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  1. Pope stunned by Churchs wretchedness
  2. Novus Ordo Church: We never said to play God with food.
  3. Novus Ordo Church: We must play god with food!
  4. B16 to Medjugorje faithful - be evangelizers of Gods love
  5. PCED Secretary: Avoid SSPX Masses Sacraments!
  6. "Neo-Catechumenal Way": Popes New Evangelizers?
  7. Conditions for a Plenary Indulgence
  8. Ecumenical World Youth Day
  9. Card. Tauran opens a centre for interreligious dialogue in Lahore
  10. Pope Benedict XVIs Surprising Shout out to Medjugorje "Evangelizers"
  12. Question for Sedes
  13. CA: Pope Correct and Above Our Heads
  14. "Hillel" Angelus Article Reprinted from "Daily Catholic"!
  15. Man of Providence
  16. New Printing of Pope Johns Council
  17. Russian Orthodox Church okays use of condoms
  18. Pope: Jews are Not Elder Brothers, but Fathers in the Faith
  19. Conservatives at odds with Vatican over condoms
  20. Trouble in the Philippines: Papal Clarification Needed
  21. B16 on Judaism and the change in the Good Friday Prayer
  22. Opus Dei from 2004: Condoms Not Intrinsically Evil
  23. Popes remarks on Jews raise eyebrows in US
  24. EXPLICIT MATERIAL - The Pope drops Catholic ban on condoms
  25. "Light of the World." A Papal First
  26. Did he really say this?
  27. Cath Info Posters - priorities and topics
  28. SSPX note on B16s remarks on condom use
  29. Where to go from here?
  30. 14 Day CAF Suspension for "Contempt for the Clergy"
  31. Vatican threatens new China bishop with excommunication
  32. on the Popes statements
  33. Pope 180 on Williamson?
  34. From the Papal Magisterium of Ven. Pius XII
  35. Pope Benedicts Equivocal Position on Judaism
  36. VIDEO: Bishop Fellay at SSPX 40th Anniversary Conference
  37. Vatican Jewish relations remain difficult
  38. B16 on pedophile "priests" - No free will
  39. USCCB President on God: "him or her, somebody beyond us.."
  40. Pope says Williamson was "never Catholic in the proper sense"
  41. Popes publisher defends Benedict XVIs condom remarks
  42. Praise Pouring in for "Light of the World"
  43. VIDEO: A Vatican II Moment: the "Pre-Party Mass"
  44. Pope says Williamson has never been Catholic, since he is SSPX
  45. Vatican Popes condom comments apply to women too
  46. Pope says in book he would resign if incapacitated
  47. The Pope of the Forked Tongue
  48. Jimmy Aiken Defense of Popes Condom Statements
  49. Interesting article from 2006 on the Church and Condoms
  50. Fellay threatens to kick Williamson to curb?