Author Topic: Fr. Ceriani accuses Bishop Fellay  (Read 211 times)

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Fr. Ceriani accuses Bishop Fellay
« on: September 27, 2019, 11:41:53 PM »
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  • Father Cériani (r-FSSPX) accuses Bishop Fellay:
    "Suicide attempt of Tradition" for his remarks in Brazil
    Abbé Cériani to Bishop Fellay: "This is not how we defend the truth. In whose service do you indulge in these deceptions? "" For whom, then, does he take us, this mitred treater  ? " About his lectures in Brazil and Argentina in July 2010. The refractory priest calls Bishop Fellay's policy of " attempted suicide of Tradition  ".
    This challenge obviously refers to the historic declaration of Archbishop Lefebvre during the coronation of June 30, 1988 when he declared: "  today is the operation survival and if I had done this operation with Rome, continuing the agreements that we signed and by continuing to implement these agreements, I was doing the suicide operation.  " Today Abbe Ceriani stayed on the line of the founder , that of the "  operation-survival  "that thenBishop Fellay, who is preparing to accept Vatican II's religious freedom at the SSPX, while actively collaborating in the organized confusion between a valid sacrificial priesthood and a false priesthood [1] , has gone to the camp of the " operation ".  -suicide ". Our Lord Jesus Christ has clearly given the faithful the rule to discern the good and the bad trees: "Indeed, there is no good tree that gives bad fruits, nor any good tree that gives good fruits". But with Ratzinger-Benedict XVI he wants to win favors and get an agreement, Bishop Fellay invented a new species of tree: the good tree that bears bad fruit. This is how he teaches his listeners in South America about the head of the conciliar [sect] church: "Benedict XVI is a mixture of good and evil. His head is modern, his heart is conservative. We must believe, then, that Bishop Fellay has discovered a new way that Our Lord Jesus Christ Himself did not see, that of the good tree that bears bad fruits:
    Faithful to Archbishop Lefebvre, and in the face of Bishop Fellay and his clan of infiltrated clerics, Father Ceriani proclaims his horror of:
    "This suicide attempt of Tradition ...

    I want for confirmation the content of the conference that Bishop Bernard Fellay, Superior General of the Priestly Fraternity Saint-Pius X, gave in Bahia (Brazil) on July 8th.

    As lamentable as this once again appears, all these points - undoubtedly very important and interesting - have been the subject of an analysis evolving between nonsense and lies ".
    Fr. Ceraniani resolutely places himself in the camp of those who refuse the religious freedom of Vatican II and of the apostate abbot Ratzinger-Benedict XVI, and is therefore faithful to Archbishop Lefebvre, who declared on the occasion of the saints of 1988:
    "  Today, this day is the operation survival and if I had done this operation with Rome, continuing the agreements we signed and continuing the implementation of these agreements , I was doing the operation suicide. So there is no choice, I am obliged, we must survive . That is why today, by consecrating these bishops, I am persuaded to continue, to make Tradition live, that is to say, the Catholic Church. "
    Archbishop Lefebvre was conscious of accomplishing the "  operation-survival  " by the 1988 coronations
    In 2010, Bishop Fellay became the architect of the "  suicide operation  " of Tradition .
    The bishop felon wants to accept the religious freedom of Ratzinger-Benedict XVI to the FSSPX
    Bishop Fellay considers himself superior to Our Lord Jesus Christ.
    Our Lord Jesus Christ has clearly given the faithful the rule for discerning good and bad trees:
    In fact, there is no good tree that gives bad fruits, nor a bad tree that gives good fruits  ;
    because each tree is recognizable by its own fruit. Figs are not picked on thorns; we do not pick up grapes on the brambles.
    The good man brings good out of the treasure of kindness from his heart  ; and from the (treasure) of his malice, the evil man brings out evil; because his mouth speaks of the overflow of the heart .
    "Why do you call me, 'Lord, Lord,' and do not do what I say? "
    Gospel according to Saint Luke, chapter 6, v43-46 , translation of canon Crampon [2]
    But with Ratzinger-Benedict XVI he wants to win favors and get an agreement, Bishop Fellay invented a new kind of tree: the good tree that bears bad fruit.
    This is how he teaches his listeners in South America about the head of the conciliar [sect] church:
    "  Benedict XVI is a mixture of good and bad. His head is modern, his heart is conservative.  "
    We must therefore believe that Bishop Fellay has discovered a new way that our Lord Jesus Christ Himself did not see, that of the good tree that bears bad fruits: the good conservative Catholic "  Benedict  " who visits with joy synagogues to apostatize our Lord publicly and repeatedly by proclaiming "  the longevity of the Old Covenant  ", and also professing Emmanuel Kant's philosophy and modernist ideas.
    In the words of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the apostate abbot Ratzinger-Benedict XVI is already condemned: there is no more "  good Ratzinger  " who would be at the same time modernist than he can exist round square.
    After the dazzling and deceitful third crusade of the sacrilegious Rosary intended to obtain the conversion of Russia last May, but aimed above all at putting in condition the clergy and faithful of the SSPX to make them accept peacefully the rallying of the priestly work of Mgr. Lefebvre to the apostate abbot Ratzinger-Benedict XVI , henceforth the false disciple places his teaching above the Master. His next step is the public acceptance of Vatican II religious freedom by the SSPX.
    While Bishop Fellay spreads the sophistry of the "  good bishops  " who would say the traditional rite, as it would seem, a  conciliar pseudo-  bishop devoid of the valid Catholic Sacrificial Priesthood , "  Mgr.  " Jean-Pierre Batut, Father Cerian recalls the grotesque words of this pseudo-modernist bishop:
    "During a conference, he said, among other pearls of the same water:

    "What is the difference between rite and ceremonial? The ceremonial is an ordered succession of ritual gestures: the meaning is not given to one of them in isolation, but to the whole that they all form. This is seen in the animal world: when the male courts the woman, we are in the presence of a ceremonial. And even, the paradigm of any ceremonial is the lover's ceremonial. Liturgical ceremonial , like the ceremonial love, only makes sense if it is based on faith and love . "

    Young people in favor of the "  extraordinary form of the Roman rite  " will be in good hands ...

    It is to be feared that all the "good bishops  " appointed by Benedict XVI present the same liturgical-amorous orientations as Jean-Pierre Batut ... " Abbé Cériani
    "  The liturgical-love orientations that Jean-Pierre Batut  " Abbé Cériani
    The pseudo -  conciliar "bishop " Jean-Pierre Batut, deprived of sacrificial Priesthood , valid Catholic , preface the apology of the sacramentally invalid false priesthood of the apostate priest Ratzinger-Benedict XVI resulting from the invalid rite of episcopal consecration of 1968 ( Pontificalis Romani ) [3]

    Will "Mgr" Batut soon promote erotic-liturgical delusions [4] spread under the authority of "Mgr" Bouilleret in Amiens?
    Father Cériani also exposes the chronology of the (precipitous) exit of the decree of 21 January 2009 and confuses Bishop Fellay in his lie:
    "  The German newspaper announced the same thing the day I received the decree" (...) "the day of the announcement prepared by the German newspaper is none other than the one where I received the text of the decree" .
                This is a shameless lie!
                Bishop Fellay knows full well:
    · That         he has received the decree, already signed, on Saturday 17 January at 4 pm;
    ·         That the decree is dated Wednesday 21;
    ·         It was planned to publish the decree on Monday the 26th;
    ·         That the German newspaper announced the article in question in its edition of Monday 19;
    ·         It was on Wednesday 21 that the article was finally published;
    ·         That, consequently, the decision had been taken to advance the publication of the decree.

                On Saturday 17 January at 4 pm, Bishop Fellay did not know what the German newspaper was going to announce on Monday 19.

                Bishop Fellay used the disclosure of the "Williamson case" to disguise the fact that he had accepted the shameful decree of lifting the excommunications, the content of which caused him no surprise on Saturday.

                It is certain that everything had been prepared and that "there were very few people aware of this, very little," but "that" was nothing but the content of the shameful decree accepted with gratitude by the bishops of the Fraternity ...

                Such an accumulation of lies has something disgusting!  Father Cerani
    Father Ceriani wondered about Bishop Fellay:
    "For whom does he take us, this mitred treater  ? "
    Until when will the 500 abbots of the FSSPX agree to swallow these nonsense and lies ever more impudent on the part of Bishop Fellay, this bishop felon, and the small clan of the dozen abbots infiltrated the surround?
    Let's continue the good fight


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