Author Topic: Sacreligious Burglary in Bolivia  (Read 311 times)

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Sacreligious Burglary in Bolivia
« on: July 29, 2013, 07:49:16 AM »
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    It figures that a staffperson of an organization that ignores and blasphemes Our Lord Jesus Christ would eventually attack Our Lady's honor.

    These criminals have been granted access to the legitimate Church's buildings and treasures for far too long. Since they insist on a new theology and a new ecclesiology, why don't they go build and furnish their own meeting halls?

    No, rather, it is again made clear that their goal is not to OPERATE AS the Church, but rather to desecrate, demolish and obliterate Her.

    My Jesus, mercy!
    This evil of heresy spreads itself. The doctrines of godliness are overturned; the rules of the Church are in confusion; the ambition of the unprincipled seizes upon places of authority; and the chief seat [the Papacy] is now openly proposed as a rewar


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