Author Topic: It is the temple of the Lord, the temple of the Lord.  (Read 290 times)

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It is the temple of the Lord, the temple of the Lord.
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  • "For if ye thoroughly correct your ways and your practices, and do indeed execute judgment between a man and his neighbour; 6 and oppress not the stranger, and the orphan, and the widow, and shed not innocent blood in this place, and go not after strange gods to your hurt: 7 then will I cause you to dwell in this place, in the land which I gave to your fathers of old and for ever. 8 But whereas ye have trusted in lying words, whereby ye shall not be profited; 9  and ye murder, and commit adultery, and steal, and swear falsely, and burn incense to Baal, and are gone after strange gods whom ye know not, 10 so that it is evil with you; yet have ye come, and stood before me in the house, whereon my name is called, and ye have said, We have refrained from doing all these abominations.  11 Is my house, whereon my name is called, a den of robbers in your eyes? And, behold, I have seen it, saith the Lord. 12 For go ye to my place with is in Selo, where I caused my name to dwell before, and see what I did to it because of the wickedness of my people Israel. 13 And now, because ye have done all these deeds, and I spoke to you, but ye hearkened not to me; and I called you, but ye answered not; 14 therefore I also will do to the house whereon my name is called, wherein ye trust, and to the place which I gave to you and to your fathers, as I did to Selo.  15 And I will cast you out of my sight, as I cast away your brethren, all the seed of Ephraim..."

    Holy Catholic Septuagint Bible:  Jeremias chapter 7

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