Author Topic: Shocking review of Popes new book  (Read 3361 times)

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Shocking review of Popes new book
« Reply #45 on: March 13, 2011, 07:26:32 AM »
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  • Quote from: Raoul76
    Jehanne said:
    "It has been decided likewise that if anyone says that for this reason the Lord said: 'In my father’s house there are many mansions' (John 14:2): that it might be understood that in the kingdom of heaven there will be some middle place or some place anywhere where the blessed infants live who departed from this life without baptism, without which they cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven, which is eternal life, let him be anathema. For when the lord says :'Unless a man be born of water and the Holy Ghost, he shall not enter into the kingdom of God' (John 3:5), what Catholic will doubt that he will be partner of the devil who has not deserved to be a co-heir of Christ? For he who lacks the right part will without doubt run into the left." (Canon 3.1, Council of Carthage, Denzinger 102 fn.2; 30th edition)

    Limbo is not part of the kingdom of heaven, so it doesn't contradict the Council of Carthage.

    You haven't figured something out that no one figured out before you, Jehanne.  I hope that doesn't wound your pride.  Lots of Popes knew a lot more than you and saw no contradiction.  If you can't accept this, you're in trouble.

    Stop reading about baptism of desire, and get some books about the saints, St. Gemma, St. Bernard, St. Alphonsus, St. Catherine, learn how the saints thought, talked and acted, that is the cure for the scrupes.  This is DEFINITELY a trap of the devil, all this Feeneyism stuff, it's a direct attack on intellectual pride, it relies on people who just have to know who is saved and who is damned, i.e. people who are playing God.

    Once again, you are putting words into my mouth.  No, I am not "prideful," and from my perspective, I am not advocating anything whatsoever that is new.  I have posted this before:

    Baltimore Catechism -- Question 510:

    Is it ever possible for one to be saved who does not know the Catholic Church to be the true Church?

    Answer: It is possible for one to be saved who does not know the Catholic Church to be the true Church provided that person (I) has been validly baptized; (2) firmly believes the religion he professes and practices to be the true religion, and (3) dies without the guilt of mortal sin on his soul.

    If Catholics (myself included) are interested in getting Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, etc., into Paradise, a perfectly orthodox mechanism exists for doing just that -- Baptism in infancy.  We can hope that the One and Triune God, in His Providence over His Creation, had such "good people" baptized when they were too young to remember it, that they lived good and decent lives even though their lives were lived in a false religion, and when they died, they died without mortal sin.  For there, off to Purgatory they would go to find the real truth.

    The above should be enough to end, forever, all discussion about salvation "outside" of the Roman Catholic Church, but I suspect that we will keep discussing it.

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    Shocking review of Popes new book
    « Reply #46 on: March 13, 2011, 09:09:52 AM »
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  • Raoul, NO! I don't have a quote and it is not heretic since it is not considered a dogma, just a THEORY.  I also said my feeling about this THEORY, was neutral, not something I believe or even wonder about.    This is what I was taught as a child in Catholic school, that some theologians THINK, it might be possible that God has a test after the END OF TIME, for unbapitzed infants.   END OF TIME, meaning this so-called test would happen in eternity, therefore nothing like a reincarnation type of life.  

    It would be interesting if those reading here, might ask their priests and post back.  Ask Fr. Dominic, if he ever heard of such a theory.


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