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Author Topic: Found on Chiesa Viva website on Cardinal Siri was Elected Pope and Pope Paul VI  (Read 122 times)

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1958, when he took the name of Gregorio XVII, but was forced to resign under terrible threats and under the nightmare of continuous explosions of nuclear bombs, by the USA and the USSR, for the duration of the Conclave. Here is what the President of the Conclave of 1963, Prince Scotersco wrote in his diary: «During the Conclave, a Cardinal came out of the Sistine Chapel, met with the representatives of the B’nai B’rith (High Jewish Freemasonry) announced to them the election of Card. Siri. They responded by saying that the persecution against the Church would be resumed immediately. Returning to the Conclave, he had Montini elected!» Since whoever is elected Pope, once accepting the position and choosing a name, he remains a legitimate Pope even, if by any means, he is forced to resign, Paul VI, who was imposed with the threat of a nuclear exter- mination of the Conclave, was “im- posed” as an Anti-Pope. THE CORRUPTION The corruption in the Church entered with Paul VI: a homosexual, a traitor of Pius XII, an accomplice in the murder of priests and bishops sent by Pius XII behind the Iron Curtain, a predestined one for the top of Freemasonry, an anti-pope, an initia- tor of the Reign of the Antichrist with the Double Black Mass in Rome and in Charleston, promoter of the heretical Vatican II; Paul VI re- placed the Catholic priesthood with the Masonic priesthood, sowing cor- ruption at every level: priests, reli- gious, bishops, cardinals; he was an enemy of dogmas, of the “docete,” of the supernatural, of the liturgical treasure; he was the promoter of ecumenism and of a Masonic world government; he was suppressor of the Index; destroyer of the Holy Office and encyclicals against Modernism, Freemasonry, Communism. He was responsible for delivering entire Christian nations to Communism; he was Head of the Supreme Commission of the 5 Entities: Mafia, Ndrangheta, Deviated Church, P2 Lodge and Deviated Secret Services; He was the instigator of the assassination of Padre Pio; he was the main one responsible for approving the abortion law in Italy; the Jewish Pontiff with the Ephod on his chest; he was glorified as the greatest Rosicrucian Knight; demolisher of the Catholic Mass so as to have almost succeeded in overturning the Mass; in his will, he wrote that he did not want any Christian symbol on his coffin. In short, Paul VI was a traitor to Christ, traitor to the Church, traitor to the Christian people


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