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  1. Burke: "Pope Francis is doing great harm to the church"
  2. John XXIII became an anti-pope on 14 Feb. 1961
  3. Reading material
  4. Sister Lucy attended the Novus Ordo Mass for decades
  5. Apocalypse: pope Francis said: the ten commandments must be abolished
  6. Should Pope Francis resign after Synod defeat??
  7. Michael Voris is NOT getting any of my money!
  8. Ft. Worth Diocese (Bishop Olson) Uses Ebola Scare
  9. Patrick J Buchanan on Francis
  10. Why must the Church depose an anti-pope?
  11. Shocking: Pope Francis rents Sistine Chapel for parties and concerts
  12. Novus Ordos eating right after mess
  13. Pope Francis -- God always surprises!
  14. Utmost Shame for all Catholics
  15. Voriss tough questions addressed to Abp. Forte
  16. Question about Fr. Roberston of the SSPX
  17. Is Pope Francis tempting Catholics when he invites them to new things?
  18. Shocking News: Pope Francis defeated, homosexual gospel rejected by Bishops
  19. Pope refuses to give up, intends to have his way
  20. The Gifts of Homosexuals
  21. The Catholic Church and Orthodox marriage tribunals.
  22. Even some NO caths are picking up on His Humbleness
  23. St. Thomas indirectly on SVism
  24. Cardinal Burke defends Church teaching
  25. Card. Burke Interview with Assoc. of Hebrew Catholics
  26. Jews observe High Holy Days in Catholic Church
  27. The Vigilance of Christ - Sedevacantism not needed
  28. The Canons of Marriage.
  29. Sins of the Tongue (Backbiting)
  30. Kasper: A heretic since at least 1967
  31. Homosexual sodomite.
  32. In Final Speech, Francis warns of Temptations
  33. Is Vatican II the revolt that St Paul talks about in 2Thessalonians?
  34. Very important news: the synod is in the Bible: share this news
  35. Shocking: Pope Francis opening gates of Hell on Earth by approving gays
  36. Priest facing east.
  37. Women Should be Valued
  38. Shocking: Pope Francis Gayspel rejected by Bishops, commotion in the C
  39. Vatican Amends Controversial New Position
  40. My two cents on homosexuality...
  41. What qualities and gifts can pedophiles bring to the Catholic Church?
  42. Whats the best AristotelianThomist book that both explains Kant refutes
  43. Are Bad-Will Catholics Predestined to go to Hell?
  44. Shocking: Pope Francis says: God doesnt exist: shocking video
  45. Voris asks Card. Napier tough questions
  46. Catholic breakthrough: Vatican considers welcoming gifts and qualities o
  47. Kasper for Kontraception
  48. Bergoglio is a complete and total pervert
  49. The Law is Useless
  50. Full Text of the "Relatio"