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Joanna Francis-Fearless Catholic Writer
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  • Killing Us Left and Right - Joanna Francis

    Abortion was always intended to be practiced on us goyim (cattle), as a means to reduce the numbers of their enemies. What better way to cull the herd than by preventing our births altogether? (Jews quietly lament the fact that some Jewish babies have fallen into the trap set for us goyim.).

    For American Jews, Roe v. Wade signified the beginning of their Messianic age, wherein they could now freely practice genocide against their ancient enemies, the Christians, with impunity. They are not going to give that up without a colossal fight.

    Ever since the nomination of Judge John G. Roberts, Jr., another Catholic, to the Supreme Court this past summer, these groups have been given significant airtime by their co-religionists in the media to inform the American people that their rights are being threatened. Vile, despicable Jew, Ralph Neas of People for the American (Talmudic) Way, has already begun renting his garments in public, warning us American women that we stand to lose our right to allow Jewish doctors to murder our unborn children. Neas warns us that right wing extremists seek to launch a counter-revolution in our legal system.

    He betrays no hint of irony, though, that a counter-revolution would not be necessary had there not first been a revolution. On the issue of that revolution and its fomenters, Neas is silent. Since Jews comprise only 2% of the U.S. population, it should make us wonder why such normally self-absorbed people are so adamant about protecting the right to abortion for American women, 98% of whom are not Jewish.

     If the real American people were not already in the final stages of Talmudic-induced dementia, we might have been able to consider the implications behind their obsession with abortion and launch a coherent, unified counter-offensive. But since the Jews control the media, the only pro-lifers who are allowed to speak out on television are those least likely to expose the real agenda and people behind abortion.

    And exposing them wouldnt be hard to do. Their main argument is that abortion must be kept legal so that its safe for women. Yet these same Jewish groups scream bloody murder at the idea of allowing health inspectors inside their abortion clinics.

    All medical facilities, including veterinary clinics , must adhere to federal health and safety regulations and allow health inspectors inside their facilities on a routine basis. But abortion clinics should be exempted. And most of these facilities are unlicensed and use doctors of dubious qualifications. So their back-alley butcheries are no longer against the law; they are now above the law. Womens safety be damned.

    In his book The Hand of God, Jewish convert to Catholicism, Dr. Bernard Nathanson, describes how he and his fellow abortionists formed the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) in 1968 in order to force legalized abortion on the American people.

    He admits that they fabricated all of the evil they proffered to the public and to our traitors in black robes in support of legalizing abortion.
    The revolution could only have come about through their usurpation of our court system, since they knew the American people themselves would never have voted for such an abomination.).
    They were allowed to present polling data on air and in the print media, completely unchallenged, which proved that 60% of the American people were in favor of legalizing abortion.

    The only problem is, as Dr. Nathanson now admits, they never actually conducted any such poll, but merely pulled that number out of thin air. Dr. Nathanson and NARAL also decided they would play the Catholic card in order to stifle any public opposition to their pro-abortion agenda, by appealing to the latent (and not so latent) anti-Catholic fears of the Protestant majority. In its diabolical brilliance, this tactic had the effect of framing the debate in terms of a battle between “progressive, enlightened, patriotic Americans (read: Protestants) v. the Papists, who, as everyone knows, have always been secretly scheming to take over the country for the Vatican!

    It worked.

    Playing the Catholic card effectively coerced most of the mainline Protestant churches into supporting abortion, at least indirectly, by their silence and passivity. The Protestants reluctance to be on the same side of any issue as the Vatican allowed the Jews to co-opt the Protestants and win the public relations battle over abortion in America. (Although given the lies about pre-Roe v. Wade polls, any current polls presented as reflecting the American publics opinion about abortion must be considered dubious, at best.).

    By remaining silent in the face of legalized barbarism, the Protestants did what they have been doing for the past 500 years, i.e., unwittingly playing into the hands of the enemies of Christianity. By allowing themselves to be manipulated by anti-Catholic propaganda, these well-meaning but dangerously confused people effectively gave the Jews license to kill us.
    Now, many bloody years after Roe v. Wade, conservative Protestants have joined Catholics in the pro-life movement. But they are late on the scene.

    How did this all happen?
    Thanks to that abominable traitor and useful idiot to the Jews, Martin Luther. Protestantism effectively weakened the power of the one force on earth that has ever been able to keep the beasts leashed and muzzled: the Roman Catholic Church.

    So its not surprising that the Jews are now apoplectic at the sight of some of their ancient enemies now moving into counter-offensive position and onto the Supreme Court. Of course, the Jews know they have no reason to fear the pseudo-Catholic, Talmudophilic organization now occupying our ancient real estate in Rome.

    Instead of issuing thunderous, scathing warnings to the faithful and indeed the world about who is behind the abortion plot, those infiltrators who have been occupying the throne of Peter since 1958 have handed the lambs over to the wolves to be slaughtered. Its not enough to issue pious platitudes to the faithful to Choose Life.

     Especially when they drag the Immaculate Bride of Christ into the Synagogue of Satan to grovel before Her killers like a cheap, masochistic whore, begging forgiveness for having tried to protect Herself from them in the past. The Jews know they effectively pulled off a (temporary) coup d eglise in 1958 by finagling the election of Freemason Angelo Roncalli to the Papacy. But they know they cannot control one billion people that easily. Especially once we begin awakening, one by one, to their nefarious plot.

    Jews have only ever feared one organization in their entire history; therefore, any rumblings or stirrings that indicate to them that She is reawakening will cause unprecedented panic. Case in point: traditional Catholic Mel Gibsons crucifixion in the media for daring to make a movie about Christ that was faithful to the Gospels. (No mention is ever made in the media of course about the seething, visceral, implacable hatred spewed against Christ and His Blessed Mother in the Talmud).

    Contrast that with the movie Luther,a glowing Jewish tribute to their favorite useful idiot. Luther was the man who, in his diabolical pride, split Christendom, weakened the power of the Church to protect the faithful, and unleashed the beasts from their ghettos to prowl throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls.
    (Regardless of whatever abuses were occurring within the Church at that time, we did not need a divisive Luther, but another heroic Savonarola).
     No mention is made in the movie about how Luther turned viciously against the Jews towards the end of his life. That little datum is irrelevant to them, since Luther had already served their purposes by that time and the damage was done. Never again would Christendom be able to stand up against them as a unified force. They had divided and conquered.

    Abortion was foisted on us because the Jews were unleashed on the world 500 years ago, thanks to the Protestants.
     Rabid, wild pit bulls were unchained from the ghettoes in which they had been placed by the Catholic Church for the safety and protection of mankind. Without the Protestant Revolt, there would have been no French Revolution, no World War I, no Jewish-Bolshevik Revolution, no Spanish Civil War, no World War II, no theft of Palestine, no JFK assassination, no Great Apostasy called Vatican II, no sexual revolution in the 1960s, and no legalized abortion in the 1970s. Only after having neutralized the Church at the Second Vatican Council could the Jews have used their Marxist Trojan horse, feminism, to destroy Christian civilization.

    Only by having temporarily hijacked their ancient nemesis could they have pulled off Roe v. Wade. (They knew the Catholic reaction would be tempered, since in the aftermath of the drastic, unprecedented changes forced on Catholics after Vatican II, confusion reigned supreme.
    Many had lost their faith and left the Church, and the rest were wandering about like lost sheep, waiting for some cue from their shepherds (See #6) in the Vatican about what to do. But there would be no cues forthcoming. Only useless bleating about universal brotherhood, and praise for our elder brothers in the faith who were now slaughtering us.).

    But the Pharisees have already lost one battle in this culture war.
    Conservative Protestants and Catholics are now linked arm in arm in the fight against abortion. It is not Protestants who fear a majority Catholic Supreme Court. Some of the most passionate and devoted pro-lifers are Protestants. Their faith and their zeal are touching and sincere. However, they still do not realize how they continue to allow themselves to be used by the modern day Pharisees.
    Protestants (and a handful of useful idiot Catholics) suffer from a form of dissociative disorder which allows them to fight a culture war here at home, and a real war in the Middle East, without recognizing that the Jews are behind both of them. Protestant conservatives are staunchly opposed to abortion, homosexual marriage, and the assault on Christianity in the public square.

    They blame liberals or atheists for this assault on their faith and morals, thereby allowing the Jews to hide behind these labels. So since they are conservatives, they are told they must support the war in Iraq and send their children off to be killed in the Middle East.
    Anyone who doesnt agree with the war is labeled a liberal or unpatriotic.
    So they blindly support the war in Iraq and the murderous Israeli regime, without realizing that they are being used to kill Israels enemies in the Middle East, while the Jews continue their attack upon Christian culture here at home. So you can go off and fight for Israel, but if you make it home alive, youre not allowed to say Merry Christmas in your own country.

    Hint: there are no liberals or conservatives anymore, for all intents and purposes.
    There are only Jews on the Left and Jews on the Right. They control both parties. Is it just coincidence that all the Jewish Republicans happen to be pro-abortion? What is it thats really conservative about the Jewish conservatives anyway?
    Do they share the Christians traditional moral values? No.
    Are they isolationists? Not if the war benefits Israel. Are they strict constructionists? Not when defending  right to abortion nowhere mentioned in the Constitution. The simple fact of the matter is: they are the same old Trotskyites theyve always been.
    Theyve merely infiltrated the Republican Party because most sane Americans started drifting to the Republican Party in the 1980s, after the Jews turned the Democrat Party into Sodom and Gomorrah. Thats why they are called conservatives or neo-conservatives, or just neo-consfor short.

    And dont buy into the lie that not all neo-cons are Jews, because the non-Jewish neo-cons really were traditional conservatives before selling their souls to the Zionists. Jews are not conservatives, even while pretending to be. They are chameleons. They are neo-con-artists. They are whatever they have to be in order to control and destroy their opposition.

    So now the modern day Pharisees are literally killing us Left and Right.
    Theyve got half of us convinced that its proper to let the Jews kill our children before theyre born (Democrats); while the other half let them kill our children in the Middle East in defense of Israel (Republicans).
     But notice that the death traps are laid only for us Gentiles: both in the Jewish abortion mills, and in the Middle East. Those few Jews on the Left  who speak out against the war on CNN and the ubiquitous pro-life rabbi on FOX are merely playing good Jew/bad Jew  so as not to make it too obvious to the lemmings.

    The American people think they have a real choice in television news between CNN and FOX because they play different sides in the culture war to keep Americans divided; but both are 100% pro-Israel in foreign policy, with no real dissent allowed. And the traitorous Gentile mouthpieces on both sides understand their role in this charade very well.

    So Catholic Judases on the Right like Bill OReilly and Sean Hannity feign outrage when Christianity is maligned, but make no mention of who is really doing the maligning, as they shamelessly collect their 30 pieces of silver for selling out their own people as cannon fodder for Israel. Meanwhile, the Gentile mouthpieces on the Left know better than to criticize Israel for anything, and they breathlessly support the genocide of their own people through abortion.

    Because no Jewish blood is to be spilt in abortion clinics and no Jewish blood is to be spilt in the Middle East. Through their control of Hollywood, the Jews continue to feed us a steady diet of soft porn, violence, and decadence, and encourage our young to become sexually active.

    After having destroyed our families, its not difficult to get young people to become sexually active.
    Love-starved, fatherless young women are so easy to seduce. Then when the inevitable unplanned pregnancies occur, the Jewish abortionist is there to “take care of that problem for you in his Jewish-owned slaughterhouse (warning: graphic images but good article). Meanwhile, the Jews here and in Israel sit safely at home and plan our next war for us against their enemies. And the Gentile blood flows in torrents.'

    Thanks to that Protestant insanity called dispensationalism, most Americans believe that the gangsters calling themselves Israelis are actually related to the Biblical Hebrews. They joyfully await Armageddon, confident that theyve earned a one-way ticket to heaven for having supported the Israelis. Yet they give no thought to what Jesus would say about the treatment of the Palestinians and how that might conflict with the parable of the Good Samaritan.

    We have been programmed into bringing about our own destruction; either through abortion at the hands of Jewish doctors, or by killing and being killed by Muslims in the Middle East. Muslims who, by the way, posed no real threat to America, even after we sold them out in 1948.
    Muslims have also been targeted for destruction, due to their obstinacy in believing in such antiquated things as marriage, babies, families, virginity, modesty, and religion. Only they are not as brainwashed as we in the West who allow the Jews to defile our culture, kill our babies, calumniate our religion, and tell us who are enemies are.

    Maybe we Christians and Muslims should form some kind of defensive alliance, since we have more in common than we realize, including a common enemy who seeks the destruction of us both. That would be the Jews worst nightmare.'

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    Joanna Francis-Fearless Catholic Writer
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  • Benedict XVI: Zionist Double Agent

    Joanna Francis

    It should be obvious to everyone now, that we Catholics who have figured out that the Vatican is under Zionist control, have been right all along. They labeled us `extremists,` `sedevacantists, `ultra right-wingers,` `fascists,` `Nazis,` etc. But when the Jews and their useful idiots have to resort to hurling those epithets at you, it usually means you`ve hit upon the truth. Well, we Catholic `extremists` have the Zionists` number and we have been calling them on it for a long time. Now, maybe the rest of the brainwashed Christians will wake up.

    It`s really not difficult to understand why Benedict XVI is encouraging emnity between the Catholics and the Muslims. All you have to ask is: cui bono? (who benefits?). The Zionists, of course.

     The Catholic Church was always their biggest enemy. So naturally the Jews were going to do anything and everything to get it under their control. It took almost 2,000 years, but it finally happened in 1958. The Jews pulled off a coup d`eglise with the election of Freemason Angelo Roncalli (John XXIII) to the Papacy. Immediately upon his election, the media began calling Roncalli Good Pope John.`

    Be careful when the Jewish controlled media praises someone, especially a Catholic, that means that person is working for them. Contrast the media`s love affair with the post-1958 popes with their hatred of all pre-1958 popes, up to and including Pius XII (who died in 1958).
    They accuse Pope Pius XII of having been a Nazi, which really means that Pius XII actually thought he was the Pope of the Catholic people and did not realize that he was supposed to be working for the Jews!
    I have figured out that whoever the Jews hate, you can bet your bottom dollar, that person knows the truth about the Jewish agenda. The converse is also true: whoever the Jews love, that person is a traitor to the Christian people and is really a Zionist tool.

    This past summer, the whole world cried out as one (except for the Zionists and their useful idiots) against the genocide that took place against the Lebanese people. Not only was Israel humiliated by having their much vaunted military defeated by Hezbollah, but they suffered perhaps their worst PR defeat in decades. The entire planet watched helplessly as Israel committed war crimes against innocent women and children, while the United States and Great Britain stifled every attempt at a ceasefire negotiation.

    We all watched atrocities taking place in real time, right in our own homes, every night on our television screens. It was reality T.V. as we had never seen before. Because of their brutal display of unbridled bloodlust, Israel had a serious PR problem on its hands. It risked losing Christian support. Even some Christian Zionists, those who still have an ounce of Christianity left in them, were getting squeamish at the savagery of the Israeli military.

    The media did their best to obfuscate the colossal damage Lebanon suffered at the hands of the Israelis, but they could not completely hide the truth from the world. Israel was seen as a nation of barbarians with no regard for human life.

     The world`s sympathy went out to Lebanon and many people even realized that Hezbollah were not terrorists, but brave freedom fighters, defending their country against a much more powerful military.
    Clearly, something drastic was needed to turn the tide and take the focus off Israel`s war crimes. Something that would make the Christians and Muslims turn against each other. Because the Zionists` worst nightmare is for the Muslims and Christians to unite against them. T
    he Zionists cannot have the world community siding with the Muslims and pressuring the United States and Britain to cut off foreign aid. Something big had to happen to gain back control of public opinion, which had shifted dangerously close to supporting the Arab world.

    Enter Pope Benedict XVI, supposed successor of Peter, the head of the Christian world, whose voice is supposed to speak out more loudly and clearly than anyone else`s against injustice and genocide. Sure, he issued a couple of generic statements vaguely criticizing the bombing of Lebanon, but then immediately followed every condemnation of Israel with an equally or more severe condemnation of Muslim `terrorists.`
     As if Israel were suffering the same amount of casualties as the Lebanese were! More than 1,000 Lebanese civilians were killed by the Iraelis and most were women and children.
     Yet Benedict was careful to criticize both sides equally, which doesn`t count for anything because two condemnations cancel each other out. And what makes it all the more appalling is that 40% of the Lebanese population are Catholics, and yet, they couldn`t even count on their own pope to condemn the Israeli war criminals!

    But still, most Catholics are not ready to accept the reality that the man who is supposed to represent Christian morality to the world is actually a Zionist tool. He is eithier a Jew himself, or a Freemason, or he has compromised himself in some such way that he is being blackmailed. Either way, it does not matter. He is not working for the Catholic people. He is working for the Zionists. So naturally, he would be the perfect person to make a statement that could provoke a Muslim reaction against Christians and make the Islamic world start to lose the support it was gaining from the West.
    Also, something was needed to get Israel off the hook for its war crimes, and set the stage for a clash between Christians and Muslims. That`s what this is all about. I hope that neither Catholics nor Muslims will fall for this trick.

    I do not know whether Muslims are really burning Catholic Churches or if this is yet another Israeli false flag operation, but I hope that it`s not true. The Christian people in the United States are just as much enslaved to the Zionists as the Palestinians are. The only difference is that the Americans are mental slaves, i.e., brainwashed by the Jewish-owned media.

    They honestly do not see the big picture. I myself did not understand these things until about 4 years ago. Before that, I had no idea how evil Zionism was and how much injustice the Arabs had suffered since 1948. I beg my Muslim brothers and sisters, as well as my Catholic brothers and sisters, not to give the Zionists what they want: do not turn against each other!

    They want Christians and Muslims to kill each other off so that Israel emerges the clear, undisputed world power. We cannot let this happen. We must not dance to the Zionists` tune. We must show them that we know what they are doing - and that it is not going to work this time.'

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    Joanna Francis-Fearless Catholic Writer
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  • Hezbollah: Model for Manliness

    By Joanna Francis

    As I watch the genocidal war crimes being committed against the Lebanese people, I’m struck by the images that come across my television screen. I see women and children badly burned by the illegal chemical weapons our tax dollars provide to the Israelis for the incineration of their enemies; bridges, homes and roadways bombed into oblivion; hundreds of thousands of internal refugees; and death and misery palpable from halfway around the world.

    But I must confess that what strikes me the most profoundly is the sight of young Lebanese men marching proudly, as they trample an Israeli flag underfoot. Hezbollah. Many of them don’t even look old enough to shave, and yet, they are truly men. The rest of the world hems and haws at the carnage the Jews have wrought on the once modern and beautiful country of Lebanon.

    But the average (so-called Christian) American merely echoes the mantra of his Zionist masters as he has been trained to do all his life.
    Americans confidently state that the Khazar Jews have a right to “defend their country” and that Hezbollah are terrorists, militants, and now, insurgents. What they fail to mention is that those Khazar Jews have about as much right to Palestine or Lebanon as the Chinese have to France, i.e., none. They are simply Jewish squatters on Arab land. And the Arabs intend to evict them. That is not terror. That is justice. And that is manly.

    So, Mr. Brave Christian Weekend-Warrior, call Hezbollah terrorists if you will, but one thing you cannot call them is: cowardly.
    With few exceptions, they are the only people brave enough to stand up to the Jew and spit back in his face.
    They are willing to fight to the death for their homeland, their honor, their religion, and their women. Yes, I said “their women.” You see, unlike you, they will not let the Jewish pornographers and abortionists defile their culture and turn their women into whores.

    You have been brainwashed into believing that Muslim women hate their plight of being protected from sexual predators, getting married young, becoming mothers, being treated with respect and dignity, being taken care of in their old age by their children, and living like innocent, strong, beautiful women. To your surprise, they do not seem to miss the beer-guzzling, Playboy reading, commitment-phobic, narcissistic men-children who turn their women over to the Jewish enemy.

    Their men are truly manning the frontlines, as you strain your back to bow as low as possible before your Jew masters, in true lackey fashion. They own you, because you have sold yourselves (and us) out to them. You, Mr. Macho, have become their bitch.

    You are the unworthy sons of the great Christian men who built Western Civilization. They were not cowards, and they did not fight for the Jew, but for their own religion, for Europe, and for the safety and honor of their women. They kept the evil Khazar monsters locked up in cages where they belong; only to see their descendants unleash those beasts at the time of the Protestant Revolt.

    How our Christian ancestors must be turning over in their graves. Today, Christian men will only fight against other Christians (World Wars I and II) or against brave, honorable Muslims, at the behest of the Jew.
    Now, the Christians are the beasts in cages, only allowed out long enough to pimp for their Zionist masters, and buy the latest edition of “Girls Gone Wild.”

    Those “girls gone wild” are your sisters and daughters, yet you contribute to their exploitation for your own dirty, secret pleasure. You have abdicated your role as men and defenders of the Faith. You have allowed yourselves to be emasculated by a bunch of ugly, Jewish feminists. You did not fight for our honor. It is truly stunning how quickly you ceded Western Civilization, deciding that if you can’t beat them, you’ll join them. And so you gleefully set about exploiting our vulnerability, using us like unpaid prostitutes, too weak and selfish to accept your responsibility as head of a family.

    As a Christian, I do not believe in polygamy, but I can’t help but admire the kind of man who can take care of four wives, and all their offspring; while American men put their one wife to work and then expect her to cook, clean, feed their insatiable egos, and then have to compete with their childish, Jew-inspired fantasies in bed at night.
    So admit that you are powerless before the Khazar, step aside, and let “your women” do the fighting. I have only my pen with which to fight, but at least I’m not afraid to wield it, full blast, aimed right at my enemy. Criticize me if you will, but I will pull no punches, use euphemisms, or grovel before my enemies. I have lost too much to them. I will not be their bitch. Unlike you, with your sycophantic pen, when you dare even broach the subject at all, regarding who has usurped the great heritage our ancestors created. You make me ashamed to be an American woman. Muslim women need feel no such shame. Their men would die (and are dying) rather than hand their daughters and sisters over to the Jew to be defiled and degraded. Their honor is safe in the hands of their Muslim mujahadeen. That is manly.

    And don’t tell me that Jesus Christ was a pacifist and that you are only turning the other cheek. Christ was not the effete, kumbaya, Birkenstock sandal-wearing, proto-hippie that the liberals would have us believe. He wanted us to love one another but He also believed in justice. Render unto Caesar, and all that.
    He confronted the Pharisees face to face with words that you could only fantasize about using, and wouldn’t dare utter, even though we live in the last country in the West where it’s legal to confront the Pharisees.
    Yet you cower before them, justifying their incineration of Lebanese babies, while you pay the Jew to murder the babies you create with us.
    You bow before the Israeli flag, a foreign flag, while the young men of Hezbollah march on top of it. Don’t hide behind Christianity. It is not for wimps and cowards. Let us not forget the image of Christ turning over the tables of the money changers and whipping them out of the temple! That was manly.

    So the next time you turn on the Zionist-controlled television news and see images of dead and wounded women and children in Lebanon, just remember: their men are fighting for them against a far superior military force (thanks to us). But they are not cowering in fear. And I wouldn’t be surprised if they were to steal victory after all of this is over (if it ever is). Because all they have to do is survive and they have won. The Israelis have to eliminate Hezbollah to win, and that is unlikely.
    You can’t beat a force that is fighting for their families and for their homeland – in their own homeland. The home team always has the advantage. Truly, a moral victory is already assured for Hezbollah.

    Regardless of the outcome, they win just for having withstood so much firepower, and still being able to launch their hapless little Katyusha rockets back over the fence. Yes, that is manly. Maybe you American Christian men could learn something from them about fighting for honor, family and homeland. Maybe you could try to emulate Hezbollah. They might teach you a lesson or two in manliness. And if you’re nice, they might even lend you some testosterone.

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    Joanna Francis-Fearless Catholic Writer
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  • A letter from a Christian sister to a Muslim sister

    The Western Women - To My Muslim Sisters

    Between the Israeli assault on Lebanon and the Zionist "war on terror,"the Muslim world is now center stage in every American home. I can't help but notice that almost every woman I see is carrying a baby or has children around her. I see that though they are dressed modestly, their beauty still shines through. But it's not just outer beauty that I notice. I feel envy.

    I can't help but admire your strength, your beauty, your modesty,and most ofall, your happiness. Yes, it's strange, but it occurred to me that evenunder constant bombardment, you still seemed happier than we are, because you were still living the natural lives of women. The way women have always lived since the beginning of time.

    It used to be that way in the West until the 1960s, when we were bombardedby the same enemy. Only we were not bombarded with actual munitions, butwith subtle trickery and moral corruption.
    They bombarded us Americans from Hollywood, instead of from fighter jets or with our own American-made tanks.They would like to bomb you in this way too, after they've finished bombing the infrastructure of your countries. I do not want this to happen to you.You will feel degraded, just like we do.

    Everything you see coming out of Hollywood is a pack of lies, a distortionof reality, smoke and mirrors. They present casual sex as harmlessrecreation because they aim to destroy the moral fabric of the societies into which they beam their poisonous programming. I beg you not to drink their poison.
     There is no antidote for it once you have consumed it.

    You may recover partially, but you will never be the same. Better to avoid the poison altogether than to try to heal from the damage it causes.They will try to tempt you with their titillating movies and musicvideos, falsely portraying us American women as happy and satisfied, proud of dressing like prostitutes, and content without families. Most of us are not happy, trust me.

    Millions of us are on anti-depressant medication, hateour jobs, and cry at night over the men who told us they loved us, then greedily used us and walked away. They would like to destroy your familiesand convince you to have fewer children. They do this by resenting marriage as a form of slavery, motherhood as a curse, and being modestand pure as old-fashioned. They want you to cheapen yourself and lose your faith.

    The fashions coming out of the Western sewer are designed to make you believe that your most valuable asset is your sexuality. But your beautiful dresses and veils are actually much better than any Westernfashion, because they cloak you in mystery and show self-respect and confidence.

    A woman's sexuality should be guarded from unworthy eyes, since it should be your gift to the man who loves and respects you enough to marry you.Your most valuable assets are your inner beauty, your innocence, and everything that makes you who you are. But I notice that some Muslim women push the limit and try to be as Western as possible, even while wearing a veil (with some of their hair showing).

    Why imitate women who already regret, or will soon regret, their lost virtue? There is no compensation for that loss. You are flawless diamonds.
    But we American women have been fooled into believing that we are happiest having careers, our own homes in which to live alone, andfreedom to give our love away to whomever we choose. That is not freedom. And that is not love. Only in the safe haven of marriage can awoman's body and heart be safe to love. Don't settle for anything less. It'snot worth it. You won't even like it and you'll like yourself even lessafterwards. Then he'll leave you.

    We Western women have been brainwashed into thinking that you Muslim women are oppressed. But truly, we are the ones who are oppressed; slaves to fashions that degrade us, obsessed with our weight, begging for love frommen who do not want to grow up. Deep down inside, we know that we have been cheated. We secretly admire and envy you, although some of us will not admit it.
    Please do not look down on us or think that we like things the way they are. It's not our fault. Most of us did not have fathers to protect us when we were young because our families have been destroyed. You know who is behind this plot. Don't be fooled, my sisters. Don't let them get you too.

    Stay innocent and pure. We Christian women need to see what life is really supposed to be like for women. We need you to set the example for us,because we are lost. Hold onto your purity. Remember: you can't put the toothpaste back in the tube. So guard your "toothpaste" carefully!I hope you receive this advice in the spirit in which it is intended:the spirit of friendship, respect, and admiration.

    From your Christian sister – with love.
    (c) 2006+ Joanna Francis

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    Joanna Francis-Fearless Catholic Writer
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  • Depression: A Sign of Sanity in an Insane World

    This is what they’ve done to us. Yes, I mean the Jews.
    Most sane people in our Judaized society are at least a little bit depressed; and the more intelligent you are, the more depressed you feel. How could we not be depressed when we realize all that we’ve lost?

    And especially when we find that this was no accident or bad luck, but the fruition of a cleverly designed and ruthlessly implemented plot against Gentile society. Read the Talmud if you don’t believe me.

    We Gentiles thrive in environments where there is social cohesion, which at its most basic level is the nuclear family; with Mom at home, Dad the breadwinner, and the children safe, protected, and nurtured.

    Destroy that basic element of protection and nurturance and the stage is set for the corruption and exploitation of the innocent. Our greatest weakness, and the one the Jews have exploited most successfully, is our innocence. We have a sense of honor, duty and decency which we wrongly project onto the dishonorable Talmudic Jews. We mistakenly believe that there exists some level to which they will not sink in carrying out their plan to control the world. We believe this to our own detriment. We pay for this mistaken assumption with our blood and the blood of our children.

    Why do they hate us so?
    Firstly, because we are the only people who have ever been able to foil their plots and keep them under lock and key. They know this. And they know we still have those locks and keys, even if many of us don’t yet realize this. They know we once restrained them, for centuries, and that we could always do it again, if we felt their danger was so great that it warranted such a drastic move.

    They live in constant fear that the sleeping giant will wake up. So they try to cut down on our numbers so that there will be fewer sleeping giants to awaken. Forty million aborted babies since Roe v. Wade in 1973 was a giant step forward for them in this direction. That’s why they fight for abortion tooth and nail, and even do the aborting themselves. Well I say, awaken from your slumber, dear Gentile reader. They’re killing us. It’s that simple.

    The next reason they hate us is more primal; and thus, even they may be somewhat unaware of it, although I believe they know this too. We are beautiful. Most of them are not. We are innocent and good. Most of them are not.
    We create beauty, not only with the children we produce, but in art, architecture, literature, and any other area worth appreciation. So they create its opposite and convince us it’s superior.

    They promote unaesthetic genres of expression and then attempt to call them art. We’re taught to revere this new style of expression, when in reality, it is merely a mockery of beauty by mediocre painters fancying themselves great artistes, e.g., Picasso, Jackson Pollack, and even the convert to Christianity, Chagall. They create banality and convince us that it’s beauty. But it’s not. It’s ugly.

    The realization that all of this ugliness and alienation have been foisted on us intentionally causes one to reconsider everything we’ve ever been taught. For we had once tried to be sophisticated and appreciate their “art” and their leftist dogma, but, as we mature, we come to the realization that it’s inferior to what we create. That we’re not “provincial,” just intelligent.

    And if we discover this at a point in our lives where we have already fallen into all of their traps, and when we try to awaken others who seem content to remain asleep, we experience depression. That’s the surest sign that we can still think for ourselves. The Gentile who is happy in this kind of chaotic, ugly, lonely, unchivalrous society is either masochistic or in denial.

    But leave it to the Jews even to exploit the very depression and sense of alienation they themselves cause in us. Consider the field of psychiatry: an inexact science, which, together with the pharmaceutical companies they pimp for, has become one of the greatest dangers in our society.
    We pay them to convince us that we have some identifiable psychiatric illness and must come back every week to discuss it. In reality, we are simply unhappy because we’re not living the fulfilling, innocent lives we were destined to live, had the Jews not corrupted our society in the first place.

    Not content simply to f*ck with our lives and minds, they poison our brains and bodies with dangerous psychotropic medications. These drugs often cause physical and mental side effects far worse than the original depression for which we sought their help. Turning to a Jew-invented profession for help from a Jew-induced depression is like turning to a rapist to help you guard your virginity. And paying him for his “help.”

    Since I am no longer masochistic, and denial is impossible given the overwhelming evidence: I am depressed. That’s how I know I’m not insane. '

    -Joanna Francis

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    Joanna Francis-Fearless Catholic Writer
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  • Israeli Snipers Killing
    US Troops In Iraq

    Source: Joanna Francis and CNN

    Anderson Cooper of CNN showed this video of snipers killing U.S. troops in Iraq on his October 18, 2006 show. CNN says it obtained the video from a "representative" of an unnamed "insurgent leader." Bear in mind that Anderson Cooper used to work for the CIA.
    Richard Wilson's hypothesis: Israeli soldiers and/or Mossad agents are killing our soldiers in Iraq in order to enrage American troops so that the slaughter continues.
    Proof: At the very beginning of this video clip, you see a rifle with a video camera attached to it. This weapon is made by the Rafael company, an Israeli arms manufacturer, that also makes IEDs. If you watch the video all the way through, it explains how this rifle works. CNN stated that the camera used to film these shootings was not a mounted rifle camera. But as you watch the video, you see that with each shot fired, the camera recoils. That would only happen if it were mounted on the rifle. Why is this significant? Because this kind of rifle-camera is extremely sophisticated and not available to your average Iraqi insurgent. I mean, it's not exactly an easily obtainable Saturday night special! Something this sophisticated points to Mossad.
    Mossad is a master at false flag operations, e.g., Oklahoma City, the attack on the USS Cole in Yemen, the bombing of the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires, the July 7, 2005 London bombings, the 9-11 attacks in New York, the assassination of the Prime Minister in Beirut, the stoking of Muslim riots in France last year, the bombing of the Hassan al-Askari Mosque in Samarra, Iraq, etc.
    Israelis freely move among US and UK troops in Iraq, and have access to top-level US intelligence. Until July 2003, the head of all US forces in Iraq and Afghanistan was General Tommy Franks, a Zionist Jew. (He is now on the board of directors for Bank of America.)
    On November 7, 2006 another Zionist Jew became a principle liaison between Mossad and US forces in Iraq: Major General Richard F. Natonski of the Marine Corps. His title is Deputy Commandant for Plans, Policies and Operations.
    Because of this access, the "insurgents" (i.e., Mossad agents) know exactly where US vehicles will be and who will be inside them. This allows them to target for maximum false flag effect.
    For example, on July 23, 2005, a detachment of 19 female US Marines was sent to Fallujah to check Iraqi women for bombs. An IED blew up their truck. Two of the young American women were killed, five were critically wounded, and four were captured. The bodies of the four captured women turned up later in a garbage dump with their throats cut. Americans were outraged. Islamic clerics insisted that only Israelis could be so cold-blooded. And who was in charge of US forces in Fallujah at the time? None other than Major General Natonski, the Mossad liaison.
    Americans are supposed to believe that rag-tag "insurgents" use IEDs powerful enough to kill three US troops per day, on average. An American soldier even set up a blog on how "Intel" is betraying and targeting US troops. But sometimes Mossad bomb-makers accidentally blow themselves upin Iraq.
    According to Richard Wilson, Israeli sniping and IEDs are false flag operations. He says that on March 28, 2005, Americans arrested 19 Mossad agents who fired twice on a US Marine checkpoint. The Marines beat up the Mossad agents and tore off their Star-of-David necklaces. (The US media incorrectly said the agents were Americans.) The Mossad agents said they were employees of Zapata Engineering, which helps the CIA conduct interrogations, and also manages US ammo dumps and US motor pools in Iraq.
    IEDs in Iraq are powerful enough to flip over a 70-ton tank. Some of the models shoot depleted-uranium projectiles, and are triggered by electronic devices surreptitiously planted on US armored vehicles. Zapata Engineering (which employs Mossad agents) makes this exact kind of trigger, and oversees some of the US motor pools.
    Rumsfeld says the IEDs come from Iran, but Richard says they come from Mossad, and are not "improvised" at all. The Israeli company, Rafael (see above), makes IEDS, which are buried in the middle of a road. Beside the road is a device which emits a laser or radio signal. This device is manufactured by firms like Zapata Engineering, which is controlled by Zionist Jews. The IED mine, manufactured by Israel, is inert until a US vehicle (secretly planted with a triggering device) rolls over it.
    Whenever Mossad carries out these false-flag operations they produce a videotape or a recording from an "unnamed source" that is "close to al-Qaeda." Sometimes they say "the claim was posted on an Internet website, but its authenticity could not be verified."
    But Israelis would never kill anyone in cold blood, would they? After all, the USS Liberty massacre was "an accident!"

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  • Hey there, how about just one article at a time.  

     :cool: ---->Gives us more time to digest them....

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  • Quote from: Capt McQuigg
    Hey there, how about just one article at a time.  

     :cool: ---->Gives us more time to digest them....

    My thought exactly ....
    Oh! And how about some references/links?

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  • WOW!

    Normally I am more eloquent when talking about something I've just read, but reading Joanna Francis' scalding truth about the enemy that has tricked the USA into fighting its wars, Israel, left me mostly speechless.

    She has got a firm grip on the evil within, one that is sending our kids off to die fighting for Zionism and a Greater Israel, at the same time, looting our nation of its wealth thru their control of the illegal Federal Reserve and those 'Too Big to Fail' Wall Street Casinos.

    Keep throwing those punches, Joanna and maybe, just maybe, enough of us will wake up in time to prevent the demise of our nation


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