Author Topic: Pope Emerituss new book: For an Ecology of Man  (Read 460 times)

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Pope Emerituss new book: For an Ecology of Man
« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2013, 04:00:25 PM »
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  • Quote from: Geremia
    New Book Details Benedict XVI’s Love for Nature, Ecology
    For an Ecology of Man is newly published in Italian by the Vatican Publishing House.

    When's his For an Ecology of God coming out?  ???


    I eat clams and oysters because it is more vegan friendly. I feel more in touch with nature by doing this  :rolleyes:.

    Ahahah, the majority of my diet 97% is fruits and vegetables and the remainder is clams/oysters. Clams and oysters do not have a central nervous system, so that no matter how many times you stab the little guys they will not excrete weird hormones into your food. They are also extremely nutritious especially for someone that eats 0 dairy and eggs.

    By the way I am not veganish because I think that animal suffering is wrong. God gave them to us and to be good stewards, the problem is that most of the meat you consume now is factory farmed garbage that is poisonous. Also majority vegetable/fruit diet is the healthiest diet so long as you eat some good source of animal protein to help cover for certain deficiencies. Oysters/clams will cover you pretty much for everything in extremely small amounts so that is the ideal for me. Also in the near future I am looking into growing extracting my own oysters to make sure they are healthy and not filled with junk. Since their man food source is plankton they are pretty easy to deal with in that respect. Problems with them is that they are pretty much the filtering guys in the sea, so that all the garbage that goes in the sea they absorb. In a similar way you can argue that about plants, not that filtering = absorbing that into your food. It just means that if you are filtering extremely high amounts of bad stuff it will definitely make it to a much greater smaller degree into your food. So if possible, find out how to put in your backyard some bivalves to cover for your needs as this it the only way you will know for certain that what you are eating is not radiated, poisoned in some way etc... Since I don't need that much it is something that can be done at a small scale to cover for the entire needs of a medium sized family. I was raised vegetarian by my mother, she is a new ager hippy type of individual. So if you happen to know any vegans, make sure to let them know to supplement with all sorts of different bivalves. They will feel so much better once they do so, and they don't have to feel all scrupulous about making cute rabbits and Bambi suffer.  :laugh1:

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