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Author Topic: Lord of the Dance (hymn)  (Read 221 times)

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Lord of the Dance (hymn)
« on: April 24, 2018, 10:25:58 PM »
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  • I have never liked this hymn which is sung in many Novus Ordo Catholic parishes.

    Recently, I could not get this song out of my mind, and it was disturbing, to say the least, so I did an Internet search.

    I found this entry at Wikipedia, and yes, I know that Wiki is not a good reference, but if one wants to know how the opposition thinks (think New World Order), then Wiki is a good bet.

    Here is what I found at

    In writing the lyrics to "Lord of the Dance" in 1963, Sydney Carter was inspired partly by Jesus, but also partly by a statue of the Hindu God Shiva as Nataraja (Shiva's dancing pose) which sat on his desk,[3] and was partly intending simply to give tribute to Shaker music. He later stated, "I did not think the churches would like it at all. I thought many people would find it pretty far flown, probably heretical and anyway dubiously Christian. But in fact people did sing it and, unknown to me, it touched a chord ... Anyway, it's the sort of Christianity I believe in."[3]

    Why am I not surprised?

    Even the author who penned the lyrics admitted that he did not think the churches would like it and would probably condemn it as heretical because he was inspired by the Hindu god Shiva. How many people who attend Novus Ordo Masses realize that a number of songs sung at those NO Masses are heretical?

    One of my dear Catholic friends who has now departed from this earth, and who attended SSPX masses whenever he could get a ride, told me to beware of some hymns sung at our local NO parish as they were satanic in origin. I did some research. He was right. I stopped attending that parish, and then joined the Melkite Eastern Catholic Church which did not put up with heretical songs.
    Lord have mercy.


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