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Author Topic: Does This Photo Anger You?  (Read 3906 times)

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Does This Photo Anger You?
« Reply #45 on: November 06, 2010, 03:43:25 PM »
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  • Quote from: Matto
    It makes me sad, but not angry. I generally think that those girls, and others like them, don't really know what they are doing.

    I know that when I was younger, and used to go to the New Mass with my family, and all of that stuff was going on, I didn't know any better.

    I figure when I see things like this, that it is caused by a form of mass-insanity brought about by near universal brainwashing from birth, and that many such things are not done in malice but in ignorance.


    I agree wholeheartedly with what you are saying regarding the likely disposition of the girls--they probably don't know anybetter.  In any event the irreverance both saddens and angers me.  I'm not angry with the girls.  I am angry at the root of the N.O. culture being such that it is likely, or even possible, that the girls don't know better.

    Your being brought up in the N.O. and not knowing any better is similar to my background.  I started reading my parents old Catechisms at an early age and realized there was a much prefereable traditional past of the Catholic Church, but still lacked the maturity, at first, to realize the full extent of just how bad things were--things that I had been taught in Catholic elementary school as being right.


    That is why I am so bent on traditionalist confronting the N.O.--not just the Genrerals of both sides conferencing in Rome, but the troops going into N.O. masses and doing everything that is technically acceptable (receive communion only from the priest, kneeling, and on the tongue; kneeling in prayer during glad handing; say Holy Ghost; refuse to say the protestant add-on the Lord's Prayer--attend N.O. picnics and festivals in t-shirts with traditional images captioned with "It's a Catholic Thing--You Wouldn't Understand.  If one or two do these sorts of things, not that there is anything wrong with it, but they'll look like nut-jobs.  But teaming together several would make a bold confrontational statement.

    A less directly confrontational option would be to much better publicize the traditionalist positions and options than currently done.  I think there are innocent souls in the N.O. who sincerely believe they are living the fullest possible Catholic life who need some sort of introduction to tradition.  Had I not had my parents old Catechisms, I would have known absolutely nothing about tradition and would not even have had a hint that fullness was lacking.

    It angers me that the N.O. culture is such that innocent people are largely deprived of the fullness of tradition.  But the traditionalist who are only worried about "me and mine" also anger me.  The hints of tradition I found ON MY OWN were NO THANKS TO THE TRADITIONALISTS!!!!!

    Any moonie, hare krishna, protestant heretic, etc., who wants to exercise his first amendment rights, DOES SO--in fact I had more of an awareness of the contemporary existence of those bastards than traditional Catholicism!  Even the heretic recluse publisher Jack Chick gets his message out better than traditionalists.

    I believe the problems with the N.O. are severe; I believe the N.O. is where the Apostolic chain is, and thus, sadly, the true home of ALL Catholics including traditionalist though many are understandably disillusioned; I believe the time is at hand for the confrontation--not playing patty cakes and having "talks"-- to set things straight.  If I understand the SSPX position, y'all largely believe this, too.  This is YOUR home--you can't kick a dog off his own front porch and not expect to get bit.  I applaud the SSPX, but occasionally visit N.O. parishes and do some of the things I suggest!!  Have your whole chapel attend the same N.O. parish on a given Sunday!  If somebody put a padlock on your house and posted a sign "My New Home" while you were out, wouldn't you be so ANGRY you'd kick out a window and go on in?!?!?

    I don't know whether these girls souls or endangered or not.  But it seems apparent that some of the hard-liners think that is VERY LIKELY, whether for the irreverance or for being "protestant."  These "protestants" did not PROTEST and break--they remained in their pews with their priests while something new was slipped in--it is WRONG to let them unknowingly perish, if you believe that to be their fate.  That's not exactly my position, but I likewise believe it's wrong to leave them missing out on the full benefits of tradition.

    I refuse to leave where I believe the Apostolic chain and the promises of Matthew 16:18-19 and Matthew 28:20 to be live and I simultaneously refuse subjected to the tyranny of modernists and liberals.  I'm fortunate to be in an N.O. parish which makes efforts to embrace traditionalism and shield itself from the influence of the tyranny.  The occasions I visit N.O. parishes (which I intend to be limited henceforth and rather seek out SSPX or Motu when traveling) I will probably more of an ass than I've previously been!


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