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Bobbing for BOB
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  • How many of the feeney persuasion deny BOB?

    The first of this thread shows numerous Saints BOB.  I liked his analogy of hiding the food that you don't want to eat.  "Let's not talk about that."  Or try to hide it by making it look different that what it really is.  Is it difficult for the deniers of the infallible Catholic doctrine on BOB to spread the facts out evenly on the plate, hide it in napkins and throwing the napkins in the trash?

    "It says so and so was baptized in his own blood but does it really mean it?"  

    "You know the Church errs on these things.  Just because the Church honors them as Saints baptized in blood in her liturgy does not mean that we have to accept it."

    It must be difficult to be a denier of truth.  I know the feeling, I defended JP2 as a valid Pope for a bit.  The only difference is when I see overwhelming evidence to the contrary I don't hide it under the plate but accept it.

    Can I get a 10/4 on that.

     :cowboy:  I am Irish don't you know.  I hate the English part about me.   :mad:  But I don't do this  :alcohol: when I get mad (anymore).  
    "I receive Thee, redeeming Prince of my soul. Out of love for Thee have I studied, watched through many nights, and exerted myself: Thee did I preach and teach. I have never said aught against Thee. Nor do I persist stubbornly in my views. If I have ever expressed myself erroneously on this Sacrament, I submit to the judgement of the Holy Roman Church, in obedience of which I now part from this world." Saint Thomas Aquinas the greatest Doctor of the Church


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