Author Topic: Dr. Taylor Marshall considering an interview with Bishop Williamson  (Read 432 times)

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Here is the video in which he states this:

Timestamp: 22:10

This could be a great thing if it comes to fruition, since more Catholics would be exposed to His Excellency and could learn from him. 

P.S. - It is a truly wonderful thing that Fr. Christensen is accepting his cross with resignation. Sadly, he has bought into the lies spread by moderns about Bishop Williamson, and expresses this earlier in the video. 

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Re: Dr. Taylor Marshall considering an interview with Bishop Williamson
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  • I would be very impressed if Taylor Marshall interviewed His Lordship.

    At first I was very sceptical of Marshall, but a number of people who have started attending my chapel now say they were influenced by him to give up the Novus Ordo.
    "When human beings have been brutalised by impurity, they will allow themselves to be enslaved without making any attempt to react." ~ Fr. Fahey

    TRUE humility of King St. Louis IX:
    “A Christian should argue with a blasphemer only by running his sword through his bowels as far as it will go."


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