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  1. Pope Michael Video Documentary
  2. Apology to Sedes
  3. Another Error in Italian "YOUCAT"!
  4. Vatican II Says........
  5. Defending the Papacy
  6. A Heretical Pope?
  7. Spiritual Illness of Sedevacantism
  8. John Salza on Sedevacantism
  9. A Refutation of the Heresy of Sedevacantism
  10. SSPX attempts to stop publication of Archbishop Lefebvres sermons
  11. Jesus is Jew, the Virgin Mary is Jew, the Apostles, they are Jews.
  12. YOUCAT contraception
  13. Vatican announces Masses, Oct. 22 feast day for Blessed John Paul
  14. Vatican II in Continuity With Trent?
  15. Ratzingers latest book
  16. TIA: How long will it take to ordain woman priests?
  17. Are There Any Non Sedes Left on this Subforum?
  18. Video: Pope on VCII
  19. What are we to think of the Sedevacantist Position?
  20. John Paul II being beatified for holiness, not his papacy, speakers say
  21. Vatican: Assisi meeting will not include interreligious prayer
  22. Maynooth Seminary In Ireland, Fit for a Mission?
  23. Pope can Canonize Saints at Will?
  24. Of the Church and the Pope
  25. Courts of the Gentiles -- Mar. 25
  26. Cekada: "We resist you to your face."
  27. The Feeneyite Heresy
  28. Believe it or not!
  29. Akin: "POPE: Dont Evangelize Jews! Really?"
  30. Baptism - Not of Desire, Not of Blood
  31. Jewish Rationalism
  32. Establishing a peace between SSPX and sede-independant
  33. Quanta Cura and VCII Are Consistent on Religious Liberty
  34. Danneels approved pedophilic catechism?
  35. ABL: Sede-ism is Absurd, Dangerous, Leads to Schism, Causes Divisions
  36. The latest shocking statistics
  37. More absurdity from Tradito.
  38. Abp Chaput: Religious Liberty is Cure to Secularization?
  39. Very interesting and thoroughly researched JPII expose
  40. Cardinal Ratzinger JPII on Assisi Salvation Outside the Church
  41. Particular Judgment
  42. A Statement of Reservations Concerning the Beatification of JPII
  43. Church Remained Catholic at VCII?
  44. Rejection of Fatima is how Sedevacantism isnt Catholic?
  45. So much is happening and now this!
  46. Assisi Revisited
  47. Australia: A priest says he is prepared to wed homosexual couples
  48. "In Portugal the dogma of the faith will always be preserved."
  49. Benedict XVI and John XXIII Suspected of Heresy by Previous Popes?
  50. Jesuit sees Inquisition in condom ordinance