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Author Topic: Pfeifferville West? Pfeiffer at OLHC in Garden Grove  (Read 386 times)

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Pfeifferville West? Pfeiffer at OLHC in Garden Grove
« on: December 06, 2021, 04:34:57 PM »
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  • Pfeiffer was reportedly seen at OLHC in Garden Grove, however I delayed posting the information until I saw a video posted by Pablo the Mexican, who posted a video of Pfeiffer saying Mass Dec. 1st in a private home in Anaheim, close to Our Lady Help of Christians chapel. It appears that he came west soon after he learned that Father Perez died.

    Let us pray that our chapel does not become Pfeifferville West.

    Pray for the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

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    Re: Pfeifferville West? Pfeiffer at OLHC in Garden Grove
    « Reply #1 on: December 06, 2021, 05:44:42 PM »
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  • A relevant post for those who might have missed it:

    Posted by Catholicus on April 18, 2019, 11:27:19 AM (Link to Topic, Page 4)

    (Forgive me if it will be a long letter)

    Dear Matthew we have to pray for all of us!
    And I think after having to deal with this sort of persons in OLMC we all need a realy good exorcist.
    Believe me, it's the best for all of us, but it is difficult to find one!
    This are the consequences of a modernist church which has abolished exorcists....

    All those who had been in contact with Pablo have to seek help even if it is not immediately noticeable, if you had to deal with him YOU NEED HELP! There are consequences of having anything to do with him and His headquarter (Pfeiferville).
    So many strange things were happening there....

    For example he gave me a food in which I AM SURE he put his blood drops in it, to do me a spell.
    So how spells will he have done  with Fr. Pfeiffer ans others using food?
    I went with him and fr. Pfeiffer once to a takeaway-restaurant. When my dinner was ready he told me that something is missing in the food and he went with my plate to the kitchen of the restaurant, I heard him whisper something very quietly to the chef that came out of the kitchen because he wanted to talk to him.

    I did not understand why he was speaking so secretly to chef. But the chef answered aloud and said that "in these soup do not belong tomato!" and: "But if you want it, how many do you want?" Pablo said silently something and the chef answered loudly: "fine in 3 pieces!"

    I could have gone to Pablo to get my soup back, but I did not, because I didn´t want to leave Fr. Pfeiffer alone sitting at the table.
    I was so naive !!!

    The crazy thing was that before Pablo took my soup, Fr.Pfeiffer din´t want him to do it and yelled at him very loud.
    I wanted to stop both and so I told Fr. Pfeiffer that it was all right, and accepted that Pablo took it and brought it to the chef.

    The strange thing was, when the chef came back from the kitchen and gave him back my soup, Pablo did not come back but he was still standing there with his back to me, he stood there with my soup and I heard a noise of a plastic bag. A child which was traveling with us (friend of Pablo) was all the time like completely hypnotized by Pablo, Pablo called this child and the child went to him with a plastic bag. All this was happening during the timeI was sitting with Fr. Pfeiffer and we were talking about things that are going on in the church.

    Looking to Pablo that called the kid with a plastic bag, I thought maybe he wanted to wrap up my soup, to eat it later in the car (because it was also a takeaway restaurant).

    Since Pablo was always strange I did not ask any questions, I knew that everything was possible with him and that he was little bit crazy.

    But I could not understand what was going on and why he did not bring me the soup. What did he took from the plastic bag and what was he doing with my soup??

    After some minute he brought the child to me with my soup and told me to enjoy. Oh, mad me, I shouldn't have eaten ..
    His behavior seemed so weird that I started to look in internet, so I started with the first inexplicable situation, the one in the restaurant.

    What I had found out was: a witchcraft
    In a dark book of witchcraft and of black magic I found out= A witchcraft that can be done with a soup, but you have to make sure that in this vegetable soup are 3 pieces of Tomato in it, and then you have to do some drops of your blood (I can not remember if it should be 2 or 3 drops) in it.

    After you do so, the witchcraft works and the person who was against you and take this soup, begins to obey and follow you more and to be more and more obedient to you. You need to know that I was disturbing Pablo very much, because compared to others in Pfeifferville, including Fr. Hewko, I was the only person who did not get advice from him and did not let him give me orders (the other person that did not accept Pablo was Fr. Pfeiffers Daddy). No matter what, if he did something in my soup, the soup maybe did´t work the way it had to, but it certainly has some consequences and it is not good to eat poisonous food.

    One day when I was in the priest's house, being asked to help out and clean up a little, Pablos room (yes he was living in the priest house) was open and a person (don´t want to say his name) went out of this room, with fear in his face, and told me that all the resistance priests and bishops are in danger..., because Pablo has something going on with spells, he has on his desk objects like for voodo or santeria witchcraft and some cigars, and has as well as books about HOW TO BRING A PERSON into psychological addiction and about hypnosis.

    In the beginning I really thought this person is just playing a psychological game and is harmless. Even when, after my first night spent in Kentuky, when I woke up in the morning I found a big big clock on my bedside table.
    That means that one has visited me at night. Someone who also had the keys.

    In Kentucky as a visitor I stayed at the seminary, which was allowed because the seminarist were on vacation.
    I didn´t say anything to fr. Pfeiffer or to Fr. Hewko about the huge Clock that someone will have brought in overnight but I asked him, who else has a key except me. It was a new lock and I had received one key but who had the second one?
    Fr. Pfeiffer told me that Pablo has the second key and he told him to give me also the second key but Pablo never obeyed Father Pfeiffer ...

    I stayed normal, said nothing to anyone, and I was friendly to Pablo.

    The next morning, instead, I found something else in my room when I got up= a very big butcher knife.
    Instead of the clock that had disappeared over night, was a butcher knife.

    I thought these are the psychological tricks to scare me. But honestly, it felt a bit strange.
    I got a bit scared but then I told myself that's what he wanted, he's crazy and just wants to scare me because I do not let him dominate me and I do not think highly of him, like the others do.

    He just wants domination and satan wants me to run away and leave this resistance group.
    So I asked God during my prayer time for courage to stay and endure it...

    I started to laughed about these things that were going on and thought it was a game of an adult acting crazy.

    At next I started at night to hear a noice and went to the corridor and saw Pablo standing inside at the door burning with a cigar the carpet.

    He stood with his back to me so he did not see me because he was also in a stooped position.
    He spoke formulas in Spanish. I stayed hidden and quiet behind him, and could listen him talking something strange.
    Then he left 3 holes full of ash on the carpet and went out.

    The next day I cleaned the burned holes of the carpet with the vacuum cleaner but after I went out for a while and came back, I found again the 3 holes full of ashes and a bad odor.

    One night before I fell asleep I smelled the smoke of a cigar, I got up and saw Pablo in the dark standing in the corridor on the front door, he was burning the carpet again. Even this time I stayed calm and thought that this person is only acting weird or a little bit unsane.

    But I looked again on the Internet and found out that it is witchcraft. To burn the carpet with a cigar and to make 3 holes and leave the ashes in the holes with a few curses that should be spoken, it is for hat this place (or person?) burns up, goes up in flames etc.

    No matter what it was, it was a diabolical and I knew that I should not sleep there anymore.

    So I found help by some kindly people who took me in, and Pablo went crazy and wild and yelled that I should stay there and not go away.

    I kept getting calls on my American cellphone number, it was people in spanish who always cursed me. Sometimes women from south america called me and sometimes men and they all cursed me on the phone. They wished me the worst and hung up.

    Who were these people?

    Can someone tell me from the Cathinfo if you have already experienced something like that?

    I didn't answer the phone anymore. But now they became very smart. Whenever Fr. Pfeiffer was gone, as for example in Dallas and other cities, I got calls from these cities. On my smartphone was written for example: call from Dallas or Denver (do not remember exactly the order of the cities). So I thought it was fr. Pfeiffer or a person that was with him, and answered the call, but again a latino person shouted curses in spanish over me. WHO WAS IT?

    Did these people get money to call me and tell me these horrible things?

    If they were paid, with what money they were paid? With the money of donation? Do they raise money and accept donations to use it for something good but then they use it to harm you? Pablo always got access to the bank account from Fr. Pfeiffer as well as donate money.

    I did not understand why so many different people called me several times a day to curse me in Spanish.
    Do you have an idea??

    I thought it was one of those tricks, because I knew that he had certain books about how to make a person dependent and obedient, using terror and psychological tricks.

    I said to myself: no I'm not afraid, I'm strong with God and I'm not scared because these are only power and control games of a sick person but I'm strong because I'm with God and I stay here  (resistance Kentucky) even if satan does not want me to be here.
    So I lived not far from the chapel but no longer on Fr. Pfeiffers ground.

    But what I found questionable, however, was why Pablo wanted to have me on the property.

    So I started doubting if it really was God's will for me to stay or if I should not move away forever....

    What made me move?

    I moved into this property and stayed overnight with the family of Fr. Pfeiffer... I do not want to go into details, I thought it was safe there but now something incomprehensible happened .... in my room.

    I was left alone in this home, I was alone in one room, no matter what I thought I am safe.
    At night a few minutes before midnight, my smartphone started ringing again.
    I did not answer the phone because I thought it was again a person screaming curse.
    With my other smartphone (I had two) I started to listen to the litany of the Saints, in latin as an audio recording.
    The more the phone rang the louder I made the litany and said to myself that I do not have to be afraid.

    Then I did something it should not be done. I hung up! I did not know that one should not act like that. I did not pick up the phone call, but I pressed the red button to reject the call. Later I read that we should not do that either. We should not answer but also not hang up, because pressing the red button means a reaction and it is like opening the door to the curse or the spirit and this can penetrate.

    I did not understand it then and knew nothing about it so I did it.

    At this moment, when I pressed the red button, it was one minute before midnight. I was just looking at the clock, when it struck midnight there was a loud noise, it was as if somebody jumped into my room. Until this moment, I really thought it was all a joke, a prank, and the witchcraft is like a game, without any power or result.

    I was a more rational person and a believer, believing in the power of God more than in Satans acting spirits...

    Pablo always talked about ghosts and demons, freemasons, human sacrifices and fallen angels and exorcism, i did not like to hear about it, and demons and exorcism was not my interest.

    But that night I realized that it was all no joke but satanism.

    There were these fallen angels or whatever it was, that was in my room, there were moving cupboards, it opened and closed the cupboards it also turned on the gas stoven. This something that was making noice, had feet because it walked and even breathes, but it could not approach me for I was kneeling before the cross and prayed.

    On the floor kneeling before the cross I felt safe, and was convinced that this "something" could not get closer to me as long as I stayed kneeling. Then all lights went out and the gas alarm started.......

    Should I get up but be in danger? Or should I stay on my knees but possibly stifle on gas poisoning?

    I stayed on my knees and prayed aloud with the audio recording the Litany of the saints, and took then my smartphone (the one where I got all the bad calls) and called a family member from a priest... this family member came immediately and,
    opened all the windows, and got me out of there ..... I told him nothing about what was going on but this person said immediately: it's Pablo. He always walks in the woods at midnight and who knows what he is doing there on magic. Satan wants you away.
    Do not let him win. He want´s to destroy the RESISTANCE.
    This I was told.


    This evil person that did all these things to me, threatened me, and then called me to ask how my parents are....that their health are in danger... since then they are ill and many years have passed and they are still ill.

    I myself have a deep sorrow in my heart and a permanent battle... since then and ask for prayer. I pray for all of you and the poor priests and all the souls in need in this fight between heaven and hell.

    May God bless you!! We all need Help and blessings and the intervention from Heaven in this evil time.

    Oportet Christum regnare!

    Pray for the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary