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  1. Sister Lucy TRUTH, 1/20/2020 update
  2. Opus Dei Sex Abuse Case: An exclusive interview
  3. The 40 Articles of the Declaration of Truth: Means to definitively end the Crisi
  4. 61 year sede-vacantism has already become proximately heretical (leads to EVism)
  5. Nun says Pope Francis is trying to wipe out Christianity
  6. Robert Sungenis on Sedevacantism (and Gerry Matatics)
  7. Problems with the Catechism of the Catholic Church?
  8. Fr. Hunter contra SV: If the Bishops agree in recognizing a certain man as Pope.
  9. They are killing the Church in China - Cardinal Zen
  10. Responses to the Crisis: Conciliar Church = Catholic Church?
  11. The Withdrawal of the Church by Fr. Castellani
  12. A serious issue with the R&R position
  13. One pope elected while another was still alive?
  14. Solemnity of the Baptism of Our Lord
  15. He exudes holiness, doesn’t he?
  16. Quotes of Archbishop Lefebvre - Against Sedevacantism
  18. Francis silent over 16,000 Nigerian Christian murders
  19. The “Gurus” of Tradition
  20. Active Queer Priest Reinstated by Vatican
  22. Savonarola the Sede-Vacantist: "Pope Alexander VI is not the Pope"
  23. Implications of 50+ years of Invalid Rites - the Church of Rome has defected.
  24. Must Obey Pope Even if He Says Black is White
  25. "We are in a time of the first ever Mass Conversion of Muslims to Christ"
  26. Canon of Eighth Ecumenical Council: no one to separate from his Patriarch ...
  27. Moral Theology by Jone (full PDF)
  28. Sedevacantists self-contradict - most aren't conclavist!
  29. Is Francis the Pope?
  30. "Listen, My Children": Fatima Movie Premiers Midnight Jan 1st, 2020.
  31. Catholic Hermits Excommunicated on Christmas Day
  32. Reaction in Latin America re: Pachamama
  33. Pachamama at Vatican concert (Amen Amen Rome a perdu la Foi)
  34. 'Christendom No Longer Exists" Says Francis
  35. Amazon Synod Revisited
  36. Jorge’s Humanist Christmas Message
  37. Who are worse, dogmatic sedevacantists or dogmatic resisters?
  38. Francis’ Christmas Concert Included Pachamama Catechesis (Video)
  39. 3 Ages of the Interior Life per the Mystics: Purgative, Illuminative and Unitive
  40. Catholic NewsRoundup: Catholic Family News of 12/20/2019
  41. Christmas truce
  42. League of St Peter Damian
  43. Viganò’s Latest: The good, the bad and the ugly
  44. Nun Exposes Francis one world Religion Schemes in 2020
  45. Biblical Commission: Are homosexual unions no longer condemnable?
  46. Tony La Rosa: Benedict XVI Is the True Pope!
  47. Church Gone Bonkers
  48. Fr. Lev Gillet article on Immaculate Conception doctrine in the Orthodox Church.
  49. Sede debate: Jay Dyer vs The Kurgan
  50. Gossipy Girls, Petty Pretties, and Vengeful Vixens