Author Topic: Culpable Ignorance the Great Apostasy  (Read 422 times)

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Culpable Ignorance the Great Apostasy
« on: August 12, 2016, 09:42:38 AM »
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    Not all ignorance is bliss...

    Culpable Ignorance & the Great Apostasy
    A Sobering Reality Check

    During last year’s Fatima Conference sponsored by the Congregation of Mary Immaculate Queen (CMRI) in Spokane, Washington, Mr. Jeffrey Knight, pictured above, gave a most informative lecture on the subject of every Catholic’s duty to know his Faith, even, and especially, in our difficult times. Too often, people try to take the easy way out and find excuses to not investigate what the Catholic Faith requires us to hold — and how it requires us to act — with respect to the Modernists in the Vatican claiming to be the legitimate Roman Catholic authorities. Mr. Knight demonstrates from Catholic theology at what point ignorance of Church teaching is culpable and becomes a mortal sin.

    Whether we like it or not, we all have an obligation to know what our Faith teaches regarding the authority and infallibility of the Magisterium and the papacy, regarding Church authority, and regarding our duty to submit to those whom we recognize to be our legitimate pastors in the Church. Some people believe that as long as they are in ignorance on these matters and mean well, then their duty ceases. Others, again, have persuaded themselves that some Catholic teaching doesn’t “apply” today because of “the crisis” or “diabolical disorientation”. They are mistaken.

    In this 56-minute talk, Mr. Knight takes to task the adherents of the “recognize-and-resist” (R&R) position, specifically the Society of St. Pius X, and contrasts their popular but nevertheless mistaken ideas with the true Catholic teaching anyone can easily research for himself.

    Listen to this exciting talk by a great speaker and share it with friends and family:

    Culpable Ignorance and the Great Apostasy
    by Jeffrey Knight (Oct. 10, 2014)

    (mp3 / 54.1 MB)

    (Alternate download link: click here)

    For more talks from this conference, or to purchase them on CD, and to view photos of the gathering, please see the following links:

        Fatima Conference 2014 Audios - Free Download
        Fatima Conference 2014 Audios - Purchase the Recordings on CD here
        Photos of the 2014 Fatima Conference - with option to purchase DVD
    "I receive Thee, redeeming Prince of my soul. Out of love for Thee have I studied, watched through many nights, and exerted myself: Thee did I preach and teach. I have never said aught against Thee. Nor do I persist stubbornly in my views. If I have ever expressed myself erroneously on this Sacrament, I submit to the judgement of the Holy Roman Church, in obedience of which I now part from this world." Saint Thomas Aquinas the greatest Doctor of the Church

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    Culpable Ignorance the Great Apostasy
    « Reply #1 on: August 13, 2016, 07:32:45 PM »
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  • Once one takes the doctrinal position that  holds that dogma is not a definitive expression of our Faith, a formal object of Divine and Catholic Faith, but rather a human expression open to endless theological refinement, they have unknowingly undermined any possibility of opposing the new Ecumenical Ecclesiology. In other words once one thinks that dogma is not the final definitive teaching, but must be interpreted by others, then they have opened the door to having to tolerate all interpretations, in this case on baptism of desire, all interpretations from the dogma on EENS as it is written (as the strict EENS'ers teaching, like St. John  Chrysostom) all the way to the teachings of Vatican II. wants to limit everyone's belief to whatever they deem is the correct interpretation, but that is just his wishful thinking.

    There are only two groups in this debate:

    A) the Strict EENSers - who believe that dogma is the final definitive expression of our Faith, a formal object of Divine and Catholic Faith. (and who in the case of BOD, believe that only those can be saved who are water baptized Catholics and die in a state of sanctifying grace).

    B) those who believe that dogmas are a human expression open to endless theological refinement (and believe that people can be saved from a Catholic catechumen all the way to a Muslim who has no explicit faith in Christ or the Holy Trinity)
    The Vatican II church - Assisting Souls to Hell Since 1962

    For there shall arise false Christs and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders, insomuch as to deceive (if possible) even the elect. Mat 24:24


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