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More whining from the Voris crowd
« on: June 14, 2015, 09:16:35 PM »
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  • This is such a joke...

    Long May You Run
    by Church Militant  •   June 14, 2015   21 COMMENTS
    By Richard Czajka

    In early 2014 Michael Voris declared that would never engage in public criticism of the pope. This statement was met with much chagrin by many in the chattering classes who post on traditional Catholic internet forums. For some reason, this segment of his viewership felt he owed them this victory. After all, they watched episodes of The Vortex and even commented on them within the forums. In retrospect, it was not much different from fans of a TV sitcom pining for a desired conclusion to a much-loved series. Had Mr. Voris passed their litmus test, and had he submitted to their bullying, there surely would have been an ending — an ending to all the good he can do in communicating unvarnished Catholic truth.  

    In interacting with these people, I detected three main areas in which Michael Voris would need to prove his traditional bona fides: (1) the "proper consecration" of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary,  (2) the acknowledgement of the Novus Ordo Mass as not being Catholic, and (3) that he must criticize the Pope as harshly as he was criticizing bishops. Until he offered these pinches of incense to their personal idols, he would remain interesting, yet suspect.

    While I do understand it to be a virtue to proceed with caution when a newcomer appears talking about the Faith, I found these hurdles they set up for him completely unreasonable. This crowd has a tendency to appreciate those who cut to the chase, floor the accelerator, and get right to the point. Unfortunately, where they seem to want to drive him, and anyone who would listen to them, is a barren wasteland outside of the Church.  

    There are many traditional Catholics who know the Faith very well, avoid intrusions from the dominant culture, and live heroic lives of virtue. They have large families, they homeschool, and they provide excellent catechesis to their children. In short, they are my people, and they are my friends.

    A Church, however, that is in full crisis mode within a culture that seems intent on becoming unhinged can make even good people unusually vulnerable to temptations of presumption, despair, anger and pride. Perhaps the radical traditionalists despair that there are no practical solutions available to them. Perhaps they can't find the words to articulate this despair within the meltdown of everything around them. Perhaps, by way of herd mentality, they have merely identified three areas of easily expressed agreement. Unfortunately, this "bumper sticker" mentality and these contrived "traditional bona fides" may lead to disruptions in logic, unwarranted fear, isolation from other Catholics, and susceptibility to pious deceptions.

    When pathos begins to impinge on logos, pious deceptions offer immediate and quick fixes. This produces feelings of isolation that can lead to a schismatic mindset. Whether one is in schism, or is merely sympathetic to it, calling the Pope a heretic who is in charge of a counterfeit Church is not much different from the mindset that sent a Catholic king to the guillotine during the French Revolution. After all, a pious revolutionary is still, at heart, a revolutionary.

    What has caused this revolutionary spirit to catch on with Traditional Catholics? And how did we get to a point where such an oxymoronic environment could come into existence that opposes the virtue of obedience? And how did it come about that so many in the traditionalist camp would take the contrary sin of disobedience as their mantle, dress it up, and refer to it as a new virtue?

    The biggest elephant in the room, the one those in traditionalist circles hesitate to criticize, is the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX). While it is certainly true that John Paul II excommunicated Abp. Lefebvre and his four newly consecrated bishops, many fail to appreciate that it was the archbishop who first broke union with Rome. The reaction of the Pope is rebuked while the act of "principled disobedience" on the part of the archbishop is applauded. This difference in perspective is the key to understanding the radical traditionalist response to Michael Voris and his refusal to engage in public criticism of the Pope.

    The SSPX is described routinely by radical traditionalists as "canonically irregular," a term they created out of thin air and repeat over and over as if it is a legitimate standing in the Church. It is not. The words used by the Church to describe the SSPX is that they have "no canonical status" and "exercise no legitimate ministry," not that they are "canonically irregular." The popes, out of charity, have not formally declared the Society to be in a state of schism, but that does not mean they are not in material schism. A murderer who has not been found guilty by a jury is not any less a murderer. But that is beside the point. It appears to me that, for all intents and purposes, one of the primary charisms of the SSPX is to criticize Rome.  

    Before Michael Voris began his apostolate, there were other media organizations that covered the Church from the traditionalist perspective, most notably The Remnant and Catholic Family News. They were well entrenched as defenders of the SSPX. In fact, you could almost call these publications house organs of the Society. They made it possible for their readers to consistently criticize the Pope and the "false Council" of Vatican II. This provided their readers, and those otherwise influenced by them, the hoop for Michael to jump through in order to prove his traditionalist pedigree.  

    This was completely unfair. It led to harsh criticism of Michael and even vicious personal attacks. While I will concede that it is possible to criticize a pope within certain parameters and with loving respect as an academic exercise among learned Catholics, it can be quite dangerous for "little ones" to engage in such mighty debate. Michael wisely stood his ground even if it was not the easy or expedient option. Had Michael crossed that line, and knocked around this low-hanging fruit by appealing to the itching ears of the hoi polloi, he may have found himself in the dangerous position of defending schism by engaging in public criticism of the Pope.

    While some radical traditionalists did not get the desired ending to the long-running TV series known as The Vortex, Michael Voris has managed to live another day as he continues to trap and expose "lies and falsehoods." This was not accomplished by "intellectual cowardice," but by fortitude, wisdom and counsel. He is taken as a serious Catholic who loves the Faith and is also a loyal son of the Church. May his series run as long as he does. It would be a pity for him to end up in syndication.  

    Mr. Czajka is a married father who resides in the Chicago area. He is a parishioner of St. John Cantius Church in Chicago where he attends the Tridentine Mass.  

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    More whining from the Voris crowd
    « Reply #1 on: June 15, 2015, 03:09:29 PM »
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  • Michael Voris is a paid stooge of the novus ordo.

    Mr. C, who penned the article, is a novus ordite who attends the Indult Mass.

    As for the article.....


    If the writer of the article acknowledges the crisis in the Church, to whom does he attribute the cause?  Does it not strike the author as "odd" that the crisis just seemed to happen with the Second Vatican Council and the promulgation of the New Mass for a New Church?

    Archbishop LeFebrvre passed on what was handed to him.  It's up to the author and his band of merry novus ordites to explain how what the Archbishop was handed somehow became "schism" - even if in their insurmountable compassion the novus ordite popes won't proclaim it schism - to which I respond again....


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    More whining from the Voris crowd
    « Reply #2 on: June 16, 2015, 05:26:21 PM »
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  • Petertherock:  Wow!  I am so happy you brought this subject up.  "The feelings for a solution."  The New Order drums up  rallys and tea parties and such."

    I think that the Power of the Precious Blood needs to be the mission.  It needs to be spoken of more and more.  While non-catholics go the legislature route  the public square, money to the so-called charitable organizations, which new order follows like the pied piper.  

    There is no talk, that the power comes from the Precious Blood.  And as we know the bible states in Chapter 12 of Daniel that the Sacrifice will end.  Maybe the people have lost their Catholic Sense.  The traditionals may be few in number, without the fan fare and such as one reads web sites and so-called catholic newspapers.

    We have to realize that rosaries are very effective, even when we have no Precious Blood.  We can have spiritual communions and such.

    Communism lurks, heavy duty and can weigh heavy on the minds of people.  The liberated theology makes a Catholic feel like they have to do something for the woes of the world.  They have what it takes, but they are getting mixed messages that they should do both.  That is Communism:  they see religion and state working together, But it is religion that supports the state.

    Yes, it is very sad.  It is biblical and we must do as it says, to hold out, to be as martyrs.


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