Author Topic: Prophetic words of Fr. Malachi Martin  (Read 361 times)

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Prophetic words of Fr. Malachi Martin
« on: November 15, 2013, 05:25:03 PM »
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  • Fr. Martin wrote a genre of literature which he called faction.  He is telling the truth, but using some fake names, adding details where specifics are lacking, constructing a few fictional situations, but truthfully detailing others.  On pg. 131 in Windswept House, published in 1996, Fr. Martin gives a fictional account of powerful men conspiring against the papacy of John Paul II:

         "A voluntary papal resignation, at this crux of divisiveness and disunity among the ordinary RC laity and between churchmen themselves, would be a powerful signal; nothin less than an admission of defeat for important elements who stand against us. It would be a declaration to the remaining defenders of the old order of things that the past is irretrievable. Indeed, the climate is such that there is already a certain sympathy among the old order for our Chosen Alternative. An openly expressed sympathy, we might add, in strategic quarters within the target ranks.
         "When we speak of inducing the holder to resign, inducement must be understood in its subtlest form. We speak of effecting all the means at your disposal in the world. For the most powerful inducement will be the pressure of irreversible events and the emergence of irresistible power lines. Events and power lines must be devised to constrict the actions of the holder. The only one course left to him will be resignation of the papal office."


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