Author Topic: Romantheology is Spiritually deluded  (Read 377 times)

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Romantheology is Spiritually deluded
« on: November 06, 2011, 01:10:29 AM »
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  • To sign up to a forum for the sole purpose of eliciting controversy and bashing every point of view except your own is not a sign of being indwelt by the holy spirit:

    It is a sign of vainglorious pride and prelest. To imagine you can serve God in some meaningful way through your actions is ludicrous and absurd. You would do better to do as others have done: Take a break, redevelop your prayer life which you KNOW is slacking for the amount of time you spend on here, and then repent of your pride.

    Before you can help ANYBODY else or try and "correct their error" you must be begging God for forgiveness fo your OWN sin and repenting from attachment to useless things on a daily basis.

    You must CEASE this activity which is merely the equivalent of emotional m@sturb@tion and move on to some spiritual high ground. You are playing right into the devils hand:

    Take it from those who have suffered from this sickness before. It is a sickness and a sign of deep spiritual insecurity.
    'Take care not to resemble the multitude whose knowledge of God's will only condemns them to more severe punishment.'

    -St. John of Avila


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