year


        Pope Francis respects and admires all religions.  He is a religious libertarian.  Yes, there is a special place in his heart for Judaism, but that faux religion does not reign exclusively there.  He finds room for many other religions, as well.  He says nice things about Islam and is not above hugging and kissing an Iman, when one happens to venture within arm’s reach.  Hinduism receives favorable attention too.  That religion’s millions of gods do not invite the slightest reprobation from Bergoglio.  We know, also, that he treats schismatics and Protestants as equals.  Nor does he shun animists or other primitive cult worshippers.  One of these would, arguably, have an easier time securing an audience with Francis than would, say, your average traditional Catholic.  I don’t think Francis likes traditional Catholics.

        But say what you will, the Jews, or those people whom Bergoglio recognizes to be true Jews,  are especially dear to him.  In fact, the pope has a photo of his favorite Argentine rabbi right there on his desk. In his sappy book entitled On Heaven and Earth, Jorge Mario makes the following official declaration:

        “The church officially recognizes that the People of Israel (sic) continue to be the Chosen People.  Nowhere does it say: “you lost the game, now it is our  turn.”

        Apparently, we Catholics never had a turn, nor will we ever get one.  Bergoglio would never concede that the chosen race was ever superseded, as the Church has taught from well nigh onto 2000 years.   What’s that to him?  The Jews are for Francis what they apparently are for Bp. Bernard Fellay, “our elder brothers” in the faith, and so shall they always be.

        The Jews have recognized Pope Bergoglio for his kind,  though excessive, even slavish attention to them over the years.  One of the Jewish primary print media organs, Time Magazine, (part of the Time/Warner media conglomerate), has just made him Man of the Year.  Many traditional Catholics like me would not so honor him.  We look upon him, rather, as ‘Jew-Owned Chump Of The Year.’  But that designation is unkind, and, some would say, uncalled for, not to mention anti-Semitic.

        Islam may be a runner up in Bergoglio’s affections, but a distant second in any event. Nevertheless, he doesn’t mind popping into a mosque to pray whenever the Iman calls, or the opportunity seems to present itself.  Bergoglio has been very cooperative with Islam.  There would be a problem with this, if Bergoglio cared a hoot for what St. Thomas Aquinas thought and how the Church has behaved historically towards Islam.  The greatest of the Church’s doctors taught:

        “If anyone were to worship at the tomb of Muhammed, he would be deemed an apostate.”

        St.Thomas might draw some distinction between worshipping shoeless in a Mosque and worshipping shoeless at the very tomb of Islam’s founder, but I doubt it.

        Pope Francis is undaunted.  Nothing holds him back.  He triumphantly sounds forth religious libertarian views to the four corners earth:

        “Promote religious freedom for everyone, everyone,” he cries! “Every man and every woman must be free in his or her profession of religion, whatever it may be.”

        But remember, Benedict XVI extended the same invitation to all men.  So, basically, did JPII.  In a January 18, 2008 discourse Pope Ratzinger said:

        “Moreover, I firmly hope that authentic religious freedom may be effective everywhere and that the right of each individual to practice his or her religion freely, or to change it, may not be hindered.  This is a primordial right of every human being…”

        These popes, acting certainly in the spirit of Vatican II, and applying the legacy of Dignitatis Humanae, release all men and women from bondage to any single religion.  For all they care, one is free to worship and adore almost any imagined diety or created thing that one wants.

        Superior General of the SSPX, Bernard Fellay, might not attach that much significance to Francis’ open display of religious tolerance, especially as the latter may have been formed by such revolutionary concepts coming out of Vatican 2.  He told Catholic News Servive in 2012:

        “Religious liberty is used in so many ways, and looking closer I really have the impression that not many know what really the council says about it. The council is presenting a religious liberty which in fact was a very, very limited one, very limited… "

        Well, maybe.  However, Fellay was only four years old when the Council began.  Could it be, then, that His Eminence may not really have it straight some forty plus years after the fact?   The Archbishop, I recall, referred to the ‘religious liberty’ issue as one of the major scourges coming out of the Council; and he was there at the Council.  But in any case, wherever Ratzinger and Bergoglio caught the religious liberty ‘bug,’ they got it good, and have never recovered.

         But Francis carries religious liberty a step further, even, than his predecessors.  He claims that atheists are free not to believe.  The atheist must enjoy total liberty not to worship anything, if he so chooses.  Writes Francis in On Heaven and Earth :

        “I do not approach the relationship (with the atheist) in order to proselytize or convert the atheist; I respect him. “

        So, though an atheist may die in his sins and be plunged into hellfire forever and forever, he may, nevertheless, find some small comfort in the fact that Francis still respects him, even though he burns and roasts for eternity.

        In the religious universe which Francis occupies sin is not really a problem either:

        “I often say,” he writes, “that the only glory we have, as St. Paul says, is that of being sinners.”

        St. Paul said no such thing, but for Catholics, including, I’m afraid, many traditional Catholics who don’t read their Bibles anyway, Francis may seem to accurately reflect the words of one of Paul’s epistles.  In any case, the pope continues:

         “… That’s why, for me sin is not a stain I need to clean.”

        Some folks with ruffled sensibilities have criticized Bp. Richard Williamson for calling Francis a “goofball.”  “One shouldn’t call the Holy Father a goofball,” they sniff indignantly.  No, that’s probably right.  We should rather refer to this pontiff as a ‘total apostate,’ a Catholic who has left the Faith,’ or, at the very least, as Bp. Fellay called him in October, 2013, a “genuine modernist.”

        But, you remember, the SSPX superior general, with perhaps a view towards eventual regularization with Rome, and not wanting to spoil his chances, quickly repented of his harsh earlier characterization of the man.  Correcting himself a month later, Fellay said that  Francis “is not an absolute, theoretical modernist. “  Nevertheless, many would agree that Francis portrays a reasonable facsimile of an absolute modernist.

        Not only does Francis love Jews, Muslims, Hindus, atheists and worshippers of The Great Thumb, he loves communists too.  Communists warm the cockles of his heart.  He recalls with unrestrained pleasure his experience with a communist professor :

        “I remember that in high school there was a Communist professor.  We had a wonderful relationship with him.  He questioned us about everything, and it was good for us; but he never lied to us.”

        Communists don’t lie; they just commit mass genocide and plunge entire countries into fiscal and economic ruin.  But Francis will never tell.

        In another place Francis gets carried away with Communism once again:

        “I read Our Word and Proposals,” writes Francis, “a publication by the Communist Party, and I loved every article ever written by Leonidas Barletta, one of their best known members. “

        We all, undoubtedly, have heard something at this point about the pope’s deep affection for homosexuals, as well.  He does not stop at false religions, atheists and communists.  He opens his arms still wider and embraces  perverts.  Just one big group hug for the lot of them.  He apparently does not find sodomy off-putting in the least.

        “Who am I to judge them,”  he exclaims.

        This is the pontiff who is Time’s Man of the Year.  This is the man whom we’ve all seen sporting a goofy clown hat, a goofy clown nose, and performing an incomprehensible act with a beach ball at the World Youth Day celebration in Brazil.  We can well imagine, in the interests of appealing later to some of the world’s more primitive religions, he may eventually consent to go about with face paint, strange wooden earings, and his nose thrust through with a bone.

        Francis may be Man of the Year in minds of Time’s Jewish editors, but for many Catholics he is a visible precursor of the coming Anti-Christ, whom, obviously, the Tribe awaits longingly.   Then, they most surely anticipate, whatever fragments remain of vanquished and hated Christendom can be finally swept away.


        Links to two major sources for this article:

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    Time - Man of the Year - Pope Francis
    « Reply #1 on: December 14, 2013, 04:06:38 PM »
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  • Quote from: Matthew
    However, Fellay was only four years old when the Council began.  Could it be, then, that His Eminence may not really have it straight some forty plus years after the fact?


    Was Fellay made a cardinal when I wasn't looking?

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    Time - Man of the Year - Pope Francis
    « Reply #2 on: December 14, 2013, 05:26:16 PM »
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  • I was watching a news broadcast (I don't remember which show or even whether it was local or national) in which the reporter interviewed some guy I never heard of who is supposed to be "influential" in some sort of religious issue.  (Sorry for being sketchy, but I really wasn't paying too much attention to the tv until he started talking.)

    In any event, when asked about the new Time's Man of the Year he said that 90% of Catholics in America disagree with the Vatican in regards to birth control and gays and it appears that they finally have a pope who agrees with them.  (That's what caught my ear.)

    The reporter did not challenge him.  Frankly, he is probably accurate.


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