Author Topic: “Predator Priests”: Beware the knights in shining armor  (Read 344 times)

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“Predator Priests”: Beware the knights in shining armor
« on: August 16, 2018, 02:17:47 PM »
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    From Louie:

    By now, most readers have begun digesting the Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report that provides details concerning “301 predator priests” who abused minors over the course of many years, as well as outing the bishops and others that covered for them.

    The horror of it all goes without say. Every decent human being finds the activities of these men utterly disgusting. That’s a given. Likewise, does every decent human being’s heart break for the victims of this abuse, and the terrible impact it has had on their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

    For so-called “traditionalists” (aka Catholics), who know what the Church is and what her churchmen are called to be, the disgust runs all the deeper and provides a perspective that others (e.g., neo-conservatives, progressives, non-Catholics, etc.) likely do not have and, at times, may even find offensive.

    On that note, having watched the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s press conference that introduced the Grand Jury Report to the media on Tuesday, here I will offer some initial observations, unpopular though they may be.

    As I’ve written in this space before, the root problem before us concerns not just “predator priests,” but the abandonment of tradition at Vatican II when the “windows of the Church” were opened to the world – or more accurately stated, that disastrous event whereby our churchmen, including the popes that presided over and implemented the Council, chose to get in bed with the world rather than attempting to convert it to Christ.

    And now what have we to show for it?

    The Catholic Church – or at least what the wider world believes to be the Catholic Church (more on that momentarily) – finds itself standing trial before the State.

    The Prosecutor in this case? A Democrat Party rising star, Josh Shapiro – a staunch defender of a woman’s “right” to slaughter her offspring in utero and a vocal advocate of homo-deviant “marriage;” in other words, an enemy of Jesus Christ and His Holy Catholic Church.

    Do the collared creeps that molested so many victims and their protectors – men who are also to be numbered among the enemies of Christ – deserve to be pilloried by such a one? Hell yes, and so much worse. This is what they and the organization they represent get for dethroning, as it were, Christ the King.

    The Holy Catholic Church, which is not to be confused with what Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre called the conciliar church and the counterfeit church, by contrast, deserves no such thing.

    (Readers will do well to read Bishop Tissier de Mallerais’ article on this topic.)

    In his press conference of August 14, Attorney General Shapiro repeatedly made reference to the diabolical behavior of the molesters and the “Church leaders” who covered for them. On numerous occasions, he said that these men “chose their institution over the safety of the children.”

    Even though it is more the case that they prioritized their own careers, this statement is true enough; provided, however, that one understands that “their institution” is not the Catholic Church.

    While it is far too much for us to expect Shapiro (a Jew) to acknowledge a distinction that most Catholics are either too weak or too stupid to make for themselves, it bears noting the degree to which his comments lead one to believe otherwise.

    For instance, he spoke of “the lengths to which the Catholic Church would go to cover [the abuse] up.” He claimed that “the Church showed complete disdain for the victims,” and he assured them that “unlike the Catholic Church and some in law enforcement, we hear you.”

    Not all that the Attorney General did that day was done in innocence, however.

    In the early stages of his forty-plus minute presentation, Shapiro urged his audience to read the actual Grand Jury Report, which runs over 1,300 pages.

    On Page 4, we are told, “Most of the victims were boys; but there were girls too.”

    While I’ve not taken the time to scour the entire text, one can be fairly confident that the relative number of male victims in this case is very close to the figure published in the 2004 John Jay Report that was commissioned by the USCCB – 81%; i.e., over four times as many male victims as female.

    [NOTE: Given that the John Jay researchers were clearly at pains to deny the role played by homo-deviance, this figure may very well be unreliable on the low side.]

    Throughout the press conference, Shapiro chose not only to speak often of cases involving the abuse of “boys and girls” or of “children” generically; he also made it a point to intersperse references to cases of abuse involving female victims.

    By my count, for every two cases involving male victims, he cited another involving females; as if to give the impression that just two-thirds of the victims (or roughly 16% over half) were abused at the hands of homo-deviants. And of all the cases of abuse that were specifically mentioned by Shapiro, the one that received the most airtime concerned the case of a priest who molested five girls from the same family.

    Was Shapiro’s presentation skewed in this manner with the deliberate intent of downplaying the undeniable role of homo-deviance in this scandal, or was it done just to make for “good theater” in an attempt to keep the audience engaged?

    You tell me.

    Speaking of theater: Shapiro pointed out that “several dozen survivors are here with us today,” some of whom were seated on the dais behind him. Now, take a good look at the screenshot at the top of this post.

    What do we see? Fourteen female “survivors” of abuse at the hands of predator priests, and just three males.

    As the antics of Jorge Bergoglio and his PR team have amply demonstrated over the last five years, the power of imagery is not lost on the enemies of Christ and His Church.

    In conclusion:

    Those who do not appreciate the root cause of the Pennsylvania “predator priest” and related scandals – namely, the uncrowning of Christ and the abandonment of tradition, as well as the Church’s authentic identity and mission, at Vatican II – are destined to be flummoxed and may even lose their faith, such as it may be.

    So-called “traditionalists” (aka Catholics) on the other hand, although pleased to see the perpetrators of abuse called to account by the civil authorities, will be keenly aware of the dynamics at play as the godless representatives of the Christ-the-Kingless State go about playing the role of knights in shining armor.   

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    Re: “Predator Priests”: Beware the knights in shining armor
    « Reply #1 on: August 16, 2018, 03:29:43 PM »
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  • We as traditional catholics are not exempt.....Frs Urutigoity, Ensey, Tetherow, VanDerputten. Had a relative send a boy on a trip with Ensey, they would not believe it ' not this holy traditional priest' was the response. The world should not be able to find fault with ' the Church' they should be able to hate us for our faith and the truth
    قامت مريم، ترتيل وفاء جحا و سلام جحا

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    Re: “Predator Priests”: Beware the knights in shining armor
    « Reply #2 on: August 16, 2018, 05:08:43 PM »
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  • Louie's column is so true. The PA AG Josh Shapiro is a true foe of Christ , and now Shapiro's hatred is vindicated. The Consiliar Church gave him all the ammo he needs. The world sees the (NO) Church as criminal and morally inferior to it's enemies.(But aren't we all branded?)
    This report just spring boarded Josh's political career -(his presentation was actually very well done.)
    Now he is a  player in the big leagues.


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