Author Topic: The "Mute Dogs" of Ecclessia Dei  (Read 645 times)

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The "Mute Dogs" of Ecclessia Dei
« on: March 11, 2011, 11:48:56 AM »
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    Second Sunday of February 2011: Sixth Sunday after Epiphany

    “1,000 soldiers fall to the left, 10,000 to the right”
    This Scripture quote from Psalm 90 reminds us that false brethren (those on the right) are more dangerous than true enemies (those on the left). In the guerrilla war which the traditionalist world has had to wage against the forces of apostasy, it is quite understandable, if tragic, that there be division from among the ranks of those who “uphold the traditions of their forefathers”. In the midday warmth of the Catholic Church, under the sun of a clear magisterium and irreproachable authorities, faith and morals are undisputed and well delineated and only the blind and lame refuse to toe the straight line.

    It is when the Church undergoes an eclipse that things become troublesome. When “the trumpet does not sound the clear warning, no one goes to war” says St. Paul; when the sun of the Church’s magisterium goes down, when the source of truth and morality gives an unclear message, when we are all enveloped in the dusk of ambiguity and uncertainty, where can we turn? The best way home is to return where we came from and retrace our steps back, because these are at least secure and familiar grounds. And this is what a little remnant has done.

    Yet no man is an island and the struggle needed to be harnessed in some organization to survive. Hence it was not surprising that many good souls came with plenty of good will and energy, and started to build on safe ground. But then the enemy came and sowed cockle where wheat was growing unchecked; division and chaos ensued, following the always successful strategy of "divide and conquer". Had the development of Tradition been steady, and presented a united front against the onslaught of modernist Rome , there is little doubt that the process of auto-demolition of Holy Mother Church would have been largely slowed down. Yet, man, being the son of Adam that he is, had to put his two cents into the equation and place a grain of sand into the cogwheels of Tradition.

    After the betrayal of the cowards and the weak, there came the defection of the sedevacantists who tended to divide themselves indefinitely. Then came that of the children of Archbishop Lefebvre, their own spiritual father, who left him for the mirages of the roses and lilies of modernist Rome . These are as so many tombstones strewn in the cemetery of the “War Veterans of Tradition”; tombstones of mute dogs, forever forbidden to bark at the madness of our poor Church authorities for the sake of a meager place in the sun and a piece of paper proving them to be “inside” the Catholic Church. Their name is legion: The monastery of Le Barroux, the Fraternity of St. Peter, Bishop Rifan and Campos , the Institute of Christ the King, the Institute of the Good Shepherd...

    Then, to complete the picture, you have half-traditional priests, operating under the Pope’s gracious motu proprio liberating the Mass of all time. These priests are unfortunately halfway between the old and the new in more things than liturgy, and this reality does not make them so palatable to us. Can we really entrust our souls to someone who is meant to be our father, when the first condition is that he truly be a father and an example for us and our children? Woe to those souls who give themselves entirely or even halfway to unclear and untrustworthy leaders. Who would let his daughter jump in a car driven by a madman? Is this not what many of our friends are doing when, for mysterious reasons, they decide to pick-and-choose which traditional church they want to go to?


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