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Author Topic: Announcement 2019: Sworn Declaration from Handwriting Analyst  (Read 325 times)

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    Dr. Chojnowski: As we try to figure out how best to post the Handwriting Experts Sworn Declaration which indicates that the handwriting of Sister Lucy post-1958 is NOT consistent with the handwriting of Sister Lucy pre-1958 --- hence indicating forgery and doing much to verify the judgment that the post-1958 Sister Lucy was an imposter --- I want to give my readers the heads up as to what was found in a very brief form. The entire 114 page declaration will be available as soon as we are able. The report indicates:
     1) The writing of "Sister Lucy" in 1969 was NOT consistent with the writings of Sister Lucy in her memoirs form the 20s, 30s, and 40s, indicating forgery and an imposter operating at the time.
     2) The Third Secret text dating from 1944, released by the Vatican in 2000, was AUTHENTIC AND CONSISTENT WITH THE 20s, 30s, and 40s, writings of Sister Lucy I. Although this is not stated in the declaration, it would seem to open up the possibility or even likelihood, as has been put forward by figures such as Antonio Socci, Fr. Nicholas Gruner, and Christopher Ferrara, that there is a "Fourth Secret," which has not been released yet by the Vatican, which would be Our Lady's words which explain and give the message that were meant to accompany the vision apparently given to the Children of Fatima on July 13, 1917. The first two Secrets have accompanying messages explaining the visions, why does the Third not? 
     The investigator has indicated that this declaration has done much to move forward the Sister Lucy Truth investigation. Keep checking back for the posted handwriting declaration, for the link to the new evidentiary website, and for the further scientific reports with will address the Sister Lucy I and II question from all different scientific perspectives.

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    Re: Announcement 2019: Sworn Declaration from Handwriting Analyst
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  • Im confused.  What do they mean by 4th secret?  Do they just mean the accompanying explanation for the 3rd secret?
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    Re: Announcement 2019: Sworn Declaration from Handwriting Analyst
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  • They mean that only part of the 3rd secret was revealed.  The unrevealed part, they call the “4th secret”.  It obviously explains the chaos of today and in the Church, which follows the phrase “in Portugal, the dogma of faith will always be preserved, etc”...


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